[KR] [EP10] Nov 28th 2012 Patch notes


1. Fix bug that caused the Arcane Trace boss progress bar / base buff icon did not displayed

2. Fix bug related to monster icon in Dungeons, Mission Battles

3. Using skill after Elemental Festival causes error in some situations

4. Casting Astral Weapon after using Odd Circle sometimes causes to display an abnormal message

5. Fix bug related to abnormal defense of Shadowsteel armors



1. Change Stats Formula

  • Increases damage damage reduction based on level, due to change of stats that applied differently between Battle Styles based on STR
  • Increase Attack depending to stats change
    • Force Shielder : Increase the amount of Attack raising per STR
    • Force Blader : Increase the amount of Attack raising per STR / DEX
  • Increase Attack depending to stats change
    • Force Archer : Increase the amount of Magic Attack raising per INT

2. Item stats changes

  • Formula of calculating Defense / HP of Armors with High grade and above raised
  • Formula of calculating HP for enchanting slot of Armors with Highest grade raised

3. Skill stats changes

i) Warrior

  • Axe Attack A / B
    • Penetrating per skill level increased
  • Charge
    • Add new effect
    • 30% chance to cast the “Movement-Impairing” on target for 2s

ii) Blader

  • Knucklet Attack A / B
    • Add the option to increase hit per skill level
  • Resist Barrier
    • Increased duration per skill level
  • Crushing Blow
    • Change Hit increased per skill level

iii) Wizard

  • Elemental Attack A / B
    • Change Hit increased per skill level

iv) Force Archer

  • Launcher Attack A / B
    • Change Hit increased per skill level

v) Force Shielder

  • Battle Mode 3 Synergies
    • Disarm : Change amount of reducing target’s Defense
    • Use Weak Point : Change amount of reducing target’s Defense

vi) Force Blader

  • Split Attack A / B
    • Change the amount of reducing target’s Defense when using Fire Blade buff

4. Low-level dungeon monsters level adjustment

  • Affected dungeons : Weakened dungeons / Lake in Dusk / Ruina Station / Tower of Dead B1F / Volcanic Citadel
  • Changes
    • Lower the monster level of whole dungeon
    • Adjust the EXP equivalent with monster level


■ Additions 

1. Add achievements related to “Achievement Rank”

  • Triggered when reaching certain rank in Achievement Rank
    • For example, player’s Achievement Point reached top 500 of Achievement Rank

2. Add the title related to “Achievement Rank” achievements


[KR] [EP10] Interview with Game Designer – Part XII

Hi there,

So the first content pack has been applied on the Public Servers with tons of Skill Re-balancing. Now I want to introduce you the plan of 2nd part of skill re-balancing. The post might be long, here is the Table of Content, try to copy and search for the interesting content so you don’t have to read the whole post 😉

Table of Content


1. Efficiency of Defense is now lowered?
2. Low-Level difficulty problem
3. Concept of Skill SP consumption
4. Cool time and Duration shortened
5. Instant-cast related issues
6. Time for clearing Dungeon increased?
7. 1-vs-1 Battle Balancing for Sword / Magic characters
8. Skill slot and Skill point problems


1. Battle Mode 3 DPS

2. Bear Vitality and Cats Recovery duration

3. Bloody Spirit Defense penalty

4. Panic Cry “Resist Critical Damage” option removal

5. Warrior Balance Concept


1. Low hit rate of Crushing Blow

2. Battle Mode 2 related

3. Skill Critical Rate removal

4. Blader Balance Concept


1. Damage increased

2. Battle Mode 2 PVP Damage

3. Battle Mode 3 Synergy related

4. Wizard Balance Concept

[Force Archer]

1. Battle Mode 3 Damage Reduction

2. Art of Snipping

3. Damage raised with single target attack

4. Battle Mode 2 related

5. Force Archer Balance Concept

[Force Shielder]

1. Base Attack

2. Lower attack success rate

3. Aggro problem

4. Force Shielder Balance Concept

[Force Blader]

1. Base Attack

2. Execration problem

3. Survival problem

4. Debuff Instant-Cast related

5. Force Blader Balance Concept




1. Efficiency of Defense is now lowered?

▶ The formula for calculating damage reduction is changed in the Rising Force update as you know.

Since there are many others stats that take place in the damage reduction, the efficiency of Defense is changed for sure.

In the past, Defense is equivalent to the damage reduction terminology.

Better than before, with the new damage reduction calculation, Defense acts as higher factor in the whole formula.

With new contents like monsters’ stats rebalancing, the challenging level of whole game increased. However adapting is a MUST, since there will be harder content which will be released ahead.

2. Low-Level difficulty problem

▶ Rising Force update provides some certain challenges for low-level characters.

Difficulty for lower-than-100 range has been tuned to be equivalent with higher-than-100 range, the game play is smooth and clear.

The main idea of keeping updating low-level content is making the game more attractive for new players as well as genuine players who want to be re-experienced the game.

