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Next I want to give you some marvelous sneak-peek of 2018.

Private Guild Map

  • Private Guild Map was introduced in 2013 with some key points like:
    • Special Monsters / Drop Items / Daily Quests
    • Map Properties (difficulties, drops…) are based on Guild Point (and Level)
    • Guild Map will come with creepy abandoned wasteland theme (mixed between Lakeside, Porta Inferno, Memoria Chrysos)

New Dungeons / Fields

  • 2017 is the year of Dungeons! A lot of new dungeons were added with varieties of difficulty and type, from Dungeon Defense (Glacies Inferna), many new DX Dungeons (EP17, EP18, EP19, EP20), epic hard dungeon (FT3 in EP19).
  • And yes dungeon is the core content of CABAL. I am pretty sure that in 2018 we will get more dungeons, in various type.
  • There are also some rumors that low-level dungeons (Lake in Dusk, Ruina Station…) will be overhauled with new dungeon play mode to not only bring back old memories for CABALers but also give us something new!

New Armor Set

  • Recently on Korean CABAL homepage, there is a new banner for promoting for Andromeda server, but it comes with new concept art of Armor.
  • I did some investigation and finally can bring some sneak-peek for you, below are:
    • Battle Set (FA/FB/FG)
    • Martial Set (BL/WI)
    • Armor Set (WA/FS/GL)

New Weapon Set

  • Armor can’t come alone… yeap, there is a new weapon set also.
  • Up until now, there is no fixed name for the new equipment grade. But somehow, it looks like Black Mithril (or Black Forcium).

I’m working now for searching more contents and bring them to you, my best fans. So stay tuned, for more update contents of CABAL Transcendence.

Love you all and wish you a wonderful 2018!

Mr. Wormy / Trung Nguyen Tri.


[EP16] Jun 15th 2016 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs related to achievements

  • Drei-Frame Collector
  • Killer of Killers
  • Slayer of Slayers

2. Fixed bug that caused character at level 200 can still increase EXP

3. Fixed bug that caused Chaos Fragment being distributed to a random party member in case of client disconnection

4. Fixed bug related to durational weapon items

5. Fixed bug related to changing appearance of Crystal

6. Fixed bug related to graphical effect of Shadow Titanium Chakram at +15

7. Fixed bugs related to chat command

8. Fixed bugs related to saving settings of game in certain situtations

9. Fixed bug that caused the party invitation could not be cancelled


■ Changes

1. Improve the design of Requesting UI

  • Move the “Done” button to the bottom-right corner
  • Success/ Fail will be displayed on the screen in summary
  • Add the auto-repeat feature
    • Allow auto-repeating for selected receipes
    • Auto-repeating will be turned off if
      • Out of material
      • Turn off the feature manually


2. Minestar Unbind Stone, Arcane Golem Unbind Stone

  • Group the available types of stones
    • Old: Different types of stones for Weapons/ Armors
      • Chakram/ 2h-weapon…
      • Gloves/ Suit…
    • New: Only two types
      • Weapon Stone
      • Armor Stone
  • About the new stones
    • Same success/ failure rate
    • Weapon => can be used for all Weapon pieces
    • Armor => can be used for all Armor pieces
  • Chance to obtain
    • Change will be 50/50 for these stones
  • List of available stones



3. Change the “remember” sub-password duration

  • Change the duration for storing sub-password for several functions
    • Login screen
    • Buy/ Sell screen (in specified situation)
    • Convenient screen



4. Slightly update the stats formula for Warrior, Gladiator

5. Update the “Benefits” screen

6. Update related to GM Buff to show the “Skill EXP” bonus

7. Remove messages when performing actions related to Guild

  • Expel member
  • Delete guild
  • Quit guild

8. Add/ update messages related to dance modes


■ Additions

1. Add new dungeon buttons

  • Will be displayed once dungeon start, under the dungeon boost information
  • Two buttons
    • Pause button: Show the pause dungeon confirmation box
    • Abandon button: Show the dungeon give up confirmation box



■ Mission War

1. Improve the usage of Damage Amplifier

  • Be able to register in the Mission War Lobby
    • Able register in Lobby
    • Once registered, icon will be displayed on the top-left of screen
  • Auto register/ cancel
    • In case there are the same Damage Amplifier the in the inventory
    • Damage Amplifier can be automatically re-register


[KR] [EP15] Jan 27th 2016 Patch notes


Jan 27th 2016

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs related to quests

  • Changing nation bug that leads to unable proceeding is now fixed
  • Fixed quests related to NPC Skalid
  • Fixed bugs related to “ASC Card 2nd” quest

