New Battle Style in 2019?

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Why can we expect for a new Battle Style?

Until now, we have 8 Battle Styles (aka class) which are: Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Shielder, Force Blader, Gladiator (2014) and Force Gunner (2017). These 8 Battle Styles are divided into 3 starting villages: Bloody Ice (WA/FS/GL – wear Armorset), Green Despair (FA/FB/FG – wear Battleset) and Desert Scream (WI/BL – wear Martialset).

We can all see, 3 villages only 8 Battle Styles, we are all looking forward to getting the new Battle Style which will starts from Desert Scream and wears Martialset.

What can we expect?

As I mentioned above, the new Battle Style might come with Martialset and will start from Desert Scream. How about weapon? Will the new Battle Style use common existing weapons (like Orb, Crystal, Katana, Blade) or class-specific weapons (like Chakram – for Gladiator, Greatsword/Daikatana for Warrior) or a brand new weapon type?

Another perspective that we can think about is Magic-based character or Sword-based character. Currently we have 5 Sword-based (WA/GL/FS/FB/BL) vs. 3 Magic-based (FA/FG/WI). So there is huge chance that the new Battle Style will be Magic-based. Main reason here is for getting balance between value of Magic items (Orb/Crystal/Magic-amp accessories like Bracelets, Epaulets…).

Let’s imagine… a new Magic-based character with new weapon? Sound possible, right?


Actually, before Force Gunner is out, we have lots of rumours that the new class would be Priest (from Cabal 2). In case you don’t know, Priest is the Healer from Cabal 2, we can consider that Priest is an unique Battle Style from Cabal 2 and it is not like a hybrid like Force Archer in Cabal (I meant Cabal 1).

But you can see, if Priest would ever come to Cabal 1, then what will the role of Force Archer be? That’s why I think that Priest wouldn’t be available in Cabal 1.

Do we have other rumours? Thousands of rumours were available out there, like:

  • Shapeshifter: Can transform character himself/herself into other monsters
  • Dark Wizard: An alternative version of Wizard with Dark Magic skills
  • Summoner: One who can summon different minions for supporting him/her
  • Magic Knight: An magic caster who wears Armorset?! (sounds like Magic-FS)

Yes thousands of rumours…

Why 2019?

The question here is why do we have to wait until 2019 to get a new Battle Style and will it be possible? There is no confirmation yet. By adding a new Battle Style, developers have to think about thousands of things and not only thinking, but also implementing. They will have to go through all kinds of questions that we keep asking:

  • What kind of character will be?
  • Magic-based or Sword-based?
  • New weapon of old weapon? Normal weapon or Astral weapon?
  • Is there any special ability for the new Battle Style (like Gladiator we have Rage system, Force Gunner we have Gun?!)
  • Skills of new Battle Style, Single-Buff, Party-Buff…

It’s not an easy task at all!

Some last words…

Prediction is always prediction, here in this post, I just gather all information and do some analysis to predict chances and possibilities… The reality hasn’t been here yet 😉 But as usual, you – beloved CABALers – will be the first one who knows about any news of CABAL! So keep following my channels for incoming updates!

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  1. How about a pure magic-type class that has a dark magic and debuffs.
    – someone who can counter and reverse the enemies attack back to them
    – someone who has a skill to confuse the enemies in a few seconds, which results: enemies attacking their own allies instead of you, haha


      1. Hey MrWormy

        I have a question , why are the Magic Classes getting with every Update weaker and weaker !!!
        I love my WI , the dmg output is OP as hell but with every update all the another classes (specially FB, BL ) gering better or optimized buffs and states and here me as Wi nothing !

        Why I don’t have a Astral Weapon? I am a 100% magic class , the ruler of the Elements and I don’t have that weapon…..

        Each class get pens, ignore pens, dmg reduce, def and att. Rate and I am as a Wi I get nothing !
        Are de developers idiots or ar they doing that on purpose ?

        A FB have more „elemental Passive Skills“ than a fucking Wizard!!


    1. Or they can give the WI a little update and give them some debuffs and more ….

      Then the WI is a pure magic class 👍


  2. I Would like to see a Martialset user with Daikatanas and disable Daika for Warriors, so WA would have only GreatSword. The new class could be a Summoner with Daika he would hit a bit lower than WA with attack skills but compensate damage from summoned monsters. 😀


  3. I’m betting in a magic class wich has a two handed unique weapon, and hoping its a suport class.
    I know its hard to work arroud a suport class in cabal, but it’s possible, like a party version of the new Force Blader buff, mini shields, instant ressurection, and an over wich can have diferent properties like the Force Blader overbuff, so that the class can solo too.


  4. I would like to see Time & Dimension Wizard, using daikatana. Ranged with magic slashs.

    Something with putting some skills frozen in time, buffing up and releasing everything at the same time.
    Freezing the time of dbuffs for 7s. High cooldown.
    Damage over time, Weigh of Ages: Deals double the damage every 3 seconds, for 18s. It starts low, but can reach extreme number extended by 7s with time freeze. Ex: 1k > 2k > 4k> 8k > 16k> 32k> Extend> 64k> 128k! It could be the BM2 special action.

    It could have a mix of magic and sword. Having a passive that enhances the next magic by 40% for every time he uses a sword ability, up to 4 times.

    A checkpoint buff for 15s, similar to enhanced ress scroll. It brings all the stats back for when it was used, which includes buff times, BM etc…


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