Dungeon at 100 and below (like Volcanic Citadel) will be adjusted some how.

Some will be hardened, some will be lowered, for the best game play…

3. Concept of Skill SP consumption

▶ From Rising Force update, some skills consume SP for casting

The idea of requiring some SP for casting skill does not come out from the development team only, that was from the community.

When we heard about the skill casting required SP, we found that would be nice idea since special skills must consume some special things too, not easy-to-get like MP (buying directly from NPC).

So with the comsumption of SP when casting some special skills, player must pay more attention and the game play will be more “strategic”.

4. Cool time and Duration shortened

▶ In Rising Force update, many skills got adjusted for cooldown and duration.

These adjustments are pointed to rebalance game play, these changes are tested and adjusted based on the feedback from players and volunteers.

Changes will affect both PvE and PvP activities in game so it’s hard to control factors as players but that improves the challenging level of game play.

5. Instant-cast related issues

▶ Instant-cast is designed for improving the game play experiences

Instant-cast allows players doing another actions in the same time with casting Instant-cast skill (for example, using moving skills)

And by the way, the Instant Immunity skill is now Instant-cast too, so when you see the opponent, cast the Instant Immunity and cast another attack skill is possible. It’s now a REAL “Instant” Immunity.

6. Time for clearing Dungeon increased?

▶ Rising Force update make changes to half of the game system. So what are main purposes?

The whole system has been updated, as mentioned above, Defense one of main concepts is changed too,  that leads to various things that affects game play.

However, in order to minimize the disruption for existing players due to huge-changes, changes are scheduled to be applied gradually.

Every changes which is selected to apply in Public Server must be tested carefully by players, developers and must be under the control of designer.

Changes are applied to classes, to filling up game balance but every change comes with pros and cons. To explore game changes, players need to pay time to adjust their previous strageries to match up with new game content.

7. 1-vs-1  Battle Balancing for Sword / Magic characters

▶ In 1-vs-1 Battles, the advantages always is for Ranged / Mobility classes

As predicted,  the changes affect the whole game system. Ranged classes always get advantages in 1-vs-1 Battle before Melee classes.

However the team is considering to add new form of Battle or even brand new Battle Field, where the distance might not be the key to win in battles.

8. Skill slot and Skill point problems

▶ This part was disclosed in previous interview but now it is still under-development for achieving the best results.

But you can expect to get that there will be some kind of adjustments to simplify the Skill Slot / Skill Point system.

This will be disclosed soon in Test Server to get some feedback for sure, just be patience.


1. Battle Mode 3 DPS

▶ After Rising Force update is available, we got many complains about Warrior Battle Mode 3 DPS

Most of opinions are about DPS in BM3, we collected the feedback from various ranges of Warrior players. Players with low-end and high-end gears, players with short and long experience.

Fatal is one of problems too, for comparing with other classes, the speed of Warrior is one of cons that could not be filled up by pros from high attack bonus.

2. Bear Vitality and Cats Recovery duration

▶ Currently Bloody Spirit, Bear Vitality and Cats Recovery have different duration, that is uncomfortable.

After the update, we got comments about the differences between of skills’ duration. As you know BS – BS and CR are perfect combo for Warrior. But the difference now makes uncomfortable. This has been reported as global problem for other classes.

3. Bloody Spirit Defense penalty

▶ Defense penalty of Bloody Spirit has been reduced

Not like other class, Warrior is an absolute-non-Force class. Most of Warrior’s skills are casted at short range (yeah, Warrior is a Melee class), so Defense for Warrior is a key point.

Then why Warriors have to suffer the big penalty of decreasing Defense when using Bloody Spirit? You know when something raises sharply some another must be down for sure, in this case Attack-Defense, they are like two parts of a see-saw.

However, 5% of penalty has been taken, now Warriors feel more confident when using the epic buff skill!

4. Panic Cry “Resist Critical Damage” option removal

▶ The concept of Panic Cry skill has been changed

Since there are many changes related to resistances, after analyzing the game data, we decided to remove the “Decrease Resist Critical Damage” option from Panic Cry skill however we added new effect to the skill, the chance to make target into “Suppression” state.

That’s all about rebalancing, things go up, things go down.

5. Warrior Balance Concept

▶ Warrior is a typical Melee class in MMORPG

Warrior in Cabal is Melee-Tanker class, the pros of Warrior are Damage / Defense / HP.

Controlling Warrior seems to be easy enough for most of players. Compare with the past, the Rising Force update did not change too much, stats are raised to compensate the slow attack speed.

By the way, we are pretty sure that Warrior is the Melee class with the widest-attack area. That advantage gives Warrior some benefits in PvE and Mass-PvP-Battles.

As mentioned above, slow attack speed is one of disadvantages. That lets the 1-vs-1-PVP-Battle harder for Warrior.

There might be some update / additions to the 1-vs-1 Battle specially for Warrior, that will be disclosed later.

We might do some skill tuning for Warrior but changes are not big since the whole concept would not change.


