Cabal Mobile – Oct 15th 2019 Patch notes

Dear CABALers, after lots of struggling with doing the translation for Cabal Mobile patch notes, finally, today on Oct 15th 2019, I decided to start working on Cabal Mobile patch notes. Sorry for starting to work on this late, but still, I have to arrange lots of stuff in advance.

Below are the patch notes of October 15th 2019 for Cabal Mobile Korea.

◈ Additional

1. Release the character limit to 189

2. Add related scenarios / general / daily quests for characters between Level 180-189.

3. Add new Mission Field:

  • New mission field: Arcane Trace
  • Required:
    • 180+
    • Character must have a nation, no-nation character cannot enter the mission field
  • Boss
    • Name: Arcane Golem
    • Level: 225
    • Location

4. Add “Battle Mode 3”

  • Acquisition
    • How to acquire?
      • By doing a special quest for BSLV Up, character will get the activation for Battle Mode 3
    • Usage:
      • Available for character at Level 130+
      • Consume 1SP bar (5000 SP) and can be extended
  • Skills
    • Different Skills are available, based on the battle style
    • However there are mainly:
      • Activation Skill
      • Attack A / Attack B
      • Special Attack I / II / III
    • Activation, Attack A / Attack B, Special Attack I: Would be available from quest
    • Special Attack II / III will be able to request
  • Requesting Special Attack II / III
    • Special material Trans Force items are available from NPC Chloe
      • Trans Force II: 20,000,000 Alz
      • Trans Force III: 30,000,000 Alz
    • Recipe for requesting can be found in NPC Chloe at 0 Amity
    • Both recipes have 100% success rate and take 6 seconds for requesting
  • Combo and Special Attack
    • Combo is counted if Attack A / B is consecutively casted every 2 seconds
    • Once 4 times of basic Attack skills (A/B) are casted, Special Attack I can be activated within 4 seconds
  • Synergies
    • Special “Synergy” effect will be casted if character uses a specific sequence of basic Attack skills (A/B)
    • Synergy will be triggered on Special Attack I
    • Synergy can be stacked up to 3 times of either different synergies or same synergies
      • Effect that gives you advantages has the stack value up to 3
      • Effect that gives you disadvantages has the stack value up to 6
    • Refer to this page for all Synergies:
  • Battle Mode 3 Skill UI
    • Add Battle Mode 3 to Skill UI
    • Add the “Easy Combo Registration” feature
      • Allow you to save “Synergy” for faster usage
    • Battle Mode 3 Special Attack skill is glowing when it is ready to use

5. Add new Dungeons

  • Mission Dungeon
    • Dungeon Information
      • Name: Tower of the Dead B3F
      • Requirement: Lv 155 / BSLV 11
    • Entry Item:
      • Epaulet of the Dead B3F
      • From: NPC Unon – Bloody Ice
      • Price: 5,000,000 Alz
    • Special Drop: Material for making Tempus Ring
  • Elite DX Dungeon
    • How to enter:
      • Same location with existing DX Dungeon
      • Requirement: Dungeon Entry item, 25x Transcendence Stone
    • Transcendence Stone:
      • Price: 100,000 Alz per piece
      • From: Grocer in each village
    • Daily restriction:
      • Maximum 5 times per account
      • Can reset up to 5 times
    • Special Drop:
      • Orb of Ice/Wind/Fire/Earth
      • Extreme Seal Stone Normal/Master
  • Chaos Arena
    • Dungeon Information
      • Name: Chaos Arena Lv. 6
      • Requirement: Lv 165 / BSLV 11
    • Entry Item:
      • Key of Chaos Lv 6
      • From: NPC Unon – Bloody Ice
      • Price: 4,500,000 Alz

