Cabal EU/NA/BR – How to redeem coupons?

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Recently, for Cabal EU/NA/BR we have a new cash shop update, that comes with various features. Coupon is not a new feature but, now it comes with a brand new looks. Let’s explore the “Coupon” feature of the new Cash Shop.

Step 1: Click on the menu icon at the top-right corner of the Cabal Shop then select “Coupon“.

Step 2: The Coupon Screen will be displayed, here you can type or paste your Coupon Code into the “Enter a Code” box then click on “Register“. Remember that, once you registered a code, it cannot be unregistered.

Step 3: If the registration process is successful, you will see the code displaying in the list and the “Available coupons” will be increased.

Step 4: Normally, each coupon code is linked with a specific item in the Cabal Shop, by clicking on the item in the list of coupon at Step 3, you will be moved to the related item screen. For example, if the code is linked with the “Blessing Bead – Superior (30 days)“, once you clicked it in the list, you will see the screen below, the price is the original price, and you can click on “Checkout” to move on.

Step 5: At the Checkout screen (also known as “Cart” screen), you can see your item and here you can click on “Coupon” to redeem your saved coupon.

Step 6: You need to click on the checkbox at the left side of the coupon to apply it. At the bottom of the screen you can see the original Item Price, Discount Amount and the Price to be paid. Click on “Apply Coupon” to apply and get discount.

Step 7: If everything was done correctly, you can see on the Cart screen, the price has been changed according to the coupon, and also at the bottom of the screen, right above the “Checkout” button, the detailed price is also displayed (with the discount amount).

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  1. Is this game even worth playing anymore? I tried to come back to NA after 2 years break. There was few maxed out players near AH and tons of bots around. Haven’t see any new players. I would gladly come back, but with price inflation it seemed to be unplayable without premium/ buying tons of gold/ cheating. Support is also doing nothing. They were spamming me with connection issue template when I reported that my and my gf old characters are broken, because we was getting DC all the time when we clicked Register tab in AH trying to retrieve money from items sold during our break.


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