Future of Cabal (2021H2+) (Part 1/2)

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We have gone through the first half of 2021, so far. For the Cabal KR, we have received Cabal Episode 29 Part 1 and Episode 29 Part 2 which featured a lot of contents like:

  • 29P2. Garden of Dust
    • Dungeon: Garden of Dust
    • Battle Style Change Kit (Transcendence)
    • Essence Rune: Damage Reduce II
    • New Collections (low level)
    • New Achievements
    • Lake in Dusk Renewal
  • 29P1. Terminus Machina
    • DX2: Terminus Machina (Steamer Crazy 2)
    • Heil’s Research Support
    • New Collection (for Heil’s Research Support)
    • Item Size Unification (to 1×1)
    • New Equipment UI
    • Losing Nation Buff Renewal

For non-KR-servers, we got Episode 26 – Frozen Canyon, Episode 27 – Holia Keldrasil and even some servers got the Episode 28 – Dark Mage.

But what are waiting for us in the future of Cabal, in the 2nd half of 2021 and even after? Let’s dig down with me for the possible incoming updates~ I think that for the near future, we would get the revise update for all of existing contents with wide coverage. This will be arranged into 2 parts. Let’s start with the Part 1!

Based on the recent trends, all of old contents were selected for getting revised. Not like Aura Mode which has just got updated in Episode 28 with the Awakened Aura Mode, the Battle Modes were untouched for quite a long time. Many people said that the Battle Mode 1 is totally wasted and there is no use for that anywhere in game (except for Force Blader).

So I’m keeping my hope for it, imagine that we could have Battle Mode 1 Transcendence with unique feature and stats that might help in lots of situations. Imagine, if you turn on the Battle Mode 1 Transcendence and you get +300MP, which will help you through the tough boss battles or a close-win against a Force Blader.

Wizard, Force Archer, Force Gunner and Dark Mage are glass-cannons, they can cast the deadly ranger skills from far away, but lack of defensive ability. What if, what if… Battle Mode 1 Transcendence of those classes give some special temporary buff for the defensive ability?!

Warrior and Force Shielder are slow?! No worries, Battle Mode 1 Transcendence would give you the faster attack speed, so that you can be with half speed of Blader 😉

Blader are always crying with small skill area of effect (AoE), but now the savior is here, Battle Mode 1 Transcendence could give you a temporary boost of damage area!

Sounds great?! Let me know in the comment box if you like it.

We got the last update for pet system by Episode 22 along with the introduction of Ultimate Core Grade. Also the latest update for Mercenary was like in Episode 16. After that, there is no update for either Pet or Mercenary System.

Pet system is a bit boring. What can you do with a pet? Leveling up and then grant some options. There are 3 grades: Normal (1-10), Covenant (11-20) and Trust (21-30).  Each grade features a distinct set of available slots and values. But other than that, nothing else.  In other games, we can see that pet can fight along with your character, against the opponents. But in Cabal, pet is just for running around and providing stats.

Some overhaul for the pet system is truly needed beside the normal growing system. By now, we have special appearance change at the Level 10, but from Level 11 to 30, there is nothing different. Imagine, we have a milestone at Level 20, that pets would have skill for healing HP or MP (with some animation), and another milestone at Level 30, that pets would have skills to attack or defend along with your battle!

At the time of introduction, the Transcendence Mercenary system provide a huge boost to player, imagine “Elena” and “Skalid” give you that huge amount of boost, hmm, it’s huge true in the context of Episode 16, but not now.

Will we get any expansion of Mercenary Rank? Instead of having 4 Ranks in total, will we get Rank 5, 6 and above? Will Mercenary get any additional buffs, stats and so on?

Beside of just getting level / rank expansion, even we can think a bit further more. In Cabal 2, another MMORPG of ESTGames, they even allow players to equip for their mercenary, to boost mercenary power! What do you think about this idea? You recently moved to a new set and have some extra old items? Just equip those for your mercenary!

During the update of Episode 29 Part 1, we got a big update with the Inventory and Equipment UI. But it won’t be the last change. Other parts of Game UI are also getting changes and optimisations gradually. The item size unification to 1×1 has received a lot of positive feedback as Quality-of-Life update for 2021. This request was asked for long time ago, but due to lots of consequence backend update, we just got in in Episode 29 Part 1.