1. Low hit rate of Crushing Blow

▶ Crushing Blow miss so much, but the Critical Rate is high

The skill has been designed as low-success-rate. Now there are new factors that affect the MISS/BLOCK so there are internal changes which are applied for Crushing Blow that ensure that the skill maintains the original concept.

However skill still gives epic output damage (of course when success). To keep the balance, the penalty of low-success-rate still there.

2. Battle Mode 2 related

▶ Blader’s weapon in Battle Mode 2 is the special weapon for tough situation.

If the adjustment for this is carried out, the balance related problem might make the output damage goes down, not like the way Bladers want.

3. Skill Critical Rate removal

▶ Many skills of Blader have Critical Rate as option. Now in Rising Force update, these options are deleted.

Critical Damage goes up as the compensation for removal of Critical Rate option.

Changes might be applied to Battle Mode attacks, so the Critical Rate will be depended on equipment grade.

4. Blader Balance Concept

▶ Blader is the best DPS class! There are some minor changes that are applied to Blader.

We are investigating data related to damage in dungeons, 1-vs-1 Battle,…

Damage will be adjusted according to collected data. We might reconsider option of “Silence”


1. Damage increased

▶ Wizard’s Damage has been increased compare with before update.

Due to rebalancing, new Magic Attack buff skill has been added to Wizard, that helps increasing the base Magic Attack.

However since players gain a notice-able amount of Magic Attack from new buff, adjusting attack skills are not needed.

There might be some additional content in future for Wizard, that will be revealed later.

2. Battle Mode 2 PVP Damage

▶ Damage of Battle Mode 2 is changed in Rising Force update.

We applied downgrade 80% to Wizard damage in Battle Mode 2 after Rising Force update, since in BM2, Wizard casts 2 skills at once, so that means the amount of output damage is simply double.

This was forgotten in the first release of update, but a bit later, we applied the change to lower it.

Sorry for any inconveniences, this is our mistakes.

3. Battle Mode 3 Synergy related

▶ There is a big gap when you compare the Base Attack of Non-Force classes with Force classes.

Force classes have low base attack, but the chance to deal Critical hit is higher, that’s the concept.

However, we might add the critical chance to Synergy of Non-Force classes, of course carefully with analyzed data.

4. Wizard Balance Concept

▶ Wizard is a high magic damage with wide range. We are keep adjusting the basic concept of rebalancing for Wizard.

With the special “firepower” kind than other Battle Style, Wizard is optimized with numerous of targets.

This concept was kept maintaining to ensure that Wizard could be the defender when the party faces with huge amount of opponent. Since Wizard can cast Stun effect on targets, it works like a saving-method.

For changes that do not fit to the basic concept, we might change to improve later with analyzed data.


1. Battle Mode 3 Damage Reduction

▶ Defense as well as other defensive stats make changes to the whole damage reducing system

Defense still keeps the main factor in defensive calculating formula and to keep the balance between classes, when Force Archer got very high damage and speed in Battle Modes, the defensive stats can not be high.

However we can adjust something in the future to fill up the problem of lacking defensive stats.

2. Art of Snipping

▶ Art of Snipping adjustments are unavoidable to filling up gaps between classes. And of course, we just lowered the final output damage.

Since the skill is a bit overpowered, the penalty should still be there, yes we mean the unmovable. As in some previous interview, we mentioned that we might remove that penalty but not for sure, not now.

3. Damage raised with single target attack

▶ In Rising Force update, we apply some changes that causes Damage raised with single target attack.

For example, we improved the synergy effect of Battle Mode 3, compare with before. To get a fast fact, we can say, the damage has been raised around 150%. Most of skills which designed for PvP activities are raised in damage too.

Healing ability is not changed, still like before the update.

However, just want to confirm that Battle Mode 2 is not included here, it’s not the single target attack.

4. Battle Mode 2 related

▶ We got many complains that Battle Mode 2 is less efficient after Rising Force update.

In fact, we improved some features for Force Archer Battle Mode 2, for example, the Amp and Add Dmg stats are raised, as well as the appearance of new options like Penetrating, Hit increase (which are applied in Nov 21st)

To get a fast fact, we can make sure that the whole damage is raised about 152%, compared with before.

As mentioned above, the clearing dungeon time is raised, that dues to many reasons, we are keep analyzing data everyday and we might apply some changes later.

5. Force Archer Balance Concept

▶ To make clear, Force Archer is kind of support class, with heal and buff skills.

There are many issues related to Force Archer, specially on Battle Mode 3, we are keeping reviewing requests / feedbacks and trying to maintain the main concept of Force Archer.

By the way, the Passive Skill system are finalized and will be pushed on the Test Server soon, that might solve the Force Archer issues.

We are sorry for being delayed.


1. Base Attack

▶ Low Attack , yes that’s the main complain about Force Shielder.

Adjusting by adding more base attack to Force Shielder will change the base concept of game that Force classes have low base attack. And it’s unequal if we add more base attack to Force Shielder only.

