Cabal Online – Episode 34 – Dec 2022 and Jan 2023 Patch Notes

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I was quite busy for the month of December 2022 and January 2023 with lots of travel back and forth, sorry for the delay of Episode 34 Patch Notes of December 2022 and January 2023. This post consists of all 8 weeks updates in Cabal Korea from December 07th 2022 to January 25th 2023.

1. New item set of “Ultimate” grade “Dragonium”.

  • Equipment Restriction: Level 185 (applicable for Weapon, Armor, Epaulet).
  • Stats of items:
    • 07 types of Weapon.
    • 36 types of Armor.
  • 04 types of Dragonium Epaulet:
  • Add 03 new types of Dragonium Cores
    • Material Core (Dragonium)
    • Quartz Core (Dragonium)
    • Astral Core (Dragonium)
  • All other rules applied for Dragonium is the same with Ultimate item grade, including:
    • Normal Upgrade
    • Divine Upgrade
    • Extreme Upgrade
  • Add new achievements:
    • Item > Dragonium Set: 40 Achievement Point
      • Wear full set of Dragonium armorset / martialset / battleset items.
    • Item > Dragonium Epaulet: 60 Achievement Point
      • Loot the Dragonium Epaulet.

2. Increase stats of some Epaulets and Equipment:

  • Increase stats for Epaulet of Laws from Drei-Frame to Demonite.
  • Increase stats of Demonite Epaulet Guardian / Fighter / Sage.
  • Increase Defense Rate stats of all armor items (armorset / martialset / battleset).

3. Add new Essence Rune – INT II

  • A new Essence Rune is added to obtain by requesting at NPC Chloe – Port Lux.

1. Add new grade “Epic” for Force Wing:

  • Allow to transcend Force Wing to Epic grade.
    • Transcend Material:
      • Essence of Wing (Unique) x20
      • Essence of Wing (Epic) x15
    • Essence of Wing (Epic) is a new material item, droppable from new Force Wing Dungeon: Holia Tristy.
  • Force Wing stats:
    • Obtain 02 Training Points when leveling up.
    • Specific amount of Force Essence, Essence of Wing (Unique) and Essence of Wing (Epic) are required based on level.
  • Per level up, HP +1, All Attack Up +1, Defense +1.

2. Force Wing Training – Epic

  • 4th Slot (Epic Slot) of the Force Wing Training is unlocked.
  • Skill level and required training points are different based the training.

3. Advent Skill – Epic:

  • 4th Advent Skill Slot (Epic Slot) is unlocked.
  • For granting the Advent Skill, Essence of Wing (Epic) x5 will be consumed.
  • Grantable skills:

1. Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that total HP got decreased when character is dead in Labyrinth while casting short-buff.
  • Fixed bug that caused monster named “True Gust of Trial” inside the Infinite Trial dungeon got respawned to the initial location when its HP drops to a certain amount.

2. New Force Wing Dungeon: Holia Tristy.

  • Entry Information:
    • Requirements:
      • Level 170 or higher.
      • Force Wing Unique 100 or higher.
    • Entry Item: Mystic Feather
      • Available at NPC Peddler Unon – Bloody Ice and Remote Shop.
      • Price: 2,000,000 Alz + Force Essence x80.
      • Property: Account-binding.
    • Entrance: Port Lux (23, 25).
    • Maximum Participants: 2.
  • Time Limit: 30 minutes.
  • Dungeon Completion:
    • Winning Condition: Destroy the Legendary Box after killing the Final Boss.
    • Failure Condition: Exceed time limit.
  • Compensation: DP 7
  • Available for obtaining Myth EXP: Yes.
  • Daily Dungeon Play Limit:
    • Maximum: 02 times / day,
    • Can reset up to 2 times (so that total entries / day is 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 times)
      • 1st reset: 15 Force Gem
      • 2nd reset: 30 Force Gem
  • Drop:
    • Force Core (High / Highest / Ultimate)
    • Elixir of Wing (2M / 3M / 4M Force Wing EXP)
    • Essence of Wing (Epic)
    • Fragment of Memory
  • Guild Treasure:
    • Treasure Level: 8
    • BP required: 4,000
    • Golden Treasure Chest Point: 10
  • Achievements:

3. New Dungeon “Palestra Inferna”

  • Entry Information:
    • Requirements:
      • Level 200 or higher.
    • Entry Item: Key of Champions
      • Available at NPC Peddler Unon – Bloody Ice and Remote Shop.
      • Price: 3,000,000 Alz + Stain Clone x3 + Duel’s Traces x2.
        • Duel’s Trace is available from Challenge Mission for Grade #4 and #5.
      • Property: Account-binding.
      • Purchase Limit: 03 times a week.
    • Entrance: Bloody Ice (76, 24).
    • Maximum Participants: 1.
  • Time Limit: 3 minutes + 5 minutes every time obtaining the additional rewards..
  • Dungeon Completion:
    • Winning Condition: Destroy the Legendary Box after killing the Final Boss.
    • Failure Condition: Exceed time limit.
  • Compensation: DP 12
  • Daily Dungeon Play Limit: No Limit
  • Dungeon Progress:
    • Total: 17 waves.
      • Starts with Boss Round, then 03 Monster Rounds, and repeat.
      • All monsters / bosses must be killed to progress to the next wave.
    • By defeating the Boss, a reward box will be spawned.
      • Destroying the box gives 03 items drop and 05 minutes additional dungeon time.
    • Cabal Ranger is spawned randomly in some waves.
      • Cabal Ranger will disappear after 20 seconds from the time of spawn.
      • If player can defeat the Cabal Ranger within the time limit, there will be 03 items drop.
      • Mercenaries cannot attack the Cabal Ranger.
  • Drop:
  • Achievements:

4. Changes of Dungeon: Secret Base SCA-76

5. Change of 10th and 15th Option Scroll Cube:

  • Old: Option Scroll Cube (Highest)
  • New: Option Scroll Cube (Ultimate)
  • Target Dungeons:
    • Forgotten Temple B3F
    • Mirage Island
    • Flame Nest
    • Ancient Tomb
    • Frozen Canyon
    • Mirage Island (Awakening)
    • Terminus Machina
    • Garden of Dust
    • Secret Base: SCA-76

1. Fixed bug that makes the count of kill / death could not be updated properly.

2. Fixed bug that makes score was counted abnormally.

3. Slightly increases the score of killing players of opposite nation.

4. Improve the Member List UI (Shift + V) with better up-to-date scoring information.

5. Changes related to War Support Cube (WExp):

  • Change of price:
    • Old: 1,000,000 Alz + 300 WEXP
    • New: 1,000,000 Alz + 500 WEXP
  • Change of availability of items:
    • Add new items:
      • Essence Rune (Alz Drop Amount)
      • Essence Rune (Pet EXP)
      • Dragonium Epaulet of Laws
      • Elixir of Golden Insignia (100)
      • Elixir of Unity (Honor Medal) (100)
    • Change the chance of generating some old items due to additions of new items.

1. Add new Achievements:

2. Allow to change to Dark Mage while using Battle Style Change Kit

  • Allow to select Dark Mage as target class while using Battle Style Change Kit.
  • When used, the target character will get Dark Mage related skill books.

3. Add “64-bit” client

  • Able to check if the game is running on 64-bit client or not by pressing Ctrl + U (viewing FPS).

4. Remove the “Change Appearance” feature from NPC Core Alchemist of all villages.

5. Change the Birthday mail and Maintenance Reward mail property.

  • Related mails will be automatically deleted once all of items / Alz in the mail are received.

6. UI Improvements:

  • Show the skill types in the skill tooltip (general skills or class specified skills).
  • Hide the Overlord and Myth icons when the Personal Shop popup is minimised.
  • Improve the size and colour of Myth EXP bar.

1. Overview:

  • A system that gives rewards based on the score accumulated from daily and weekly missions.
  • Progress:
    • Character with level 1 or higher.
    • Progress is account-based.
    • A season is with 8 weeks.
      • When a new season starts, all of history and progress of the previous season will be cleared.
  • Access the Event Pass UI:
    • Via the Event Pass icon at the menu bar at the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. Mission

  • Divided into Daily Mission and Weekly Mission:
    • Daily Mission: A fixed mission for daily, can be done within the day. Progress will be reset 09:00.
    • Weekly Mission: Missions with different rewards, can be done within the week. Progress will be reset at 09:00 Wednesday.
  • When a mission is completed, Stage Score will be granted.

3. Stage Score

  • When a mission is completed and point is obtained, the Stage Score will be granted and the gauge in the Event Pass UI will be increased.
    • Stage Score is accumulated and if the gauge is full then the Level will be raised.
    • Able to receive the rewards for each level.
  • Purchase Stage Point:
    • When the “UP” button in the Event Pass UI is clicked, the Purchase Window will be shown.
      • Can input the amount of points for purchasing or also using buttons for adjustment.
    • 10 Force Gems will be used for exchanging 5 points.
    • Purchase Restrictions:
      • For Week 1-7, player can purchase 500 points
      • For Week 8, player can purchase 20,000 points
      • Purchase Restriction is reset daily at 09:00.

4. Event Pass Level

  • General
    • Standard Grade of the Event Pass
    • Depends on the Stage, General Rewards will be available for claim.
  • Premium
    • Can convert to the “Premium” grade by using Force Gem.
      • Fee: 500 Force Gem
    • Depends on the Stage, additional Premium Rewards will be available for claim.
    • Once the Event Pass is converted to Premium, a specific buff will be granted.
      • Cube’s Blessing Lv. 1 (HP +200, EXP +50%, All Skill Amp. +1%)

5. Rewards

  • Unlock the rewards based on the Level progress.
    • By default the General Rewards will be given.
    • In case of Premium Event Pass is activated, the Premium Rewards will also be given.
  • Reward Types:
    • General Items.
    • Buff:
      • Buff will be given based on certain conditions.
      • Buff duration will cover only the Event Pass period.
      • If multiple buffs are available, only the buff with the strongest stats will be applied.
        • However, buffs from the rewards can be stack along with the Cube’s Blessing from Premium Event Pass.
  • Reward Receiving:
    • Can be received manually reward-by-reward.
    • Or with the “Receive All” feature.
    • Rewards will be moved directly to the inventory.
    • In case of inventory is full, the receiving process will be terminated.

