Cabal Online – Episode 34 – Nov 25th, Dec 01st 2022 Patch Notes

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1. Fixed error related to Dragonium equipment

  • Fixed bug that caused client closes when a Female Dark Mage wears the Dragonium equipment.
  • Fixed bug that the appearance of the Dark Mage is not displaying properly when equipping the Dragonium epaulet.

2. Fixed bug that caused some skills were unexpectedly reset when using the Battle Style Change Kit.

■ Dungeon

1. Fixed bug that caused the HP of character got decreased when that character is dead and resurrected in the Labyrinth with the durational buff.

2. New dungeon “Palestra Inferna”

  • Entry Information:
    • Level 200 or higher
    • Entry Item: Key of Mighty Fighter
      • NPC: Unon – Bloody Ice / Remote Shop
      • Price: 3,000,000 Alz + 3x Stain Clone + 2x Token of Duel
        • Token of Duel will be rewarded from a certain content later
        • In Test Server, the Token of Duel can be purchased from NPC Yul
      • Property: Account Binding
    • Entrance: Bloody Ice (76, 24)
    • Number of Participant: 1
  • Time Limit: 3 minutes + 5 minutes after killing bosses
  • Dungeon Completion:
    • Victory: Defeat the final boss and destroy the Legendary Box
    • Failure: Time is exceeded.
  • Reward DP: 12
  • No daily dungeon play limit.
  • Cannot use the Dungeon Booster.
  • Dungeon Progress:
    • Total 17 waves
      • Boss Wave => 3 Monster Waves => Boss Wave => 3 Monster Waves => Boss Wave => 3 Monster Waves => Boss Wave => 3 Monster Waves => Boss Wave (Final).
      • To progress to the next wave, all monsters of the current wave must be defeated.
        • By destroying the box of each boss wave, you get a multi-drop with 3 items and 5 minutes additional.
      • Cabal Rangers are spawned randomly in different waves.
        • Gives multi-drops 3 items on defeated.
        • Automatically de-spawn after 15 seconds if player cannot defeat.
  • Drop Items:
    • Add 20 new items that give Alz when player sells into NPC shop.

3. Add the clear achievement for Force Wing Dungeon: Holia Tristy.

■ Others

1. Fixed bug that caused client close at certain situations

2. Dragonium equipment related

  • Fixed bug that the appearance of some armours and weapons displayed abnormally
  • Add the Achievement related to Dragonium equipment
    • Achievement: Dragonium Set
      • Condition: Wear the Dragonium set
      • Reward: 40 Achievement Points
    • Achievement: Dragonium Epaulet
      • Condition: Loot the Dragonium Epaulet
      • Reward: 60 Achievement Points

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