[KR] [EP11.5] Apr 23rd 2014 Patch notes

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1. Moving characters between servers won’t mess up the Merit Score

2. Fixed bug related to “Disarm” Synergy of Force Shielder (that caused the Defense reduction did not apply normally)



1. Changes related to Merit System

  • Change condition for applying Merit Mastery
    • Current: Character with Honor Grade 20th only
    • Change: Character at level 170+, regardless of Honor Grade
  • Scoring Merit Point
    • Nothing change
  • Change the Honor compensation on reporting Merit Evaluation
    • Current: Grade 10th ~ 19th
    • Change: Grade 10th ~ 20th

2.  Change stats of some monsters

  • Tower of the Dead B3F
    • All bosses :
      • Reduce Maximum HP
      • Reduce Defense
      • Reduce Defense Rate
      • Reduce HP Regen
  • Forbidden Island (Awakening Mode)
    • Tetra Syasor / Penta Syasor
      • Reduce Defense
  • Porta Inferno
    • All bosses
      • Reduce Defense
      • Reduce HP Regen

3. Battle Mode 3 Synergies Adjustment


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