[EU] [Cash Shop] New Items in the shop! Introducing the Biker Costume, Alpaca Pet and Enhanced Cores!

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Nevareth Biker Costume and Bandana

Stand out from the crowd with the rebellious black biker costume and bandana. This cool costume is available in a permanent and 30-day duration version.

PRICE: 27,000 CC (Permanent) or 9,000 CC (30 Day) Costume
LOCATION: Hot&New or Costumes > Premium Costumes

PRICE: 5,000 CC (Permanent) or 2,000 CC (30 Day) Bandana
LOCATION: Hot&New or Costumes > Hats and Masks

Alpaca Pets

Available in four different colours, the Alpaca, Alpa, Alca and Paca pets are some of the cutest ones to date! Who would not want a little Alpaca following them around Nevareth? Take the chance and grab yours now!

PRICE: 15,000 CC
LOCATION: Hot&New or Pets > Premium Pets

Enhanced Cores

Give yourself an edge when upgrading with the new enhanced cores, available for the first time from low to highest!

PRICE: 400 – 3,500 CC
LOCATION: Hot&New or Consumables > Enhanced Cores

Pet Change Kit – Draca

Do you feel like your current pet needs a change, but you don’t want to go through the effort of levelling a pet from scratch again? Transform your existing pet into a fire-breathing dragon with the Draca change kit!

PRICE: 15,000 CC
LOCATION: Pet Items > Pet Change Kits

*All items to be introduced into the item shops of all 5 versions today and tomorrow

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