Cabal Online – Episode 28 – November 27th 2020 Patch Notes

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  • Change the stats of skills
  • Change the mechanism of using “Focus” skill
    • Target:
      • Warrior
        • Frenzy
        • Frenzy (Focus)
      • Wizard
        • Force Unleash
        • Force Unleash (Focus)
    • Usage
      • Registration
        • Non-focus Skill can be registered in the quick-slot
        • Focus Skill cannot be registered in the quick-slot
      • Usage
        • Similar like Battle Mode 3 Fatal Skill
        • First the Non-focus Skill must be activated
        • After that the skill quick-slot will be automatically changed to Focus Skill
        • Need to activate the Focus Skill if player wants to get the effect of Focus Skill (non-automatic activation)
        • Can be activated only during the duration of Non-focus Skill
        • When the effect of Non-focus Skill is cancelled, the effect of the Focus Skill will also be cancelled
      • Example:
        • A player as a Warrior
        • Player selects a monster as target
        • Player activates “Frenzy” skill (this is Non-focus Skill)
        • Effect of “Frenzy” is applied on the target
        • At this time, the icon of “Frenzy” in the quick-slot will be turned into “Frenzy (Focus)”
        • Player activates “Frenzy (Focus)” skill (this is Focus Skill)
        • Effect of “Frenzy (Focus)” is applied on the target
        • Duration of “Frenzy” is ended, both effects of Frenzy and Frenzy (Focus) are cancelled
  • Add sound effects for skills which are missing in 20-Nov-2020 Update
  • Changes and additions to existing skills
  • Add the Skill Transcendence for the Class Mastery skill
    • Before reaching Lv. 200, only the basic stats of the Mastery Skill are applied
    • After reached Lv. 200, additional stats are gained via the Skill Transcendence system
      • Stats in table are at max level
  • Change stats of some Skill Transcendence
  • Change the visual display of skills which got Skill Transcendence effect activated to green border
    • Target: Quick-slot, Skill tooltip, Buff list
  • Fixed bug that did not compensate Awakening Point for the first 5 minutes of using Aura Mode
  • Add the label to show Accumulated time and updated tooltip text in Awakening Aura Mode UI

  • Weapon: Orb / Crystal
    • Display Weapon: Sickle / Skull / Soul
  • Armour: Martial Set
    • In-game, Dark Mage has an unique design for all grades of Martial Set items
  • Special Skills
    • Barrier Skills:
      • Summon Totem to inflict damage-over-time
      • Totem will be indestructible, but will be unsummon after skill duration
      • Totem will inflict damage-over-time in a specific squared red zone
    • Petrified:
      • Turn target into stone
      • Target cannot do any activities
      • Cannot do any activities to target
  • Entry Information:
    • Level 190+ / BS Lv. 11+
    • Entry Item:
      • Drifting Bottle (Awakened)
        • NPC Unon – Bloody Ice
        • Price:
          • 6,000,000 Alz
          • Divine Stone x1
          • Chaos Core x1
        • Account Binding
    • Entrance:
      • Same as Forbidden Island
      • Port Lux: X236 : Y9
    • Max Participants: 7
    • Duration: 60 minutes
    • DP: 21
    • Daily dungeon Playtime: 16 hours
  • Unique Drop:
    • Laksha’s Brooch Piece: Material for requesting new accessory “Laksha’s Brooch” at NPC Chloe
      • Drop at certain chance from Laksha Temple Manager
    • Essence Rune (Cancel Ignore Penetration)
  • A new accessory item
    • Item type: Brooch
    • New slot in inventory for Brooch
  • “Sealed Laksha’s Brooch”
    • Add new Request Recipe at NPC Chloe
    • By using the “Sealed Laksha’s Brooch”, a “Laksha’s Brooch” will be generated
  • “Laksha’s Brooch”
    • Equip Condition: Level 135
    • “Laksha’s Brooch” has 3 different grades, each has different Basic Options
    • Binding Status
      • Medium and High Grade are Account-Binding
      • Highest Grade is Character-Binding
        • Can be unbound by using “Laksha’s Unbinding Stone” (90% success)
    • Can have 0-1 slot
      • If a slot is generated, 1 of 3 available slot options will be granted
    • Always have 3 epic options
      • 1 of 5 available options with 1 of 3 different values will be granted per epic line
  • Changes
    • Increase stats of all Effector at Level 7
    • Add the “Damage Reduce” effect for:
      • Wizard: Spirit Shield
      • Gladiator: Rage Shield
  • Details of Changes
    • Green: Add new Effect
    • Blue: Increase existing Effect
  • New Essence Rune (Cancel Ignore Penetration)
    • Able to drop from Legendary Box of Mirage Island (Awakening)
  • Stats and Levelling Information

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