1. Fixed bug that shows the number of AP in AP Saver abnormally.

2. Changes for Force Wing Dungeon: Holia Tristy

  • Change the tree object in the garden area.
  • Adjust the movement speed and animation of boss monsters.

1. Fixed bug that cause the client disconnection due to receiving Event Pass rewards in bulk.

1. Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed bug that system does not record the Request (Crafting) for the progress of Event Pass.
    • Change the mission to “Request Force Essence”.
  • Fixed bug that the level gauge on the right side of Event Pass UI is not updating instantly along with the mission progress.
  • Fixed bug that the EXP Buff Bonus from Event Pass is not showing in the Benefits UI (under the Durational Services).
  • Fixed bug that the Reward Item icon was showed above the Premium Purchase Lock icon.

2. Mission changes

  • Change the Mission Reset time from 09:00 to 10:00.
    • Daily: At 10:00
    • Weekly: At 10:00 Wednesday
  • Changes of Missions:

3. UI Improvements:

  • Rearrange the Cabal Menu icons and show the “NEW” text when there is a reward available.
  • Mission Tab:
    • Change the slot colour and text of the completed missions to gray.
    • Update the guidelines text.
  • Reward Tab:
    • Improve the colour of the border and text of the Level which is achieved.
    • Improve of the appearance for reward items, showing the colour for the border if there is items for receiving after achieving a new Level.

1. Changes related to dungeon: Palestra Inferna

  • Slightly lowered the chance of generating “Duel’s Trace” at Level #5 of Challenge Mission.
  • Add the duration of the “Key of Champions” for 02 weeks.

2. Changes related to dungeon: Holia Tristy

  • Fixed bug that objects and visual effects are not showing properly in the dungeon at some areas.
  • Increase the movement speed of “Mutated Angelic Soldier” monsters when they have aggro.

1. Change of Platinum Buff stats

1. Fixes:

  • Fixed bug that head costumes of some characters were not displayed properly.
  • Fixed bug that the monster “True Gust of Trial” does not respawn in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug that tooltip of Force Wing under the HP Bar is showing “Master” as Force Wing Grade for character who has “Epic” grade.

2. Update the mechanism for calculating War Score.

  • Old mechanism:
    • When the level of attacker and target is the same:
      • 50 Nation War Score per kill.
    • When the level of attacker and target is not the same:
      • 10 points are added for every 10 level difference.
      • Calculate only the difference of the Normal Level (not the Overlord Level and Myth Level).
  • New mechanism:
    • Change to calculate based on Level types.
      • 03 Level types: Normal, Overlord, Myth.
    • If the attacker and target have different Level types, the higher type will be used for calculation.
      • For example: Attacker is at Overlord Level 30, and Target is at Myth Level 27. Then Myth Level type formula will be used for calculation the War Score.
    • Calculation: Refer to the table.

3. Adjust the location of Entrance Gate for Chaos Arena (all levels) and Eternal Chaos Arena.

  • Fixed bug that caused the server is down in certain situations.

1. Improvements for Force Wing Dungeon: Holia Tristy

  • If the trees in the Garden Keeper Lispi area cover the character, tree will be displayed in transparency.
  • Change size of the “Sword of Judgement” summoned by Pertitus the Punisher
    • Increase the size of the sword object by 50%, it was hard to click because it was covered by the boss.
    • Increase the size of the point of impact where the skill hits the ground.
  • Increase the range of vision for “Hick’s Assassin” summoned by Excitius the Gatekeeper of the Sanctuary.
    • Now the the range of vision is matching with the range of the boss.

2. Change the appearance and animation of the Boss in Guild Dungeon.

1. Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed bug that “Complete the Daily Mission” cannot be completed in the Event Pass.
  • Fixed bug that caused Time Reducer are used together disregarding of reducing types and ownership types.
  • Fixed bug that if several UIs are overlapping on each other then some buttons of the lower UI get clicked through the higher layer UI.
  • Fixed bug that the Bike Coating Kit (Permanent Dark Red) is sold at NPC Shop without the Account-Binding property.
    • Target NPCs: Grocers of Bloody Ice, Green Despair, Desert Scream, Senillinea.

2. Change of Weekly Missions:

3. Add the Immune to Petrification for certain monsters and buildings in Ingens Proelium:

  • Add the immune to Petrification for certain monsters and buildings in Ingens Proelium.
  • Targets:
    • Sage’s Ensign (Capella / Procyon).
    • Ensign’s Gate, Sanctuary Gate and Purification Gate.
    • Temple of Purification.
    • Watcher’s Agent.
  • Optimise data storage in the backend.

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