However the base attack is still raised a bit, due to the internal calculating formulas, you can simply notice that via weekly patch notes.

2. Lower attack success rate

▶ Since the ability of defense of Force Shielder is the main concept, to keep the balance, attack ability must be lowered.

With the future content like Tower of Dead B3F, the pros of Force Shielder will be impressed.

The chance of performing a success attack is low but the defensive ability is very high, as well as the addition of Guard Break skill that fill up cons of Force Shielder.

3. Aggro problem

▶ The main role of Force Shielder in party is taking aggro and being the main tanker.

In fact we are now just counting Force Shielder with the role as the main tanker only.

About the taking aggro, we are working on the brand new “aggro-related system” that depends on Defense.

That will make Force Shielder be the Aggro-Tanker and will improve the position of Force Shielder in party.

For fast fact, the position of Force Shielder in party will be improved.

4. Force Shielder Balance Concept

▶ Why do we get so many feedback on base attack?

Mentioned above but now, I will tell something more, instead of giving big damage, Force Shielder is designed to be a class that gives a Big Critical Hit. You know, currently Completer and Transcender skills are working really good.

Back to the update, while all classes got raised in resistances, including Critical Rate resist, we increased the Critical Rate of Crushing Blade.

And after all, to make it clear, we want to confirm that there might be no change to “Low Base Attack” issue.

Things gonna be applied to Force Shielder, perhaps an interesting thing.


1. Base Attack 

▶ Low Attack, we got many complains about this problem.

Adjustment for this in under review-progress. But you know, rising base Attack for Force classes might break the current concept of game. So that must be careful, the solution of changing internal calculation might be selected.

By the way, Force Blader is the class who owns many powerful Buffs/Debuffs, so please be patience if changes come late.

2. Execration problem

▶ In the Rising Force update, when the debuff casting fails, the cooldown lowers by a half.

Execration is a debuff, so when it fails the caster can still use Field of Execration, and repeat that progress. That causes some unbalance issues, specially in Battles

We are reviewing this issues and will apply some changes to this.

3. Survival problem

▶ Decrease the ability of Field of Execration skill is lower the survival ability of Force Blader.

That’s the comment from many players that we received. We will review and consider to take changes on this issue that must maintain the balance for all classes.

4. Debuff Instant-Cast related

▶ Many skill changes to be Instant-Cast, including debuff skills,

Receiving complain is a problem, solving them is a bigger one. We are working with this issues, we might increase the time of debuff skills.

5. Force Blader Balance Concept

▶ We will describe some more information about Force Blader Battle Style.

First, Force Blader is designed to be a debuff-er, so Force Blader has many pros in 1-vs-1 Battles. As the prove, most of names in Mission Battle Ladder are Force Blader.

How about other role? Can Force Blader be good in another point? We are hoping to get more comment in future about this. And by the way, we are consider to apply some changes for Battle Mode 2 for Force Blader in near future too.


You got it all, if you have time, try to read them all, these information are useful at some points, yep but very long. As I mentioned everywhere, things could be applied, things could be changed.

Thanks you to spend time for reading things! Be careful, it’s now the Winter. It’s freezing outside, keep warm!

Thank you!

[KR] [EP10] Oct 31st 2012 Patch notes

These are patch notes for Public Servers, that means these things are very close to the version which will be deployed to Foreign Publishers. But things could be changed anytime.

I want to give you a notice there are differences between this and testing-phase patch notes

They added some changes before release the patch

I suggest you read the post carefully

■ Fixes

1. Some quests are not reinitializable after sell quest items to NPC

2. Fix the bug that displayed the empty Creation date in character selection window

3. Fix the bug that allowed inviting members exceed the limited number

4. Correct the bug that displays abnormally Character’s shadow effect when you increasing the size of game window in window mode

5. The size of Login / Character selection UI sized abnormally, bug is fixed

6. Fix the bug related to the abnormal damage of Serpent

7. Fix the bug related to the abnormal blinking rate of object in dungeons

8. Disconnecting after entering the world after resizing window, bug is fixed

9. Mission Battle Ladder tab did not update the list as pretended, bug is fixed

■ Changes

1. Change the Defensive calculation formula

  • Old Defense stats will reduce received damage
  • Change the way of calculating damage reduced by % based on defense
  • Based on character level, the formula varies
  • Based on the Battle Style, the formula will be applied differently

2. General Skill Changes

  • Leveling skill will consume 3 skill points (fixed amount)
  • Moving skills change
    • Target : Blink / Dash / Fade Step
      • Maximum skill level is adjusted, from 9 to 1
      • MP consumption adjusted
  • Increasing the Add Damage value for Expert grade skills
  • Skill Amp. of Attack Skills changed, increasing gradual, depends on skill level
  • Cooldown is fixed, regardless of skill level
  • Change the “Increase Critical Damage” won’t be affected by the Damage of Skill
  • Remove the option “Increase Critical Rate” from existing Attack Skills
    • Adjusted the value of  option Increase Critical Damage for affected skills
  • Changes Attack Skills which have option Chance of Stun, so the chance will be depended on skill level
  • Remove the feature that reduces the MP consumption when using combo
  • Remove the feature that increases the MP consumption when using Battle Mode
  • Remove the feature that increase the Attack Rate of Attack Skill, based on skill level
  • Change the cooldown of Debuff Skills so when the Debuff failed, the cooldown will be decreased to 1/2 of normal cooldown
  • Increase the critical damage for normal attack

