Cabal Online – Episode 25 – Jan 03rd 2020 Patch Notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed the error that the connection with the server was terminated when using the “Crushing Blow” skill near the obstacle

2. Fixed an error where visual effect of “Force Wing Protect” keeps showing after using

3. Fixed the error that the appearance of character was showing abnormally while moving mouse on NPC or monsters in extraction mode

4. Fixed a bug that items which could not be combined in Guild Treasure was showing as “-1”

■ Changes

1. Change the “Saints’ Weapon” system

  • Delete the existing “Saints’ Weapon” system
    • Remove the existing “Saints’ Weapon” item
    • Remove the special buff of “Saints’ Weapon” in Skill UI
  • Add new quest for new “Saints’ Weapon” acquisition
    • Selection criteria:
      • Subject to be changed
      • By midnight of Tuesday, a specific character of each class will be picked randomly who completed at least one challenge mission
    • The selection character will receive a special quest “The Call of the Excalibur”
      • Quest will be able to proceed during a specific time period
      • Quest will be automatically cancel after the time limit expires
    • Progress:
      • Talk with the portal in the middle area of Lakeside
      • Complete the quest and receive the reward after talking with special object in the dungeon
  • Completion Reward:
    • “Saints’ Weapon” (durational, auto expired at 23:55 Mondat)
    • Special title for obtaining the “Saints’ Weapon” (cannot be used after the item expired)
  • The “Saints’ Weapon” quest is not able to cancel
  • “Saints’ Weapon” stats
  • Weapon Skill stats
    • The buff skill is applicable for only the character who has the “Saints Weapon”

2. Change the way of delivering Challenge Mission from Mail to Event Inventory


  1. Hello, it seems like me and my friend can not rejoin cabal eu. The update/patch takes literally days with 20 kbs/s and when we try to download the manual patch from the website, the page does not exist…is there a way that you can help us? Either upload the full cabal client to any data transfer website or the patch only? Ty for your work.


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