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Cabal Online – Episode 22 – GSP Official Patch Notes

So, finally, it’s here. But not for all of us. The Episode 22 – Demonite has been released for Cabal GSP by mid of December 2018. In this post you can find the full official patch notes of Episode 22 – Demonite from Cabal GSP. Be noted that the Episode in Cabal KR is divided into 3 parts, but here in this official patch, we have only Episode 22 Part 1 and Part 2.

[KR] [EP10] [Info] Blocking Attack, brand-new definition in EP10

As I translated before : 1. BLOCK evaluation MISS Will be triggered if player evade an opponent’s attack Calculating based on Attacker’s Hit and Defender’s Evasion BLOCK Will be triggered … Continue Reading [KR] [EP10] [Info] Blocking Attack, brand-new definition in EP10