3. Changes related to Upgrade Skill

  • Increase value of Attack / Magic Attack / Defense Upgrade Skills
  • Decrease value of Attack Rate / Defense Rate Upgrade Skills

4. Change the way of applying “Evasion” stats

  • Old : Apply as %
  • Change : Apply as numerical value, the previous Evasion will be converted with this formula 1% (old Evasion) = 100 (new Evasion)

5. Changes related to Stats Points

  • Change the Stats (STR / INT / DEX) which were rewarded as Rank-up Bonus
  • Strength – STR
    • STR increases Attack (Force Blader / Blader receive Attack by spending on DEX too)
    • STR increases Damage Reduction, based on strength
  • Dexterity – DEX
    • DEX increases Attack Rate / Defense Rate / Evasion
  • Intelligence – INT
    • INT increases Magic Attack
    • INT increase the resistance stats
      • Included these resistance stats: Resist Skill Amp. / Resist Critical Rate / Resist Critical Damage / Resist Stun / Resist Down / Resist Knockback / Resist Unmovable

6. Skill Changes – Warrior

  • Instant Immunity
    • SP consumes additionally : 300
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change the effect
      • Change to resist all
  • Panic Cry
    • SP consumes additionally : 300
    • Change Effect
      • Remove HP reduced option
      • Remove Critical Damage resist option
      • Add “Suppression” option
  • Cats Recovery
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Increase the amount of HP Regen per level
  • Bears Vitality
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
  • Bloody Spirit
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change Effect
      • Add
        • Increase Critical Damage option
        • Decrease Critical Damage Resist option
        • Increase Penetrating
      • Modify
        • Defense reduction
  • BM2 – Lance Drive
    • Range increased
    • Change Effect
      • Old : Down
      • Change : Movement Impairing
    • Cooldown adjustment
  • BM3 – Axe Attack A / B skill
    • Add the Penetrating option
    • Raise Skill Amp. option

7. Skill changes – Blader

  • Death Cross
    • SP consumes additionally : 300
    • Added the option: Silence (6s)
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • Intuition
    • SP consumes additionally : 300
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change Effect
      • Completely evasion
  • Art of Fierceness
    • Duration reduced
    • Increase the value of Addition Damage
  • Fatality Increase
    • Duration reduced
    • Increase the value of Critical Damage
  • Resist Barrier
    • SP consumes additionally
    • Adjust the value of Unmovable Resistance
    • Duration adjusted
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • BM2 – Crushing Blow
    • Hit will be decreased, based on skill level
    • Penetrating / Increasing Critical Damage will be increased, based on skill level
    • Cooldown adjustment
  • BM3 – Knuckllet Attack A / B
    • Add Increase Critical Damage option

8. Skill changes – Wizard

  • Increase Defense related skills
    • Energy field
    • Increase range
    • Change the skill description
    • Add Effect: Silence
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • Art of Force Control
    • Penetrating / Hit / Attack Rate increasing options added
    • Evasion / Defense Rate reduction options added
    • Movement-Impairing effect added
  • High Regeneration
    • Changed to Seft Buff
    • Duration reduced
    • HP Regen amount increased
  • Weaken
    • Amount of decreasing Attack increased
  • BM2 – Elemental Festival
    • Raise Skill Amp., Add Damage
    • Hit will be decreased, based on skill level
    • Penetrating / Increasing Critical Damage will be increased, based on skill level
    • Add Increase Critical Damage option
    • Cooldown adjustment
  • BM3 – Elemental Attack A / B skill
    • Add the Hit / Penetrating options

9. Skill changes – Force Archer

  • Increase Skill Amp. of Single-Target Attack Skills
  • Explosion Shot
    • Add Effect : Movement Impairing (5s)
    • SP consumes additionally : 300
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • Mass Heal
    • Cooldown reduced
  • Art of Sniping
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Effect changes
      • Remove option Increase Critical Rate
      • Add option Increase Hit / Attack Rate
      • Add option Decrease Evasion / Defense Rate
  •  BM2 – Fatal Shot
    • Raise Skill Amp., Add Damage
    • Penetrating / Increasing Critical Damage will be increased, based on skill level
    • Remove Increase Critical Chance, HP Down option
    • Cooldown adjustment
  • Blind
    • Add the formula for calculating Attack Rate decreasing
      • Included Hit decreasing
  • Battle Mode 2
    • Add Damage increased
  • BM3 – Launcher Attack A / B skill
    • Add increasing Hit option

