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Field Boss system has gone through multiple times of revision. Previously, developers just did the stats and drop adjustment. But this time, it’s all changed. All of existing bosses get changed in stats / drops and new Field Boss Battle system is added. The update is part of Episode 27 which is live for Cabal KR by Summer 2020.

Update: By 12-Aug-2020, the Party Rewards got removed.

1. Spawn Time

  • Field Bosses will be spawn at a specific time
    • 09:30
    • 13:30
    • 21:30
    • 00:30
  • Before spawning, there will be a Timer Countdown display on the screen along with the special broadcast all channels

2. Field Boss UI

  • List of all Maps with corresponding Field Bosses
  • When moving the mouse over the Field Boss, the location and main drop information can be found

3. Field Bosses

  • List of Field Bosses
  • Boss details, location and main drops
    • Click to view the bigger version

4. Field Boss Battle

  • Field Boss Battle
    • Total: 20 minutes
      • 5 minutes before spawning (countdown time)
      • 15 minutes of battle time
  • Special icon will be displayed next to the channel during the Field Boss Battle (not in the countdown time, only during the battle time)
  • Field Boss Point Contributions
    • Points are increased while attacking and receiving damages from Field Bosses
    • If the point is higher than 1, it will be counted as participated in the Field Boss Raid
    • On the Point UI, we can check
      • Party Goal
      • Party Point
      • Individual Goal
      • Individual Point
    • Points are updated every 10 seconds
    • Reset of Field Boss Points
      • Point will be reset, if:
        • Change Map, Change Channel
          • Individual Point: Reset
          • Party Point: Not Reset
        • Same Map, Same Channel, Change the Boss
          • Individual Point: Reset
          • Party Point: Not Reset
        • Leave Party / Join New Party
          • Individual Point: Reset
          • Party Point of the Party that character left: Not Reset
      • Points will not be reset, if:
        • Character is dead
        • Movement in the same Map
        • Disconnection but still stay in the party
Amount of “Maximum Party Can Get Rewards” is wrong, please refer to the table in Section 3
  • Rewards
    • If the Field Boss is not killed within 15 minutes of Field Boss Battle Time: All participants will not received the rewards
    • If the Field Boss is killed within the Field Boss Battle Time
      • Party Rewards got removed by 12-Aug-2020 Patch
      • Party Point is higher or equals Party Goal: Party Reward will be granted
        • Reward will be sent in the Party Event Inventory
      • Individual Point is higher or equals Individual Goal: Individual Reward will be granted
        • Reward will be sent in the Personal Event Inventory

5. Rewards

List of Personal Rewards.

6. Achievements and Titles

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