As I mentioned above, it’s not all, other game has lots of advanced User Interface which help new players to catch up easily and also give the top-most convenience to root fan. I’m pretty sure that, in the incoming updates, we will get several updates for Game UI.

By talking about the User Interface, we have to mention an extreme valuable feature of the game which was added in Episode 25, that was the Inventory and Warehouse Sorting and also the Mass Destruction feature. Aren’t they good ones? Those are also worth to mention when we talk about the Game UI features. Any other features that you want to add or improve for Game UI, leave it in the comment section!

We have the level limit for a long time with Level 200 and Overlord Level 100. Will we have another Level Expansion? From my point of view, Level Expansion is totally possible. Recently, in Episode 28, they release the Skill Transcendence that gives additional stats for skills based on the Overlord Level. It’s a good sign that the Overlord System is not dead, and the same concept might be applied for other skills with higher Overlord Level!

But how will the Overlord System expand? Will we get Overlord Level 200? Or our current Overlord Level 100 will be Grade 1 Level 100, and we will have another one hundred levels with higher ranks? For now, we cannot predict it, but if it would go with the normal level limit expansion like from Overlord Level

Until now, we have no clear idea about this content yet, but according to recent trends, old contents got revised, it’s possible to get level expansion, either for the normal level system or Overlord System.  From my perspective, adding the expansion for Overlord System would be more realistic, because the normal level system was designed to be as the foundation for the Overlord System. Adding the expansion for normal level might cause unexpected changes like if we would have max level 300 instead of 200 as current, then what would be the condition to get Overlord System activated?

Sounds fancy? Nah, it is actually about the additional new item grade above Demonite and also for the Demonite Manufacturing and everything else around normal items.

The Demonite Item was out for a long time, almost 10 patches ago (it was a part of Episode 22, and now in KR is with Episode 29 Part 2 already). We all understand that the Demonite Items are much more powerful than Palladium Items. But due to lack of support contents to gain a proper Demonite Item (e.g. until now, only Demonite Weapon is reasonable items to move, other parts are not really as-much-good-as lower items).

And the journey to get a single weapon of Demonite is also tough! Imagine either you need to get a Demonite Weapon with correct Skill Amp. type in slot and with good Epic line (sub-epic 3 or higher), or you have to try your luck with putting Crit. Rate slot inside the weapon. Once you get the item with good slot like that then the long way is now started with upgrading it to +15 (without Safeguard, Core Enhancer, Core Superior for Ultimate Grade) then making Divine Upgrade (since you cannot move your Divine Upgrade from Highest Grade items here), also for the price of Slot Extender (Ultimate). All of these obstacles are standing between you and the Demonite Weapon in your dream!

But it’s just like other item grade, always we will be able to get via the Manufacturing System, crafters who are trying day and night to push their progress, so that one day, when the Manufacturing for Demonite is activated, they will be ready to roll! I think that, in the near future, the will activate the Manufacturing for Demonite, so people can start moving to Demonite Items, especially with those armour parts (helm, suit, gloves, boots) because the boost that normally we get from the Craftsman and especially from Master are much more efficient than just moving to the non-craft Demonite Items.

How about the new Item Grade? Well, normally we have each Core Grade is equivalent to 3-4 Item Grades, like Core High Grade is for Osmium, Rare, SIG-Metal. Currently, for Core Ultimate Grade, we have only Demonite item. I think it’s clearly possible that we could have new item grade in future.

See you in the 2nd part of the post, coming soon~


  1. I think we need to change the map of cities with an more open world as in war craft map are quite old over 20 years and for new players of the 21st century this game is boring and uninteresting! servers are declining with each passing day we play only people over 30 years cabal advertising is a tragedy no one knows about this game children can not play no and team speak too many events do not give security in the game many people leave because they are behind only because they were not in the game for 1 month for 3 years base Attack power went up from 20,000 to 250,000 on average in the game strong players and buy all the alz with money and can never be reached with the game this is frustrating for many cabal players. the game is currently volatile from an economic point of view with constant inflation or deflation determined by how many vouchers will be purchased during the event. events make the rich richer and the weak weaker. yes the game is played only because of the events because there is nothing to do in it there is no dynamics from 1 to 200 levels in the cards there is nothing interesting for 15 years is the same

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