10. Skill changes – Force Shielder

  • Shield Charge
    • SP consumes additionally : 300
    • Add effect : Suppression (5 seconds)
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • Resist Intension
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown increased
    • Resistance value increased
  • Shadow Shield
    • Duration reduced
    • Amount of Damage absorption increased
  • The Art Of Defense
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change Effect
      • Add option Increase Damage Reduction
    • Adjust amount of Increasing Defense
  • Mortal Bane
    • Duration reduced
    • Cooldown reduced
    • Change Effect
      • Add options Increase Hit / Penetrating / Attack Rate
      • Add option Reduce Damage Reduction / Evasion / Defense Rate
  • Heal
    • Change the calculating formula of Healing amount
    • Change cooldown
    • Change to self heal only
  • Mighty Wish
    • Increase the Attack value
  • Astral Shield
    • Increase the Defense Rate value
  • BM2 – Storm Shield
    • Increase range
    • Change the option
      • Old : Down
      • New : Suppression
    • Cooldown adjusted
  • Battle Mode 2
    • Increase base Attack
    • Increase base Attack Rate
    • Adjusted base Attack / Add Damage / Skill Amp
    • Add Hit option
  • BM3 – Hammer Attack A / B Skill
    • Add Increase Critical Damage option

11. Skill Change – Force Blader

  • Fire / Ice / Lightning Blade
    • Change Rank requirement to Regular
    • Change the requirement for leveling up skill based on Rank
      • Ex: To level the skill from 15 to 16, player must be at Transcender or above
      • At the same time, only one kind of Blade Buff is able to use (nested allowed)
    • SP consumes additionally : 100SP
    • Basic effect
      • Each Blade Buff increases Attack
      • Fire Blade Buff increases Penetrating
      • Ice Blade Buff increases Damage Reduction
      • Ligihting Blade Buff increases Hit
    • Based on used Blade Buff Skill, additional effects will be given
  • Enchant Blade
    • Increase Attack
  • Execration / Mana Freeze / Field of Execration
    • Changed to be able to use in Battle Mode 2
  • BM2 – Prismatic Blade-Cannon
    • Raise Skill Amp., Add Damage
    • Based on number of target, skill damage will be increased
    • Cooldown adjustment

12. Force Kick skill-related changes

  • Cooltime adjusted
  • MP consumption adjusted, based on skill level
  • Changed to be able to use in Battle Mode 2

13. Skill Removal

  • Resist Intension
    • Removed – except for Force Shielder
  • Instant Immunity
    • Removed from Blader
  • Sharpness
    • Removed from Wizard
  • Enchant
    • Removed from Force Blader

14. Addition

  • Guard Break is now added to Force Shielder
    • Guard Brake skill adjusted, the amount of Defense Rate likes Force Blader skill

15. Some skills changed to instant cast

  • Applied for
      • Instant Immunity
      • Resist Barrier
      • Art of Fierceness
      • Intuition
      • Cats Recovery
      • Intense Blade
      • Bloody Spirit
      • Bear Vitality
      • Resist Intension
      • Art of Defense
      • Art of Force Control
      • High Regeneration
      • Mortal Bane
      • Art of Sniping
      • Spirit Shield
      • Quick Move
      • Reflect Shield
  • Features
    • Remove casting animation
    • Can cast another skill meanwhile
    • Allowed to use during combo, but does not increase the combo counter

16. Item stats changes

  • Change the stats of Weapons / Armors / Accessories / Buff potions
  • Adjust the value of Epic options of some equipments and accessories
  • Values of Epic stats changed based on item grade
  • Stats rising from upgrading will be differentiated based on item grade

17. Essence Rune Expansion and Change

  • Expand Essence Rune slots
  • The number of Essence Rune slots expands from 15 to 16
  • Level of some Essence Rune extended
    • Attack Rate / Defense Rate / Down Resist / Knockback Resist / Stun Resist / Strength / Dexterity / Intelligence / Attack / Magic Attack / Defense
  • Add new Essence Rune
    • Type : Damage Reduction
    • Level Restriction: Lv.147+
    • Drop : Legendary Chest in Marquinas Outpost
    • Details :

18. Correct the bug related to showing damage in PVP Battle in normal field

19. Monster re-balance adjustment

  • Adjust monsters in all Fields / Dungeons
  • Raised EXP of some monsters in Fields
    • Target : Mutant Forest / Pontus Ferrum / Porta Inferno
  • Adjust chance to resist some stats for monsters

20. Achievement-related changes

  • Change the requirements of some items / dungeons achievements
  • Change the condition of showing achievement publicity
  • Raised some hunting achievements reward
  • Some changes related to War achievements

21. TIP message realted modifications

  • TIP messages interval change
  • Old : 10 minutes
  • New : 15 minutes
  • Add “Gem of Summon” TIP
    • Triggered when the number of “Gem of Summon” is less than 8
  • Change contents of some TIPs