6. Add “Extreme Upgrade”

  • Target:
    • Item of Osmium grade or higher
    • Item is +15 or higher
  • How to perform:
    • Talk with Core Alchemist NPC
      • Upgrade > Extreme Upgrade
    • Provide Extreme Core & Alz
      • Core and Alz do not depend on item grade / stats
      • Core and Alz depend on current Extreme level and item type (normal item / two-handed weapon item)
  • Required Material / Alz
  • Extreme Upgrade limit
  • Failure Penalty
    • Extreme Upgrade level on the item can be reset back to 0
    • Extreme Upgrade target item can be marked as “Broken” and need to be repaired
  • Repair Kit
    • For repairing the “Broken” item as failure of Extreme Upgrade
    • Change to repair “Broken” item as using:
      • Bronze Repair Kit: 90% success, on failure, item got destroyed
      • Silver Repair Kit: 50% success, on failure, nothing happens
      • Gold Repair Kit: 100% success
  • Extreme Upgrade Stats (check the value of “New” column)
    • Two-handed weapon has double of stats
  • Extreme Core
    • Extreme Core is used as the material for Extreme Upgrade
    • Higher Core Level give higher success rate
    • Able to obtain from:
      • NPC Chloe from Core Pocket (Lv 1-7)
      • NPC Chloe via requesting (different recipes)
      • Cash Shop (Lv 6-12)
    • By extracting, 1-40 Extreme Core (Piece) will be generated
  • Extreme Seal Stone
    • Two Grades:
      • Normal: Extreme Level 1-2
      • Master: Extreme Level 3-6
    • Four Types:
      • One-handed Weapon
      • Two-handed Weapon
      • Armor
      • Bike

7. Add new Accessories

  • Arcana
    • Arcana of Laws
      • From: NPC Grocer Deighton – Bloody Ice
      • Price: 4,000,000 Alz + 3 Stain Clones
    • Arcana of Chaos
      • From Item Shop
  • Tempus’ Ring

8. Rune-related additions

  • New Essence Rune (Accuracy)
    • From Tower of the Dead B3F
    • Stats
  • Rune Slot Extender
    • Up to 44 slots expandable
    • Craftable from NPC Chole
      • Requirement: 10 of each Wind/Ice/Earth/Fire Orb from Elite DX Dungeon

9. New Mercenaries

10. New item “Archridium” is drop-able from dungeons and available for crafting

12. Add option to revive at spot:

  • Waiting time: 30 seconds
  • HP/MP will be maxed
  • All buff, Battle Mode will be reset

12. Added option “Auto Loot” in game option

13. Added option “Save Camera Zoom Level for Dungeon” in game option

◈ Changes

1. Able to switch the Buff / Debuff display

  • Show the icons of currently applied buff/debuff
  • When player click on “Details” button, detailed buff/debuff will be displayed

2. Improvement “Auto” mode

  • Auto attack
    • If the target monster is out of range, character will not auto attack
    • If the target monster is at the same location with character, character will attack without moving
  • Auto move-attack
    • If there is a monster on the movement way, character will attack that monster
  • Quest / Dungeon tracker improvement
    • Improve the quest / dungeon tracking mechanism

3. Improvement for Skill UI / Quick Slot

  • Skill UI
    • Add 4 registerable skill pages
    • Improve “Copy” feature to copy skill between skill pages
    • Add the “Movement” skill edit feature
      • Fade / Dash / Blink only
  • Add “Lock” for Quick Slot
    • Lock all Quick Slot if activated
    • Able to edit Quick Slot if deactivated

4. Improved targeting

  • Add new button for “Change Target”
    • Switch between targets when you click on the button

5. Temporary remove “Special Inventory”

6. Increase defensive values based on Battle Style level

  • Stats: HP / Defense / Damage Reduction
  • Target: All classes
    • Magic Class (Wizard / Force Archer / Force Gunner) has significantly boosted

7. Block megaphone with specific words (profanity filter)

8. Game is automatically paused when received phone / switching to any other apps when character is in dungeon

9. Improve dungeon vision for Altar of Siena B1F, Forbidden Island

◈ Fixes

1. Fixed the error client got disconnected when character uses “Intuition” in Mission War

2. Fixed bug that game didn’t show “Debuff” for Force Blader skill tooltips

3. Fixed bug that the gate in Tower of the Dead B1F near Bats area didn’t display

Dear Cabalers,

This is my first ever translation for Cabal Mobile patch notes, it took me 3 days of translation, the content is not really long but it’s the first time I do the translation for this, so I need to do some extra research to ensure that vocabulary is fit with situation.

