Official Road Map for 2021 and 2022

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How is your 2021?

Autumn is here with some cool breeze blowing on the streets daily from day to night… What does it mean by “Autumn”? That means the “Winter” is coming, with the big update of the holiday season. You don’t have to wait for more, I will give you some brief for the incoming update of second of half of the year 2021 and also some sneak-peek for 2022!

A new growth system will be available this winter. By consuming some special materials, you will obtain stats as compensation!

Additional “set effect” will also be granted when certain criteria are met.

This new growth system can boost your character a lot and make it powerful!

There is no clear information regarding this “Growth System”, but I think it’s something related with item, since in the roadmap developers shared something related with “Set Effect”. But there will be some “consumption” of special material, could it be hmm type-of-“Collection” system?! Anyway, the content is coming soon to Cabal KR Test, so I hope I could share more information with you guys as soon as possible.

Mr. Wormy

The World Ruler Boss system was released from Episode 27: Holia Keldrasil, it’s quite a long time ago, based on feedback of players, we get to know that even a lot of players participated into the World Ruler Boss Battle but players still feel disappointed because only a few of them got rewards and it also depends on a lot of criteria such as World Ruler Boss Battle time and place, and also the contribution of both party and player.

We are working and will release some improvement for World Ruler Boss within this winter. The frequency of spawning bosses will be reduced and also goals for both party and individual will be revised, so that maximum players who participated in the battle will retrieve their rewards.

Besides, the stats of bosses will also be revised due to huge amount of player participating the battle.

World Ruler Boss System

Until now, in my server (Cabal Europe), players still cannot defeat the World Ruler Boss of Senillinea. And based on the above statement, they might boost the stats of World Ruler Boss further… No idea when we can defeat them…

Mr. Wormy

Field Boss will get revised, we received a lot of complains regarding the Field Boss due to the random spawn time. We are working to fix the spawn time of all Field Bosses based on schedule, so that the spawn time can be predicted, and people can fight those Field Boss.

Also because of the spawn time would be fixed, we will also revise the stats of field bosses, so it will encourage the cooperation and competition.

Also, we can expect for some special changes for the Field Boss, that we won’t reveal for now! So please look forward to the appearance of the improved version of Field Bosses.

Original Field Bosses

After Belt and Carnelian, now all 3 types of Arcanas will get the ability to upgrade up to +20.

This content was released in Cabal PH from Episode 27: Holia Keldrasil already for a long time. At first, we all expect to get it for other services in a short time. But until now, they decided to release it as a part of Winter 2021 Update.

Mr. Wormy
Stats of Arcana +20 from Cabal PH

Beside of the content for Winter 2021, we will now also give you some sneak-peek of 2022 contents. Be noted that these contents below are subjected to change and revise.

A lot of players reached Level 100 of Overlord System, and fell like maxed out. A new Level Growth content will be added in 2022. Along with the existing level, the difficulty will be adjusted to be fit with the new Level Growth content.

Hope that you will enjoy the fun of levelling up and grinding to boost your character stats and abilities.

Some days ago, I have posted another post in my series “Future of Cabal”, I think that I have mentioned this content already. Take a look here if you want to read more about that:

Mr. Wormy

New Essence Runes will be added, and the method of obtaining and levelling those runes will be different from the existing Essence Runes.

I have scanned through the game files, even I have found Essence Rune Level 3 beside of those Level 1 and 2 we have now. Are they mentioning about these Essence Rune Level 3, or will we have a new set of Essence Rune? What will be the way for obtaining and levelling? I will do my own research and hope that I can give you more information as soon as possible!

Mr. Wormy

A new high-grade dungeon is a MUST! Why?! Because we would be much MORE stronger with lots of new contents such as the new Growth System, new Essence Runes, new Levels!

What kind of dungeon theme are you looking for? Robotics? Jungle? Frozen Areas? Desert? Or anything totally new?!

Mr. Wormy

Besides those aforementioned contents, we are always listening from players and trying our best to optimise game contents to reflect your feedback. Game is always monitored to ensure you can play it as smoothly as possible.

We are looking forward to getting more and more feedback and comments from players!

Thank you!

I’m quite disappointed since there is nothing related to new Item Grade (above Demonite) and also no update for manufacturing of Accessories (Master/Craftsman). But time will answer! Let’s wait and look forward to the future of Cabal!

Mr. Wormy

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