[KR] [EP9] May 31st 2012 Patch Notes

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1. Bug that allow viewing the result of Pet Training, bug is now fixed

2. Some monsters spawned unusually, bug is fixed


1. Arcane Battle changes

i) Change the battle of UTS server

  • Battle will be held at 20:00 daily in Channel 3
  • Turn-based duration changed from 3 minutes to 2 minutes

ii) Additional skills

  • During the boss battle when the HP of boss reaches a certain amount, boss will cast additional skill, the moment of Skill casting
  • Can be checked in Boss HP gauge

iii) Additional Battle Buff

  • Kind
    • Person Battle Butt
    • Battle Based Buff
  • Person Battle Buff
    • Based on the number of participants, buff will be given
    • Smaller number of participants, stronger buff will be given
  • Battle Based Buff
    • By defeating Boss, each turn the Battle Based Buff will be given
    • By defeating Boss, two turns in a row the stronger Buff will be given
    • Buff based on the times of defeating Boss
  • Feature
    • Person Battle Buff and Battle Based Buff can not be stacked with Saints’ Weapon Buff and GM’s Blessing Buff

iv) Adjust monsters / boss stats of Battle

  • Adjust Boss / Monster HP
  • Adjust the Boss Attack
  • Adjust the Boss Defense

v) Change sound effect of boss

2. Change the way handling Distance and Range of Skills related to the attack from the illegal programs


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