[KR] [EP9] May 30th 2012 Patch Notes

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■ Fixes

1. Earring of Guard +5 – +7 could not be extracted, bug is fixed

2. Fixed quests related bugs

3. Selling crafted items in Personal Shop caused error

4. Materials for some Artisan / Master items dispayed abnormally

5. Upgraded Artisan items can not be used as material for higher grade

6. Abnormal usages of Odd Circle in some situtations

7. Searching Charm in Auction Hall returns incorrectly result in some situations

■  Changes

1. Production-related changes

i) making successful adjustments

  • Chance to success when crafting items adjustment
    • Based on Skill Grade
    • Chance of crafting 2-slot item adjusted

ii) Energy related changes

  • Change the charging amount of Energy from 3 to 5
  • Energy consumption when crafting changed

iii) Renamed some crafting categories

iv) Redesigned professional-crafting UI

2. Changes related to Referral System

  • Change materials for requesting Conversion recipes
    • Material Core conversion
    • Shape Cartridge conversion
    • Disc conversion
  • Change the success rate of some material core conversion recipes

3. Changes related to Extraction

i) Change the ability of extracting Equipments and Accessories which are sold in NPC

ii) Master item Extraction

  • Extraction outputs
    • Option Scroll : Chance to get if item has more than one slot
    • Upgrade Core (Piece): Chance to get if item has upgrade (from +1 and above)
    • Force Core (Piece): Chance to get if item has slot (from 1 and above)
    • Perfect Core: Chance to get if item is upgraded from +13 and above
    • Master item does not  give Astral Core , Material Core

4. Increase the drop rate of Mithirl 2-slot items


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