[US] [Event] Summer Eventraganza CABAL’in Summer

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 Summer Mission War Bonus

Is getting your next honor rank slow?
Well, we got a nice surprise for you! Enjoy
your summer weekends slaying players in
mission war, as we will be giving out 50%
bonus WExp every weekend. Hone your
mission war skills and take advantage of
the WExp bonus to increase your Honor!


June 29, 2012 ~ September 5, 2012
(weekends only: Fri-Sun)


Bonus WEXP +50%

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the
events that we have to come!


 4th of July EXP Fireworks

Does that next rank up seem light years away?
Well, we got something that should help everyone
who is striving to hit that 190. Celebrate your
Independence Day, as we are having a Bonus
EXP +74% for 4th of July week. Push yourself
to level this week, as this event only last until
the end of the week! Prepare your EXP Beads
and take yourself to the next level!


July 3, 2012 ~ July 8, 2012

(No WEXP Bonus July 6th
~ July 8th due to EXP Bonus)


Bonus EXP 74%

Stay tuned for the next
upcoming event and check out
our item shop for a special FREE
4th of July gift!

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