2. Fixed bugs related to voice chat system that leads to client disconnection

3. Fixed bug that displays abnormal data while reset stats point in Character UI

4. Fixed bug that did not show helmets in certain situations

■ Changes

1. Mercenary System Overhaul

This part focuses on Mercenary, you can take a look here on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ckk9Jbi1nkA

  • Changes to Mercenary UI

    • Display available / not available mercenaries and their informations
    • Add new “Transcendence” tab
    • Add new “Mercenary Management” button


  • Changes to existing mercenary

    • All mercenaries are unified with same grade (no more Normal / Rare / Epic / Unique)
      • Therefore, there is no more 4 type of “Gem of Summon”
    • Existing mercenaries have their own stats
  • Add 04 new types of “Transcendence” mercenaries

    • These mercenaries can be obtained by using new “Mercenary Card” which are craftable from “Mercenary Management” UI
    • Mercenaries can be upgraded through several ways
    • Mercenaries would be activated under certain conditions
    • Types & Details



  • Upgrading Mercenaries

    • Transcendence Mercenaries can be upgraded by raising level
      • Leveling Mercenaries can be done in “Mercenary Management UI”
      • Number of materials required for leveling up will be displayed
    • Mercenary Card Pieces
      • New collectible items
      • Drop in dungeons, including:


      • Pieces required for each upgrading level can be referred below


      • Upgrading results
        • Success rate: 100%
        • Based on level, each grade stats of Mercenaries raised
      • Can be upgrade up to 10 times
  • Mercenary Enhance

    • Along with upgrading, by Enhancing, Mercenary stats can be raised up
    • Mercenary can be enhanced via “Mercenary Management UI”
    • For enhancing Mercenary, “Training Ore” needed
    • Grocer NPCs in villages sell “Training Ore” for 10,000,000 Alz each
    • Number of “Training Ore” needed per level


    • Enhance Result
      • Success rate: 100%
      • Can be performed up to 4 times of enhance
      • On success, mercenary level will be reset to 1 (an will be able to upgrade again)
  • Mercenaries Crafting

    • New “Transcendence Mercenary” can be obtained by crafting
    • How to?
      • Right click on “Mercenary Card Piece”
      • Click “Mercenary Management” in Transcendence tab of Mercenary UI
      • 30 Mercenary Card Pieces are required for making Mercenary
    • Result
      • Success rate: 100%
      • New Mercenary Card will be appeared in inventory
  • Changes to old Mercenary Cards

    • Old cards will be transformed into new ones on first connection to server
    • Old cards in Auction Hall will be transformed on re-registration
    • Quests for obtaining Covenant Mercenaries (Character mercenaries) are removed


2. Change the Store menu in a separate guild button

  • Add “Guild Shop” button in Guild Compensation UI
  • Remove “Guild Shop” in guild menu


■ Additions

1. Add new scenario quest for 186-189 level


2. Add the ability for removing a filled quick slot using Hotkey

  • Allow removing a registered slot by holding Ctrl while clicking on the slot



[KR] [EP12] Aug 11th & 18th 2015 Patch notes

Aug 11th 2015 Patch notes

1. Change screen layout

  • Change the button to access main menu to “MENU” button
  • Add new button to show the Character Inventory and Character Information
  • “N” icon will be shown on Character Information / Character Inventory on any updates (new items, new stats…)


2. Drops for some dungeons have been changed


  • Heavenly Citadel
    • All boss monsters in the dungeon will drop Semiramiss secondary weapon / armor / belt.


  • Sky Gardens
    • Ikume has chance to drop items like named monsters
    • Gatekeeper Barassmoon has chance to drop Boots
    • Wicked Cabone has chance to drop Gloves
    • Ether Rateshi has chance to drop Mantle
    • Cavonesh has chance to drop Visor
    • Semiramiss has chance to drop Primary weapon


  • Calm Snowfield
    • Boss monsters and Named monsters which have chance to drop Semiramiss, now drop Gems as well


  • Ancient Laboratory
    • Specific boss monsters have chance to drop Dark Wing items like in Tomb of Cain
    • Ancient Corona of Lighting boss has chance to drop Dark Wing Boots
    • Envy of Chaos boss has chance to drop Dark Wing Gloves
    • Theodore boss has chance to drop Dark Wing secondary weapon


  • Tomb of Cain
    • Monsters in dungeon now have higher chance to drop Crack-Items .
    • Boss monsters in dungeon have chance to drop Gloves, Mantle, Belt, Visor, Primary Weapon

3. Change the attack rate and attack of some monsters

  • Desert Fort. : Attack Area of Ant Lion increases
  • Lurpus Excavation Site / Hall of the Recluse / Heavenly Citadel / Sky Gardens / Calm Snowfield / Ancient Laboratory / Tomb of Cain : Attack and Attack Rate of several boss / named monsters changed

