Cabal Mobile – Thailand will be the first foreign country with Cabal Mobile?!

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On 30-May-2020, Electronics Extreme (a publisher from Thailand) has revealed their 2020 Game Pipeline. And yes it seems that our Cabal Mobile has found its first footstep outside of Korea!

In the original post from Electronics Extreme, they announced their current products which includes Cabal Online (PC Games) and also the incoming pipeline for 2020.

We could say that “Cabal Online” is one of the top-most successful game which is now being published by Electronics Extreme.

The product got the huge warm welcome from the community, also they got several collaboration with the developer (ESTGames) for releasing exclusive content for only Thailand players like the exclusive Bloody Ice with Songkran theme.

Also Electronics Extreme got the real-life collaboration with “Red Bull” a famous energy drink for lots of promotions in-game for players.

In the post of Electronics Extreme, they also revealed the incoming games, and surprisingly, there is a “mysterious game” included.

The mobile game would be released for both Android and iOS devices. Expected date for the game publishing is around 4th Quarter of 2020. However the published territory is only inside Thailand.

We cannot say that it’s 100% confirmed as the “mysterious game” is Cabal Mobile, but actually it is 99.99%. Based on the silhouette concept arts, I can reassemble them into non-silhouette version as below!

We have around 2 months ahead until 4th Quarter of 2020, not much.. Hope that we would be able to see some other news, advertisements officially from Electronics Extreme to confirm this speculation!

There is no confirmation for the release version of the game yet. Recently, Cabal Mobile Korea just celebrated their 1st anniversary in May 2019. The content updates in Cabal Mobile Korea are not arrange like in Cabal Online (PC version) with episodes. Contents there are released based on ESTGames content-release-strategy and still not matched with the content on main Cabal Korea (PC version) yet.

Until now, there is no other official information of releasing the game in any other places than this. However, there are some rumours that, Vietnam and Philippines also joined the club of Cabal Mobile publishers, but due to COVID-19 pandemic, the release would be postponed for a while.

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