Cabal Online – Episode 25 – December 18th 2019 Patch Notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed an error that attack target of some monsters in “Glacies Inferna” and “Devil’s Tower” dungeon were abnormally

2. Fixed an error that the HP of Seal Stone were displayed abnormally when reentering “Glacies Inferna”

3. Fixed the errors related to “Labyrinth” dungeon

  • Mercenaries are unable to attack monsters in the dungeon
  • Fixed the bug that in certain situation, character got knockback as not intended to be
  • Fixed bug that “Collection Library” is not showing as drop from dungeon in Dungeon window

4. Fixed bug that quest item did not drop from certain key monsters in dungeon Ancient Tomb.

5. Fixed the bug that the two types of Dragon Essence missing from the Auction Hall

6. Fixed the bug that “Event Inventory UI” is covered by “Guild Treasure UI”

■ Changes

1. Changes and additions to the “Labyrinth” dungeon

  • Once entered, the view will be changed into front side and with the maximum zoom limit
  • Fixed bug that range that player can click to the portal was too short
  • Change the drop chance of Core items from Legendary Box
  • Add Bike Blue into the list of showing shout for server when it’s obtained from the special chest

2. Changes and additions to “Ancient Tomb” dungeon

  • Increase attack range of some monsters in dungeon
  • Increase range of vision for some monster in dungeon
  • Add achievement and titles related to dungeon

3. Adjusted the change of dropping “Demonite” item from some dungeons

  • Forgotten Temple B3F / Mirage Island
    • Add Palladium top-epic into Relic Box
    • Slightly increase rate of Demonite top-epic from Legacy/Legendary Box
  • Flame Nest / Ancient Tomb
    • Add Demonite sub-epic to Legacy Box

4. Increased the Elixir of Honor from Guild Treasures.

5. Change the inventory image size of some items from 2×2 to 1×1

  • Target: Parasite Berry, Hard Shell, Beetle Shell

6. Switch the “Deposit” and “Withdraw” button in Warehouse UI

■ Additions

1. Add a system notification at the bottom right of the screen when there are items in the event inventory

■ Mission War

1. Change the layout of Memoria Chrysos map

  • Remove areas that caused problem with movement
  • Add two new paths for ensuring the map layout
  • Remove some tower points due to update the map layout

2. Balancing Adjustment

  • Increase Guardian and Building stats in Mission Fields
  • Increase value of attack of Force Tower – Attack
  • Increase stats of Buff / Debuff Towers

3. Character resurrection and invincible changes

  • Change the “invincible” status from 2 seconds to 4 seconds after resurrection
    • Defensive Score cannot be obtained during this time

4. Added the feature that character will 100% get “Root” effect when got hit by Legacy Guardian

  • Both “Tierra Gloriosa” and “Memoria Chrysos”
    • Legacy Guardian (S): Duration of Root: 4s
    • Legacy Guardian (M): Duration of Root: 6s
    • Legacy Guardian (L): Duration of Root: 10s

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