[FAQ] [EP16.2] Overlord Mastery System

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As part of the Episode 16 part 2, the Overlord Mastery System is for characters who have reached level 200. Overload Mastery System comes with four (04) new definitions:

  • Overlord Level: OLV
  • Overlord EXP: OXP
  • Overlord Mastery Skill Point: OP / OSP
  • Overlord Upgrade

Overlord EXP and Overlord Level

  • You will get OXP after you reach 200, instead of EXP, OXP will be gained
  • By gaining OXP, you can level up your OLV
    • Start from OLV 1
    • Max of OLV is 100
  • The detailed OXP for each level can be found here : https://mrwormy.com/cabal-oxp-table-1-100/
  • Cannot gain OXP from Quests
  • When OXP is gained, there will be message displayed in the system message area



Overlord Mastery Skill Point & Overlord Upgrade

  • When OLV is increased, OP will be granted
    • Different level range grants different amount of OP
    • Up to 411 OP can be gained
  • Overlord Upgrade can be learnt using OP


  • Overlord Upgrades are split into 2 types
    • Attack Overlord Upgrade (Offensive)
    • Defense Overlord Upgrade (Defensive)


  • Overlord Upgrade UI can be accessed by
    • Cabal Menu
    • Default Shortcut: Shift + V


Overlord Mastery Upgrade

Offensive Skills


Defensive Skills


Summary Stats

  • Updated on 21-Apr-2021 with the updated table (thanks



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