Cabal Online – Episode 27 – 01st Jul 2020 Patch Notes

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■ Fixes

1.Fixed bug that Sword / Magic Damage Amplifiers are not working when characters wear Demonite Equipment

■ Changes

  1. Merge Mail Box, Cash Inventory and Event Inventory
  • Change that all 3 UIs can be accessed from a single UI, target UIs for combination: Mail Box, Cash Inventory and Event Inventory.
  • Changes related to Mail Box and Mail:
    • Mails are grouped into different categories can be filtered in by using drop down list
    • Some Mails will come with “Expiration”
      • Type of Mails with “Expiration:
        • Mission War Reward
        • Dungeon Clear Reward
        • Guild Rank Reward
        • PvP Battle Reward
        • Battle Style Change Reward
        • Legend Arena Daily Ranking Reward
        • Guild Dungeon Reward
      • “Expiration” time: 90 days
      • Mail of above types received before the update will have 90 days of expiration from the update time.

2. Improve the Stats Distribution UI

  • Total amount of available stats is displayed.
  • Able to reset the available points which are assigned during the current session before confirmation.

3. Improvements related to items

  • Display the Item Grade and Upgrade Level for items in Equipment, Inventory and Warehouse
    • Grade Information (New Concept)
      • Grade will be displayed as G1 – G14
    • Upgrade Level
      • Showing as +1, +2,… +20
      • If it’s +0, it will not display
  • Item tooltip improvements
    • Equipment Item:
      • Grade Number is shown on the item
      • Basic / Slot / Epic stats display separately
        • Unique Items like Lycanus / Drei-Frame, 3 lines of unique stats will be displayed as Epic Stats
    • Bike
      • Grade Number is shown on the item
      • Basic / Slot / Epic stats display separately
    • Costume
      • Basic / Slot / Epic stats display separately
  • Some items can be stacked at 999 instead of 127
  • Change the inventory item size of item
  • Update the tooltip description of some items
  • Change the expiration of items to show all at once, instead of showing each item in a separated notification

4. Upgrade UI improvement

  • Core Auto-Registration will be enabled by default
  • Show the success rate
    • Success rate is sum of +1 and +2
    • If there is any upgrade point, the amount will be calculated to the success rate and show clearly (green text)

4. Reduce the Dungeon Limit for some dungeons:

  • Eternal Chaos Arena: From 50 to 30
  • Glacies Inferna: From 40 to 20

■ Additions

1. Force Wing Transcendence – Unique Grade

  • When Force Wing – Rare Grade reaches level 100, it can be transcend to Unique Grade
  • Transcendence Material
    • The existing “Essence of Wing” is renamed to “Essence of Wing (Rare)”.
    • The new “Essence of Wing (Unique)” can be obtained from “Holia Kensildra” new dungeon.
  • After Transcendence, the level of Force Wing will be reset to 1 (aka 201)
  • Levelling Up Force Wing
    • Short-brief:
      • Material for level up are:
        • Force Essence (all levels)
        • Essence of Wing (Rare) (certain levels)
        • Essence of Wing (Unique) (certain levels)
      • Force Wing EXP required per level is significantly increased
    • Details:
  • Stats per level up:
    • HP +1
    • All Attack Up +1
    • Defense +1
  • Force Wing Skills
    • Once transcended successfully, the Force Wing Skills will be automatically levelled up
  • Force Wing Training
    • Training Point
      • 2 Force Wing Training Point will be granted after transcended from Rare Grade to Unique Grade
      • At level 20/40/60/80/100, 1 Force Wing Training Point will be granted
    • Reducing the Training Cost of Normal – Rare and information of Training Cost for Unique Grade

2. New Force Wing Dungeon “Holia Keldrasil”

  • Entry Information
    • Entry Requirement
      • Level 150+
      • Force Wing Rare Grade 100+
    • Entry Item
      • Mysterious Tree Branch
      • NPC Unon – Bloody Ice
        • 1,000,000 Alz & Force Essence x40
    • Entrance
      • Port Lux (23, 25)
      • Same entrance of “Holia Windhill”
    • Maximum Participants: 2
  • Time Limit: 30 minutes
  • Dungeon Completion:
    • Success: Destroy the Legendary Box (after killed the Final Boss)
    • Fail: Time out
  • DP: 6
  • Dungeon Play Limit:
    • 2 times per day
    • Able to reset up to 3 times (total 6 times of running dungeons with 3 reset)
      • Reset fee: 15 Force Gems / 30 Force Gems
  • Drop:
    • Force Core High / Highest
    • Elixir of Wing (1,000,000 / 2,000,000 / 3,000,000 Force Wing EXP)
    • Essence of Wing (Unique)
  • Unable to use Dungeon Boost

3. Chaos Upgrade for Bracelets

  • Able to upgrade Bracelet using Chaos Converter and Chaos Core
  • Target Bracelets:
    • Prideus’ Bracelet
    • Siena’s Bracelet
    • Extortion Bracelet +6/7
    • Bracelet of Fighter +6/7/8
    • Bracelet of Sage +6/7/8
    • Agent Yul’s Bracelet
  • Can be upgraded up to 15 level
  • Upgrade Result
    • Success: Chaos Level +1
    • Failure: Remove Chaos Upgrade (original item won’t be affected)
  • Number of Cores / Safeguard per level
  • Stats per Level
Update on July 02nd 2020: Ignore Penetration -> Cancel Ignore Penetration. Thanks “VisionMaker” @CabalEU for reporting the mistake.
  • Chaos Stats can be sealed using Chaos Seal Stone
  • Chaos Safeguard (Bracelet)
    • Protect the destruction of Chaos options from Bracelet on failure of upgrade
    • Acquisition:
      • NPC Chloe Request
        • At 5500 point
      • Material
        • Essence of Chaos (Bracelet) x1
        • Chaos Core x100
      • Other Information
        • Request Registration Fee: 50,000,000 Alz
        • Time: 5s
        • Success Rate: 100%
        • Output Item: Tradable
  • Essence of Chaos (Bracelet)
    • Able to obtain from killing last bosses of Eternal Chaos Arena
    • Able to obtain from Cube of Blaze (Easy – Awakened)
  • Add related categories in Auction House
    • Chaos Safeguard (Bracelet)
    • Essence of Chaos (Bracelet)
    • Chaos Seal Stone – Bracelet

4. Able to save the current view of Dungeon

  • Able to save the camera angle and zoom level of specific dungeon by account
    • For example, for the same account, the camera angle and zoom for Forgotten Temple B2F can be saved and can be different with the camera angle and zoom of the Illusion Castle: Radiant Hall.
  • The new button will show next to Pause and Abandoned buttons

5. Saint’s Weapon Quest Notification is added

6. Guild Member notes function

  • Add the ability to add notes for Guild Members, similar for the Buddy notes function

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