In case, there is any mistake or feedback, please drop me some comments right down here.

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[EP13P2] [KR] CABAL Online reveals Amethyst Charm

CABAL Online has revealed a brand-new type of Minesta Charm : Amethyst.


Up until now, this new kind of charm can be obtained as the rare loot from new Boss of Arcane Trace (as you can see Arcane Trace got renewal in Episode 13 Part 1 – Unlimited – can be found here).

Scheduled timing for Awakening Arcane Golem of Rage was now changed, instead of a mass PvP battle, it’s now turned into timing boss (like other uber-bosses such as Minisha, Manticore…)

According to the news source, Amethyst Charm which came from Golem is non-bound item, so players can trade it easily.

Details stats are still not available but the unique stats will boost for Penetration.

More information are coming as soon as possible.

[EP13P2] [KR] Feb 11th 2015 Patch notes


■ Additions

1. Add the Chaos Equipment

  • New Chaos equipment are added including
    • Armor items (Armorset / Martialset / Battleset)
    • Weapons
    • Epaulets
  • Chaos Equipment can be upgraded with Chaos Core via Chaos Upgrade system
    • On success, stats and additional options are granted
    • On failure, item will be destroyed



  • Acquisition
    • Chaos Weapons / Armors
      • Chance to obtain from Legendary Boxes in Abandoned City
      • Will be available in a future NPC (in Test Server, can be purchased from NPC Yul)
    • Chaos Epaulets
      • Chance to obtain from Last chest in Abandoned City
  • Limitation
    • Chaos Equipment do not have Slot
    • Chaos Equipment cannot be extended with Slot Extender
    • Chaos Equipment cannot be boosted with Epic Booster
    • Chaos Equipment cannot be upgraded with Extreme Upgrade system
  • Chaos Equipment can be changed the Appearance or used as Material for Appearance Change
  • Chaos Weapon upgrading
    • Can be upgraded up to 15 level
    • Stats rising formula is the same in comparison to SIG-Metal weapon items
    • Items have only these basic stats:
      • Attack
      • Magic Attack
      • Attack Rate
    • Basic stats will be risen based on upgrade level
    • Stats requirements varies based on Battle Style
    • Level required: 120
    • Unique stats will be granted and risen based on upgrade level (below are stats of one-handed item, two-handed items stats got doubled)



  • Chaos Armor upgrading
    • Can be upgraded up to 15 level
    • Stats rising formula is the same in comparison to Shineguard/Mystic/Teragrace armor items
    • Items have only these basic stats:
      • Defense
      • Defense Rate
      • HP
    • Basic stats will be risen based on upgrade level
    • Stats requirements varies based on Battle Style
    • Level required: 120
    • Looks of all sets are the same, no different between Armorset, Martialset, Battleset (there are still different between male and female appearances)


    • Unique stats will be granted and risen based on upgrade level



  • Chaos Epaulet upgrading
    • Can be upgrade up to 10 level
    • Basic stats: HP +10
    • Unique stats will be granted and risen based on upgrade level



  • Chaos Equipment set effects
    • When equipping 2 or more Chaos Equipment items, bonus will be granted as set effect
    • Bonuses are risen depends on number of items (from 2 to 7)
    • Allow different set effects available at once
    • Set effects are depended on set type (different effects will be granted between Armorset/Battleset/Martialset)



[EP13P1] Dec 13th, 19th and 24th 2014 Patch notes

Dec 13th 2014 Patch notes


1. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when trying to register Essence Runes

2. Fixed bug that caused the moving speed of Blader abnormally applied in certain situations

3. Fixed bug that caused Splitting and Merging Warp Stone abnormally applied

4. Fixed bug that caused ranged monsters in Arcane Trace attacked as melee pattern

5. Fixed bug of the destroy (extraction) UI that displayed incorrectly


1. Arcane Trace related changes

  • Additional obstacle objects added in the field
  • Adjust the attack and defense ability of some monsters
  • Range-of-view of some monsters is adjusted

2. Dungeon Boost related changes

  • Difficulty of Dungeon Boost level from 5 to 9 is raised
  • Obtainable EXP increased mapping with the boost grade

