Cabal Online – Episode 28 – December 02nd, 03rd, 04th and 09th 2020 Patch Notes

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December 02nd 2020

  • Expand the skill slots due to skill addition
    • Sub Skills: From 16 to 18
    • Passive Skill > Specialised in Battle Style: From 6 to 8
  • In-game balance adjustment, due to skill changes and content additions
    • All dungeons and fields monsters / bosses remain unchanged
    • Legend Arena: Baldus
      • Significantly Increase
        • Resist Crit. Rate
        • Resist Skill Amp.
        • Resist Crit. DMG
        • Ignore Penetration
    • World Boss
      • Slightly Increase: HP / HP Heal: Slight
      • Significantly Increase:
        • Resist Skill Amp.
        • Resist Crit. DMG
    • Mission War
      • Increase Stats of Legacy Guardians, Buildings, Gold Keepers
      • Slightly decrease the score obtained from attacking Guardians and Buildings
      • Slightly decrease the score obtained while “Absolute Resist” effect is on
      • Adjust the score obtained while evasion-related effect is on
        • Increase the score obtained when evasion effect is triggered
        • Decrease the score obtained from “Absolute Evasion” (Intuition skill)
      • Adjust the attack / defense score for each battle style
  • Fixed bug that cause the Battle Mode animation is skipped while using “Time Reducer”
  • Change the EXP Bonus from different fields / dungeons to 1

December 03rd 2020

  • Increase the difficulty of “Mirage Island (Awakening)”
    • Exclusion: Laksha Temple Manager
    • Increase HP of Bosses and Monsters
    • Slightly increase: Bosses and Monsters
      • Resist Skill Amp.
      • Resist Crit. DMG
      • Attack
  • New “Tower of the Dead B1F” and New “Tower of the Dead B2F”
    • Several bug fixes for quests

December 04th 2020

  • Fixed bug related to Aura Awakening system that Awakening Point was consumed abnormally
  • Fixed bug related to Dark Mage for levelling up skills at certain situation
  • Increase the difficulty of “Mirage Island (Awakening)”
    • Slightly increase stats of Guardians / Towers

December 09th 2020

1. Skill Changes

  • Skill Changes
    • Art of Rage
      • Cooldown: From 300s to 180s
    • Dread:
      • Duration: From 64s to 10s
      • Cooldown: From 0.9s to 180s
      • Stats:
        • Old:
          • Defense -50
          • Damage Reduce -100
        • New:
          • Defense -180
          • Damage Reduce -200
          • Resist Skill Amp. -2%
          • Resist Crit. DMG -4%
    • Blind Anger
      • Duration: From 5s to 6s
      • Range: From 2 to 8
  • Changes the stats of Skill Transcendence
    • Target:
      • Gladiator: Dread
      • Force Gunner: Lock On
  • Adjust Attack / Defense score calculation in Mission War
  • Fixed bug that caused PvE Crit. DMG was not applied
  • For Force Blader, the “Force Field” effect will be available until the duration ends, even “Absolute Evasion” has been expired due to amount of hits passed the limit
  • Disable the use of Force Wing skills in PvP Battle

2. Changes related to “Laksha’s Brooch”

  • Change the Stats of “Laksha’s Brooch”
  • Details stats as below

3. New Effectors

  • I listed all of available Effectors, not only the new ones

4. Changes related to Dark Mage

  • Changes related to Battle Mode 2 stats from Skill Transcendence
  • Add the Saints’ Quest
  • Fixed bug that weapons are not showing while using certain grade of items
  • Fixed bug that armour set effect was not applied
  • Fixed bug related to World Boss system for obtaining score
  • Fixed bug related to Battle Mode 3 Special Attack Stage 3 animation
  • Fixed bugs related to skills animation

5. Add the 1800 sum of Level title

6. Fixed bug that character equipment is not showing in certain situation

7. Guild Name of opposite nation in warzone is showing in Yellow colour

8. Add new hot keys

  • Awakening Aura Mode: Alt + K
  • Skill Transcendence: Shift + K

9. Store the last-opened tab of Aura Awakening UI

  • Reopen the last-opened tab when opening the Aura Awakening UI

10. Fixed bug that not showing the poison effect of boss in Mirage Island (Awakening)

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