Cabal Online – Episode 25 – December 11th 2019

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed the error that items were not dropped after killing monster in certain situations

2. Fixed the error that the connection with the server was terminated when merging / dividing items between stack in inventory and warehouse

3. Fixed an error where clearing a guild dungeon under certain circumstances, players were prevented from receiving dungeon rewards and guild buffs

■ Changes

1. Personal Challenge Related changes

  • Change the Challenge Progress tracking and Rewards from Character-based to Account-based
  • Changes related to Challenge Reward
    • Add “Dragon Jewel” into the reward of #3, #4 and #5 as optional reward
    • Change all items into Account-binding, except for Core-set
    • Honor Potion is changed into Elixir item
    • Increase the value of Transcendence / Honor / Merit Elixir

2. Some improvements to the “Collection” system

  • Add new special buff for completion of “Event Collection”
    • Special buff will be granted when 100% of an event collection is achieved
      • Buff will be started once the event is ended, for a specific fixed time
      • Buff will be disappeared after the buff expiration date
      • Icon will be displayed at top-right corner of screen when buff is available
    • There will be 3 level of buff. Depends on collection, a specific buff will be granted.
  • Seal the Collection
    • Able to seal the collection which is 100% completed
    • For sealing, you can use “Collection Library”
    • Collection Sealing Conditions
      • 100% complete collection
      • Received the completion reward for all missions in the collection
    • Sealable collections are marked in yellow
    • When you seal the collection, you will receive the completion reward (stats) and reset all the items.
      • Completion rewards for each mission in the collection will not be reset.
    • Sealed Collection Storage Box can be registered by trading or using with other users.
    • If you register a sealed collection library to My Collections, all previously registered items will not be recovered and will be overwritten.
  • Collection UI improvements
    • Added event end duration indicator in the upper right corner of the Event Collection tab
    • Display the quantity of the corresponding collection item in the collection item registration window

3. After resurrection, character will be invincible, once received hit, instead of showing “MISS”, game will show “PROTECT”

  • Defensive Point cannot be gained during “PROTECT”

4. Transform UI improvements

  • List of available transformation monsters will be listed 6 per pages
  • Add the target that you need to achieve to get the Transformation Card

5. Changed way of displaying Critical Rate in Character UI

  • If the Critical Rate is higher than Max Critical Rate, the way of displaying is changed
    • Ex: Crit. Rate: 71% / Max Crit. Rate: 65%
    • Old: 65%/65%
    • New: 71%/65%

6 Change the icon of “Upgrade” button in Inventory UI

■ Additions

1.New solo dungeon “Labyrinth” (or “Maze” – final English name is not finalised, KR name is “미궁”)

  • Entry Information
    • Level 200 / BSLV 11
    • Entry Item: Dragon Slate
      • NPC: Unon – Bloody Ice
      • Price:
        • 5,000,000 Alz
        • 5 Dragon Jewel (from Challenge Mission reward)
        • 1 Stain Clone
      • Account Binding
    • Entrance: Forgotten Ruins (X: 230, Y: 34)
    • Maximum Participant: 1
  • Time limit: 20 minutes
  • Dungeon Completion:
    • Victory:
      • Talk to “Strange Mask” after killing final boss
      • or,
      • Use the portal after destroying the box in the “Bonus Area”
    • Defeat:
      • Death / Timeout
      • Able to use “Potion of Veradrix”
  • Reward: 10 DP
  • Dungeon Limit:
    • 30 times per day
    • No play time limit
  • “Bonus Area”
    • Specific Bosses have chance to drop “Dragon Orb”
    • “Dragon Orb” can be used for accessing the “Bonus Area”
    • Inside the “Bonus Area” there will be the “Dragon Treasure Chest” which drop 5 items at once
    • Drop List: See below
  • Special Loot Notification Effect
    • In the drop list, there are specific items which will cause the special notification effect when play loot these item
    • Notification Effect:
      • Notification Message will be displayed in System Chat with character name and item name
      • Character name and item name will also be displayed in Dungeon UI
      • Firework effect will be shown once item is dropped
  • Dragon Essence
    • There will be chance of dropping “Dragon Light Essence” and “Dragon Shadow Essence” from the specific bosses in the dungeon
    • Dragon Essences are used as material for new “Essence Rune (STR II)”
  • Dungeon Boost is not applicable

2. Added “Labyrinth Dungeon Clear” into Guild Treasure

  • Create a “Guild Treasure” upon completion of the “Labyrinth” Dungeon
  • BP: 1500
  • Golden Treasure Chest point: 12

3. New DX Dungeon “Ancient Tomb”

  • Entry Information:
    • Requirement: Level 190 / BSLv 11
    • Entry Item: Key of Hidden Tomb
      • NPC: Unon – Bloody Ice
      • Price:
        • 1,000,000 Alz
        • Divine Stone x1
      • Account Binding
    • Entrance: Desert Scream (X126, Y109)
    • Number of Participant: 2
  • Time Limit: 30 minutes
  • Dungeon Completion:
    • Victory: Kill the Final Boss then open the Legendary Box
    • Defeat: Timeout
  • Reward: 8 DP
  • Dungeon Limit:
    • No limit for times of entry
    • Time limit:
      • 8 hours for weekdays
      • 12 hours for weekends
  • Unique Drop: Essence Rune – Ignore Evasion

4. New “Essence Rune (STR II)”

  • Recipe for Requesting
  • Rune stats & Leveling up information

5. New “Essence Rune (Ignore Evasion)”

  • From the Legendary Box of Ancient Tomb dungeon
  • Rune stats & Leveling up information

6. Add new feature: “Inventory & Warehouse Auto-cleaning Function”

  • Add 2 new buttons “Sort Items” and “Sort Item Options” into Inventory and Warehouse UI
  • “Sort Item Options”
    • Able to set tabs of Inventory / Warehouse for automatically sorting
    • In case tabs of Inventory / Warehouse are not available, the corresponding checkbox will be disable (for premium related / blessing beads related tabs)
  • Item Sorting
    • Sort items based for configured tabs

7. Add “Mass Extraction” feature

  • Able to extract items massively
  • Change the icon of extraction in Inventory UI
  • Once activated the Extraction mode, you can select multiple items (even from multiple tabs of inventory)
  • Once you confirmed, extraction output will be displayed with list of items and outputs

8. Add “Random Box” use-in-batch function

  • When open a random box, game will detect all of similar box type and show in Random Box UI
  • Able to drag the slider or put the specific number of random box that you want to open
  • Once clicking on “OPEN” selected amount of random box will be started to be opened, you can click on “STOP” to stop the process. All of output will be automatically received.
  • In case of lack of space in inventory, the opening process will be paused, the last item will be held in temporary inventory

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