3. Character EXP related changes

  • Lower the EXP required for leveling up from 196 – 199
  • Raise the EXP of monsters from wave 1 – 3 in Eternal Chaos Arena

4. Quest item: “Circuit Jewel Lv.7 Sample” (Quest item) is now able to be sold into NPC


1. Add new equipment: Chaos Talisman

  • Add the slot for Chaos Talisman in Character equipment UI


  • Talisman can be upgraded with 10 stages
    • Upgrading uses Chaos Core
    • On success stats are risen
    • On failure, Talisman will be destroyed
    • Upgrading Point is usable
  • Upgrading Options
    • From level 7 and above, new Force Code will be granted


  • Able to use Lock and Unlock item in the Talisman
  • Related changes
    • Character Achievement: God Blessed One
    • Achieving condition: Equip the Chaos Talisman
    • Required condition: Level 100+
    • Reward: 20 Achievement Point

2. Add two new Force Codes

  • Final Damage Up
    • Increase the final damage output
    • Ex: Here are sample data:
      • The original output damage: 10,000
      • Final Damage Up: 5%
      • The final output damage: 10,500
  • Final damage reduction
    • Decrease the final received damage reduction
    • Ex: Here are sample data:
      • The original received damage: 10,000
      • Final damage reduction: 5%
      • The final received damage: 9,500
  • These two Force Codes can be obtained from the new items: “Chaos Talisman”

3. Add new category in the Auction Hall

  • Items: Blessing Beads: EXP Up 200%
  • Category: Beads / Wing > Blessing Beads: EXP Up 200%

Dec 19th 2014 Patch notes


1. Fixed bug that caused unusual items are dropped in Arcane Trace and dungeons

2. Fixed bug that caused Stone Golem in Port Lux did not drop items

3. Fixed bug that some items did not show the information in the Benefits UI

4. Fixed bug that caused the Extraction UI display abnormally

5. Fixed bug that caused Manufacturing system functioned abnormally


1. Changes applied to the in-game Cash Shop

  • In-game Cash Shop is now available to access with specific button
  • Items are categorized into 5 tabs
  • Best / Limited / Blessing Beads / Consumables / Functional


 Dec 24th 2014 Patch notes


1. Fixed bugs related to chat system

2. Fixed that the number of Stone of Transcendence required for Dungeon Boost feature displayed abnormally

  • Step 6: 11
  • Step 9: 21

3. Fixed bug that certain items cannot be registered in Auction Hall

4. Fixed bug that the Pet EXP did not display

5. Fixed bug that certain items did not disappear in non-premium PC Room, in certain situations


1. Change the property of Chaos Talisman to non-dropable


1. Add “NEW” and “HOT” icon for in-game Cash Shop

2. Add the Christmas tree and the statues in the starter towns

[KR] [EP13P1] Dec 10th 2014 patch notes


Nov 26th 2014 Patch notes


1. Costume related bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused the appearance of costumes still being displayed even after it expired until the next reconnect
  • Fixed the bug related to costumes’ FX in the character selection window

2. Character at level 191 and above related error

  • Fixed bug that caused unable to get bonus from Buddy Point for characters at 191 and above
  • Fixed bug that caused no compensation for characters at 191 and above


1. Character Level Limit has been extended to 200

  • Dungeons and Mission War entry change to fit with new level scale
  • Change the maximum level for using certain types of items to 200
  • Add title level 200
    • Nevareth Overlord
  • New Battle Style level up quest
    • Quest information
      • Quest name: BSLV UP Special 9th
      • Requirement: LV.200 / BSLV.20
      • Reward: 9,500,000 Alz
    • Rank-up Reward
      • Extends the Critical Rate that can be receivable from Ring to 33% (was 32%)- Extending the option to apply critical chance increased by 33% in the ring slot
      • Change maximum buff amount to 12 at once
  • WEXP exchange to EXP changes for level 191 and above
    • For each exchange, it will cost 300 WEXP
    • At level 200, cannot exchange WEXP to EXP


