Future of Cabal (2021H2+) (Part 2/2)

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This is the second part of the series “Future of Cabal (2021H2+)”, you can get the Part 1 here.

Currently, we have Chaos Upgrade for Chaos Items (Carnelian, Belt, Arcana, Talisman) and Accessories (Amulet, Earring, Bracelet). What could have in the future?

Latest update for Chaos Upgrade was in Episode 27 with the ability for granting Chaos Upgrade for Bracelets. Among those accessories, we all can say that the next one would be rings. Just imagine Dr. Mazel’s Ring with Chaos Upgrade level 15.

Recently, Brooch has been released as part of Episode 28. Even that the Brooch is a strong item already with lots of stats but since it’s an accessory. So might be in future, we also can have the Chaos Upgrade for Brooch?!

Another idea that Chaos Upgrade can be boosted is with the way they did for Talisman. Above the normal upgrade, Chaos Item can still be boosted via NPC Chloe using special materials which could be found from Elite Dungeons. This will boost the reusability of old contents like Tower of the Dead B3F (Elite) and Maquinas Outpost (Elite).

Long time ago, we have received an update for the Manufacturing System, all item types come with Craftsman and Master grades, but not these accessories. Rumour is inside the game data, still we have the material for making the special accessories like Master’s Ring, but due to the balance of the game, they didn’t implement it, worrying that those can pass the unique rings of the game easily (like Dr. Mazel Ring, Awakened Leth Tyrant’s Ring…).

From my point of view, making those Master’s Accessories is a completely big question for the developer, they must ensure that these accessories could maintain the balance versus the unique accessories of the game. Several mechanisms could be applied like you cannot equip more than one Master’s Ring.

We also have rumours regarding the new Unique Earring, what do you think about this? From my point of view, it’s quite reasonable at this moment. The Drosnin’s Earring was there from the introduction of Illusion Castle: Radiant Hall, years ago! After that, there is no update for unique earring. The Drosnin’s Earring still plays a major position in character build with the combination of HP Steal per Hit and Defense stats. But it’s lack of HP and MP stats which help a lot against some high level bosses which have skill of reducing MP amount.

Last of rumours related to accessories must be for Bracelet! Yes, similar like the Earring, the last update for Bracelet was also ages ago. It’s true that few players have the perfect unique items (like 27 Critical Damage Siena’s Bracelet with 50 Penetration in slot), but these stats are more or less outdated in comparison with latest items.

We got the Honour Medal update in Episode 18, around 10 episodes ago, many players have already maxed and have good slot options. From my point of view, it’s also a good opportunity for releasing the new rank of Honour Medal system. Currently, when we open the Honour Medal screen, we get only one tab with 4 different grades of Honour Medal. What if we get one additional tab? What would be the possible grades and options? Tell me your idea!

Imagine, we can get the “Honour Medal Transcendence” with a brand-new tab with lots of new slots with useful options such as Ignore Resist Critical Rate, Cancel Ignore Penetration… Just imagine, how much Attack Ability you can gain with those new stats?!

In Episode 28, we got the update with new Effectors for all classes, but still people keep asking about the weird red text in the tooltip of Effector: Honor grade bonus: None. What could it be? It’s there from the first day of the Effector. Previously, many players wondered if we would ever get the bonus from the Honour Grade or even from the Honour Medal. But none of them got applied.

Some rumours that, they will release a new grade for Mirror of Observation which could boost the stats of the Effector further. For example, the Mirror of Observation (Ultimate) boosts the Effector with additional stats. Stats might also be random with different grade and even with different stats pool. But it might be complex to get full of good stats on a single Effector, there is a chance that beside of the new grade of Mirror of Observation, also we can get Mirror Reset Scroll for clearing the Ultimate Stats of the Mirror.

We are playing a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), and because it’s “online”, we always have the demand of new contents, and the developer will continuously work on those to ensure that we would get more and more challenging and interesting contents. Each and every MMO game has its own features, hope that from those, ESTGames can extract and refine the best and reimplement here in Cabal, so that we could have frequently contents for enjoying!

Officially from ESTGames, they will also release the detailed official plan for 2H of 2021 soon with a medium for Autumn and a big update for Winter / holiday season. Do you have any guess? Share your own ideas here!

See you in Nevareth!

Mr. Wormy/

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