22. Display the content of Party Chat in Bubble

23.  Allow using Ctrl + Left Click / Drag-and-drop item from a received mail

24. When the input-cursor is in the Sub-Password input box, if player presses the Tab button, the focus will be moved to “Change the Sub-Password” button

25. Mission Battle-related changes

  • When a Battle with password set, if player request to join, the focus will be automatically set in the password box
  • While Battles are happenning, the Standard Tab will be shown instead of Ladder Tab

■ Additions

1. BLOCK evaluation

  • MISS
    • Will be triggered if player evade an opponent’s attack
    • Calculating based on Attacker’s Hit and Defender’s Evasion
    • Will be triggered as soon as attacker casting attack skill
    • Calculating based on Attacker’s Attack Rate and Defender’s Defense Rate

2. Add new stats

  • Damage reduction
    • If the character is damaged, the Damage reduction will reduce the Damage received
  •  Hit
    • Increase the chance of successful attack
    • Hit joins as an element in the calculation of opponent’s Evasion
    • Each battle style has a different formula for calculating opponent’s Evasion
    • There is a basic stats of Hit for each battle style
  •  Penetrate
    • Increase the damage of attack
    • Penetrate joins as an element in the calculation of the reducing of opponent’s Defense
    • Each battle style has a different formula for calculating of the reducing of opponent’s Defense
    • There is a basic stats of Penetrate for each battle style
  • Suppression
    • The target is suppressed, cannot move / use skill
      • Target: Character / Monster
      • Same effect with Stun
  • Movement-Impairing
    • Character with “Movement-Impairing” is not able to use movement skills
      • Dash / Fade Step / Blink / Summon Astral Bike / Summon Astral board
    • Target: Character
  • Silence
    • Character with “Silence” effect is not able to use skill
    • Target: Character
  • Uber-Immunity
    • Ignore all effects (Resist all)
  • Completely Evasion
    • Evade all incoming attacks, including
      • Battle Mode 3 Fatal Skills
      • Combo Hits
  • Damage Reflection
    • An amount of damage will reflect back to the opponent when character receives damage
      • Features
        • If character receive 0 damage, nothing will be reflected
        • If the opponent is dead, nothing will be reflected
        • If the target has the Damage Reflection effect too, the reflection will be MISSed (MISS will be displayed)
        • If the target is invincible, nothing will be reflected
        • Reflecting damage doesn’t give EXP/Skill EXP

3. New skills are added

  • Magic Control
    • Class: Wizard
    • Description: Self-buff that increases Magic Attack
    • Rank: Regular
  • Spirit Shield
    • Class: Wizard
    • Description: Summon the Shield that absorbs damages
    • Rank: Completer
  • Quick Move
    • Class: Force Archer
    • Description: Temporary increasing moving speed of Force Archer to dodge incoming attacks
    • Rank: Completer
  • Reflect Shield
    • Class: Force Shielder
    • Description: Astral Shield reflects damage back to attackers
    • Rank: Completer
  • Astral Enchantment
    • Class: Force Blader
    • Description: The magic from the secondary weapon grants the Enchantments to Force Blader
    • Rank: – (Given as starting skill)
  • The Art of Curse
    • Use Class: Force Blader
    • Description: Reducing target’s resistances
    • Rank: Completer

4. Mission Battle System

  • Mission Battle
    • Mission Battle is designed for small-amount of players for PVP battle
    • The auto-matching feature is available
    • Battle Type:
      • Ladder Battle
        • Opponent will be selected based on player’s rank
        • Player’s rank will be recorded as the base for sorting and matching players
        • Basic rule of Mission Battle will be applied
      • Standard Battle
        • Freely to choose the opponent
        • Player’s rank will be recorded as the base for references
        • Basic rule of Mission Battle will be applied
    • How to Participate
      • Capella : Meet NPC Instructor Kalua in Green Despair
      • Procyon : Meet NPC Instructor Gette in Desert Scream
    • Conditions of participation
      • Level 150 or above, with nation (no-nation character cannot join the Mission Battle)
  • Frozen Colosseum
    • Mission Battlefield which is designed for 1 vs. 1 Battle
    • Based on the round snowy battlefield
  • Frozen Colosseum Basic rules:
    • Victory :
      • The time limit is 10:00 minutes, when the time ends, who scored more Battle Point will be the winner
      • If one of players reaches 500 Battle Point, the Battle will be ended too and that one is the winner
    • Scoring Battle Point :
      • Battler Point will be increased while damaging Opponent, Gate, Flag, Monsters (Bosses)
    • Using of Battle Point :
      • Battle Point can be used for buying special buff from Buff Store in Frozen Colosseum at the Start Point
      • There are Attack / Defense buffs, with 3 level ea (Attack Level 1,2,3 and Defense Level 1,2,3)
      • Buying the same buff, the buff could improve to the level up to 20
      • Purchased buffs will be discarded when leaving the Battlefield, being death won’t destroy the buffs
  • Some banned items in Mission Battle
    • Evasion Potion (all grades)
    • Holy Water of Vitality
  • Killing Monsters in Mission Battle will give Monster Buff
    • Killing monster in Mission Battle will give Monster Buff along with Point
      • Killed Ice Lord will give Ice Lord buff
      • Killed Ice Guardian will give Ice Guardian buff
      • Buff is categorized in General Buff
  •  Ladder System
    • Ladder System
      • Add the “auto-matching” and “result recording” features
    • WEXP can be obtained after Battle
    • Ladder System progression duration
      • Weekdays (Mon – Fri) : 20:00 – 23:30 (total 3hrs 30mins)
      • Weekend (Sat – Sun) : 14:00 – 19:30 (total 5hrs 30mins)
      • Allow joining during above time, up to 10 times
      • Time can be changed in the next updates (Rising Force Part II / III)
    • Rating
      • Rating will be based on Mission Battle score, this will be counted on each character who joined the Ladder Battle
      • Rating will changed after Battles, based on score
      • Rating will be calculated on best 5 results
      • Ladder Rating tab is available in Mission Battle UI
    • Automatic matching
      • Automatic matching is available in Mission Battle UI, by clicking “Search” button (based on Rating)
    • The same player which was in the last Battle will be automatically excluded from the result
    • History
      • Allow tracing back last 10 Battle results in Mission Battle UI
    • Ranking
      • Ranking will be decided based on Rating
      • Rank is available to check in Mission Battle UI
    • Ranking Information will be reset hourly