  • At level 200, cannot obtain more EXP

2. Arcane Trace related changes

  • Remove Arcane Trace boss system
  • Add new field boss for Arcane Trace : “Arcane Golem of Rage”
    • Respawn time : 24 hours after killed
  • Arcane Golem of Rage stats’ adjustment
    • Stats are lowered in comparison to existing
    • Multi-drop: 3 items
    • Drop list for Arcane Golem of Rage will be adjusted in the incoming patch
  • Change Arcane Trace monsters’ look
  • Normal monsters’ EXP raised

20141210_ep13p1_arcane_trace_mob_revamp_1 20141210_ep13p1_arcane_trace_mob_revamp_2 20141210_ep13p1_arcane_trace_mob_revamp_3 20141210_ep13p1_arcane_trace_mob_revamp_4

3. Rebalance – Warrior

  • Damage caused by Penetration stats
    • Damage to the targets which caused by penetration got lowered comparison to previous
  • Bloody Spirit
    • Defense penalty is now increases with skill level
    • The attack per skill level raising is now determinable
      • Skill with level lower than 10, stats raises slowly
      • Skill with level higher than 10, stats raises fast
      • Stats at level 10 and 20 is the same comparison with previous
  • Synergy Battle Mode 3
    • Explosive Anger
      • Old: Defense -5% (Self)
      • Change: Defense -100 (Self)

4. Rebalance – Force Shielder

  • Mortal Bane
    • Defense penalty is now increases with skill level
    • The attack per skill level raising is now determinable
      • Skill with level lower than 10, stats raises slowly
      • Skill with level higher than 10, stats raises fast
      • Stats at level 10 and 20 is the same comparison with previous
  • Synergy Battle Mode 3
    • Use weakness
      • Old: Defense -7% (Self)
      • Change: Defense -140 (Self)

5. Rebalance – Gladiator

  • Penetration Penalty Reduction
    • Damage to the targets which caused by penetration got lowered comparison to previous
  • Sight Increase
    • Accuracy stats changes, now +15 each skill level, regardless of current Rage
  • Rage Resist
    • Down / Knockback / Stun resist change to 5% per skill level, regardless of current Rage
  • Rage Shield
    • Change to 250 damage absorb per skill level, regardless of current Rage
  • Bloody Rusk
    • Defense penalty is now increases with skill level
    • The attack per skill level raising is now determinable
      • Skill with level lower than 10, stats raises slowly
      • Skill with level higher than 10, stats raises fast
      • Stats at level 10 and 20 is the same comparison with previous
  • Battle Mode 3
    • Zenocider Attack B
    • Change the amount of obtainable Rage from 1 to 2
  • Synergy Battle Mode 3
    • Extreme Rage
      • Old: Defense -5% (Self)
      • Change: Defense -100 (Self)
    • Explode Anger
      • Original: Defense -5% (Self)
      • Change: Defense -100 (Self)

6. Rebalance – Blader

  • Synergy Battle Mode 3
    • Increase Fighting Spirit
      • Old: Defense -5% (Self)
      • Change: Defense -100 (Self)
    • Deadly Awakening
      • Original: Defense -5% (Self)
      • Change: Defense -100 (Self)

7. Rebalance – Wizards

  • Battle Mode 3
    • Reduce the Aggro Acquisition of Battle Mode 3 attack
  • Synergy Battle Mode 3
    • Burst of Magic
      • Old: Defense -4% (Self)
      • Change: Defense -80 (Selft)
    • Breakthrough
      • Old: Defense -4% (Self)
      • Change: Defense -80 (Self)

8. Balance Changes – Force Archer

  • Battle Mode 3
    • Reduce the Aggro Acquisition of Battle Mode 3 attack
  • Synergy Battle Mode 3
    • Fatal Shooting
      • Old: Defense -4% (Self)
      • Change: Defense -80 (Self)

9. Balance adjustment – Force Blader

  • Fire / Ice / Lightning Blade
    • Change the cast time from 0.9 sec to 1.0 sec
    • Change the cooldown from 3 sec to 10 sec
  • Fire Blade changes
    • Remove HP Increase / HP Regen Increase
    • Add +100% Penetration

