Cabal Online – Road Map for Second Half of 2020

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Sun is reaching its light to every single corner of the North Hemisphere by now, it’s Summer! And the heat of Cabal is also rising up to match with the weather. Today, I will bring you the Road Map for 2nd-half of 2020.

Disclaimer: I made a clip regarding the content of Road Map for 2nd Part of 2020 already, as below.

Here is the original translation for the Road Map of 2nd Part of 2020.

1. Achievement System Improvement

There will be changes in the Achievement System that we already announced briefly in the first-half road map.

We all feel happy and proud when seeing our achievements, it marked the milestones we achieved. But most of the time, we give up in the middle or don’t even care about these titles, due to the limitation of number of title can be applied.

We will adjust all achievements’ difficulty to the “achievable” state, and also revise the reward for all achievement milestones.

You can look forward to getting the renewal of Achievement System.

2. Field Boss Renewal

Bosses of Field Maps will be updated during the Summer Update.

Current Field Bosses of Cabal

All of existing field bosses will be adjusted to and also there will a new powerful Field Boss waiting for you in the new update. Also we are considering to give a new look for bosses.

Abilities of bosses will be revised that emphasises the unity, you might not be able to solo-them-all as right now.

The new boss will be tough and be a serious challenge for even the strongest parties. The new boss will drop various rewards, including the new grade of accessories.

It’s worth for waiting!

3. Force Wing Related Content

Last summer, the Force Wing could be able to transcend once up to level 200, and this summer, it will be able to grow more, up to level 300!

A new Force Wing Dungeon will be released but not for all, you need to reach a certain grade / level of Force Wing.

What will be the secrets hidden beyond the sky~

4. Chaos Upgrade for Bracelets

After the release of Chaos Upgrade for Earrings and Amulets, now the Bracelets will be able to maximise their power with Chaos Upgrade.

Siena’s Bracelet will be able to upgrade with Chaos System?!

5. Other Updates

We also will merge the Mail Box, Cash Inventory and Event Inventory together as once.

Tooltip appearance will be also reorganised, let you identify the stats of Epic, Slots and Original stats. Set stats effect will also be displayed in the tooltip.

Some bundle items like Force Essence and Gem of Summon would be able to stack up to 999 instead of 127.

Many players asking for this, so we would also add the extension for the time that characters can stay inside the dungeon, after it was completed.

Camera view / angle of dungeons would be revised for ensuring the convenience of playing dungeons.

Some other changes related to notes in guild list, and the display of stats points.

Beside the content of Summer Update, we will also give some brief of Winter Update ^^~

1. New Battle Style

Finally, the 9th Battle Style is coming to Cabal~

Analysis of 9th Battle Style information

The new Battle Style is now under the development process, the current defined concept is a Magic-based who wears the Martial set. However, the Battle Stylewill be totally different than all of existing ones.

What do you think about that? Any expectations?

2. Tower of the Dead B1F / B2F Renewal

Both Tower of the Dead B1F an Tower of the Dead B2F will be redesigned with new camera view / angle, complex quest steps will also be revised along with obstacles like gates and traps.

Be ready to show Mergaheph and Killan your power! Conquer the most iconic dungeons of Undead Ground~

3. Aura Mode Growth

We cannot deny that Aura Mode plays a big role in game. But do you want a STRONGER one? Yes why not? In the Winter Update, we will introduce the boost for Aura Mode, that would give you a more POWERFUL Aura Mode than ever~

4. Skill Power will be scaled by the Overlord Level

It’s a long time, since the last time we had update for skills; if I’m not wrong, it was long time long time from the time we introduced Transcender rank.

But soon, in the Winter Update, your skill will be more powerful, based on you Overlord Level.

Ready to face with the true Overlord power?!

5. New Dungeons

You are stronger with the support from Chaos Upgrade, Force Wing, Aura Mode and Skill Boost, so the evil of Nevareth also grows STRONGER!

There will be more powerful dungeons awaiting for you in the Winter Update!

Last words

How are you feeling now? Did you feel good with these incoming update of the second half of 2020?!

The content for Summer Update is fixed, as well as the launch date. However the content for the Winter Update might be changed.

We appreciate your love for Cabal and we would try our best to prove that we deserve~

Thank you!

Notes by Wormy~

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