5. Add the Daily Quest for Arcane Trace

6. New achievements added

  • General Achievements: 22
  • Quests Achievements: 29
  • Dungeon achievements: 2
  • Items Achievements: 22
  • PVP Achievements: 15
  • War Achievements: 19
  • Hunting Achievements: 20
  • Share Achievements: 11

7. Guild-related

  • Add a message which will be appeared on the completion of Guild Announcement changing
  • Add the new command in the right-click menu of Guild window
    • Add the “Add” command

8. Allow checking monster name in Quest Window by using button

9. Display the number of available Gem of Summons in the Quick Slot if player meets the requirement for summon that Mercenary

10. Add new potion in NPC Store (these potions are sold for only 2 weeks, until Nov 14th 2012)

■ Mission War

1. Display the red message with the reason if player get kicked out from the Mission War

2. Banned some items in Mission War

  • Evasion potions (all grades)
  • Holy Water of Vitality

3. Adjust power of Guardians / Force Towers in Mission War

[KR] [EP10] Oct 24th 2012 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Change related to showing damage in PVP Battle

2. Change some skills to instant-cast (cast time : 0s)

  • Applied for
    • Instant Immunity
    • Resist Barrier
    • Art of Fierceness
    • Intuition
    • Cats Recovery
    • Intense Blade
    • Bloody Spirit
    • Bear Vitality
    • Resist Intension
    • Art of Defense
    • Art of Force Control
    • High Regeneration
    • Mortal Bane
    • Art of Sniping
    • Spirit Shield
    • Quick Move
    • Reflect Shield
  • Features
    • Remove casting animation
    • Can cast another skill meanwhile
  • Allowed to use during combo, but does not increase the combo counter

3. Skills adjustment

  • Force Kick
    • Cooldown
    • MP consumption adjusted, based on skill level
    • Allow to use in Battle Mode 2
  • Warrior
    • Defense reduction of Bloody Spirit skill lowered
    • Increase HP Regen amount of Cats Recovery
    • Axe Attack A / B skill add the Penetrating option
  • Blader
    • Knuckllet Attack A / B add Increase Critical Damage option
  • Wizard
    • Defense related skills increased value
    • Energy Field change
      • Increase range
      • Increase Silence effect duration
      • Change the skill description
    • Elemental Attack A / B skill add the Hit / Penetrating options
  • Force Archer
    • – Battle Mode 2 Additional Damage upward adjustment
    • Quick moves the skill level of the ERA / avoidance per increment adjustment
    • Launcher attack A / B skill to hit options, add
  • Force Shielder
    • Battle Mode 2
      • Increase Attack Rate
      • Add Hit option
      • Increase base Magic Attack
    • Added Guard Break skill (skill from Force Blader)
    • Heal change, change to HP regeneration
      • Change the formula
      • Change cooldown
      • Change to self healable
    • Decrease the base attack of Mortal Bane
    • Hammer Attack A / B add Increase Critical Damage option
  • Force Blader
    • Change Fire / Ice / Lightning Blade basic skills required rank to Regular
    • Change the Fire / Ice / Lightning Blade skill leveling up based on skill rank
      • Ex) To level the Blade to 16, player must be at Transcender

4. Monster Difficulty Adjustment

  • General Monsters
    • Base Damage incremental decreased
    • Attack Rate incremental decreased
  • Field / Dungeon Boss Monsters
    • Base Damage incremental increased
    • Evasion incremental decreased
    • Some special Boss, Attack incremental increased