10. Separated Sound Option into new tab

  • Remove the Sound options in the first tab
  • Add new Sound options tab


11. Allow merging Holy Potion up to 999 (instead of 50)

12. Change the attribute of “Piece of Prideus’ Bracelet”

  • Change item property
    • Old: Character Bind
    • New: Tradable
  • Add new category in Auction Hall for “Piece of Prideus’ Bracelet”
    • Quest Items > Mission Items > Piece of Prideus’ Bracelet
  • Piece of Prideus’ Bracelet which was generated before the update won’t change the property (stay as character-binding)


1. Add New Mission Dungeon ‘Abandoned City’

  • Entry Location
    • Center of Arcane Trace field
      • X: 126
      • Y: 157
  • Entry restrictions
    • Level: 180
    • Maximum Participants: 7 people
  • Entry Item
    • Item Name: Bizarre Liquid Reagent
    • Purchasable from: NPC Hampric – Grocer Shop in Port Lux
    • Price: 7,000,000 Alz
    • Property: Character Binding
  • Limit time: 1 hour
  • Items usage restrictions
    • Odd Circle: 30
    • Potion of Veradrix: 50
  • Dungeon rewards:
    • 5x : Abandoned City – Legendary Cube
    • 10x : Option Scroll Cube (Highest)
    • 15x : Abandoned City – Legendary Cube & Option Scroll Cube (Highest) : Weekend only


  • Achievements and Titles


  • Dungeon Bosses

20141210_ep13p1_abandoned_city_boss_1 20141210_ep13p1_abandoned_city_boss_2 20141210_ep13p1_abandoned_city_boss_3 20141210_ep13p1_abandoned_city_boss_4

  • Dungeon Screenshots

20141210_ep13p1_abandoned_city_inside_1 20141210_ep13p1_abandoned_city_inside_2 20141210_ep13p1_abandoned_city_inside_3 20141210_ep13p1_abandoned_city_inside_4

2. Add Dungeon Boost feature

  • Add the UI that is adjustable in Dungeon Entrance UI, by adjusting the difficulty of dungeon will be affected
  • Grade of difficulty are classified in 11 grades, from 0 to 10
    • Grade 0 can be compared with normal (current) difficulty of dungeons


  • Depends on the dungeon boost grade, particular items will be consummed
    • Item Name: Stone of Transcendence
    • Acquisition: Purchase from Grocers in starting villages
    • Price
      • 1x : 100,000 Alz
      • 10x : 1,000,000 Alz



  • Party enters
    • The first player of party who accesses the Dungeon Entrance UI will get the right to adjust Dungeon Boost difficulty
    • Other party members will follow the same selected difficulty
  • For all party members, the same amount of “Stone of Transcendence” will be required
  • Depending on the difficulty of the monsters’ stats are changed (including attack & defense ability)
  • Dungeon compensation varies depending on the difficulty
    • Experience
    • Based on the Difficulty, additional boxes / drops are available
  • Available to check current difficulty via the UI on the top-right while processing dungeon


  • DP and Dungeon Reward, achievements are not affected by Dungeon Difficulty

3. Add the chance-to-drop-additional

  • By processing dungeons, certain named-monsters and compensation chests/boxes have chance to grant additional items
  • Chance-to-drop-additional increase the drop amount up to four items
    • Basic: 1
    • Chance-to-drop-additional: 0 ~ 3
    • Total: 1 + 0 ~ 1 + 3 => 1 ~ 4
  • Different factors affect on the chance-to-drop-additional
  • Number of players in party
    • 7 people: +100%
  • Dungeon Difficulty after boosted
    • Dungeon Difficulty 10: +100%
  • Targets:
    • Dungeon chests/boxes and named-monsters
  • When the “chance-to-drop-additional” caused an additional item to drop, the chance will be reset to 0


4. Level 170 Rank up quest got additional reward

  • Buff skills limitation changes to 11

5. Add “Server Latency” checking

  • Add an indicator to check the server response delay in Quick Slot UI
  • Display Method
    • The latency will be represented by gauge and color
    • Update every 30 seconds


 Mission War

1. Items are now extractable in Mission War lobby

2. Change the Mission War UI

  • Character UI
    • Display in Lobby of the Mission War
    • Show Rank / Score / Kill / Death
    • Movable with mouse dragging
  • ?