4. Shadow effect is now displayed on items which could not be equipped

5. Size of Achievement UI has been increased

6. Number of equip-able runes is now available to check in game UI

[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed some abnormal message outputs in-game

2. Flower-chat bubble has been displayed abnormally, bug is fixed

Aug 18th 2015 Patch notes

1. Charging in battlefield is now unable to be used once start time has been counted

2. Formulas for calculating ranking score for Battlefield / Duel have been changed

  • Output damage 
    • For Duel, character has greater output damage will be selected to be winner
  • Ranking score calculation changes
    • Battlefield / Duel have 10 mins of limitation for saving score (characters who got disconnection, can keep their score for 10 mins until reconnect)
      • After 10 mins of disconnection, score will be reset for that Battlefield / Duel instance

[Bug fixes]

1. Fixed bug that caused items in Guild Warehouse displayed in black-and-white colour

2. Fixed bugs related to Production system that caused unable to put items into slots

Thank you.

[EP12] [KR] Sep 17th 2014 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that produced abnormally when showing the Guardian information

2. Fixed visual bugs related to combo bar

3. Fixed bug related to obtain the Effector equipment of Gladiator

4. Fixed bug related to bulk purchase

5. Fixed bug related to abnormal color of text in bike after using Bike Epic Converter


■ Changes

1. Guild system change

  • Guild Level Expansion : Extend the guild level from 5 to 12
    • Extend the guild level caps
    • Guild at level 6 and above and be leveled up by buying the “Guild Level-up” in Guild Shop


  • Add Guild Shop
    • Can be open via Guild Menu in Guild Window
    • Limitation
      • Guild level 2 and higher
      • Members who are authorized by Guild Master or in an authorized Guild Group
    •  Purchase
      • Item are available to purchase in Alz / AP
      • Items: Guild level-up and War Potions
      • Unable to sell item into the shop
  • Guild level-up item
    • Available in Guild Shop
    • Limitation
      • Available only when guild level reached the required level
      • Only Guild master can use
      • Usable only when guild reached the required guild point
    • Purchase


  • Guild War Potions
    • Available in Guild Shop
    • Information
      • Mission Battlefield only
      • Potion with similar effect cannot to be used at once
      • Character bind, up more than 999
      • Duration 180 seconds
      • Cooldown 30 seconds
    • Types and options


  • Achievements and Titles for new Guild Level


2. Added Archridium Grade Crafting

  • Add the Archridium crafting for both Craftsman and Master grade
  • Options are the same comparing to Mithril items

3. Crafting: 2-slot items crafting success rate raised

4. Changes to the Blended Rune recipe (use Strike Pray rune for example, same for others)

  • Changes to existing recipes
    • Rename, add “I” at the end of existing recipe
    • Old: Strike Pray
    • Change: Strike Pray I
  • Determination the output of Blended Rune production
    • Old: By producing, the output will be randomized between Strike Pray I, II and III
    • Change: By selecting the corresponding recipe the output will be definitely determinable


  • Add new recipes
    • For all existing recipes, add the II and III grades

5. Changes to DP Shop

  • Item Removal
    • Cube of Enchant (Low)
    • Cube of Enchant (Medium)
    • Cube of Enchant (High)
    • Cube of Enchant (Highest)
  • Item Addition
    • Cube Potion
      • Fee: 10 DP
      • Output: Random one of below
        • HP Potion (Lv. 4)
        • Holy Water of Sage/Fighter/Critical/Resistance
        • Damage Reduction/Accuracy Potion
    • Cube of Option Scroll (High)
      • Fee: 20 DP
      • Output: Weapon/Armor/Bike Option Scroll (High)
    • Cube of Option Scroll (Highest)
      • Fee: 40 DP
      • Output: Weapon/Armor/Bike Option (Highest)
    • Essence Rune Cube
      • Fee: 60 DP
      • Output: All kinds of Essence Rune

6. Changes related to dungeon compensation

7. Changes that some monsters which was unable to target before, now are targetable

8. Change the way of rendering Helmet


■  Additions

1. Add the Awakening Hazardous Valley (DX)


  • Entry Information
    • Entry Location: Same with the normal Hazardous Valley
    • Number of players: Up to 3
    • Minimum Level: 160
    • Entry Item:
    • Item name: Nearly-hatching Egg (Awakening)
    • Selling NPC: Libert – Grocer – Green Despair
    • Price: 3,000,000 Al
  • Orphidia’s Amulet:
    • Unique Amulet that drops in Hazardous Valley (Awakening)


    • Character-binding item
    • Options:
      • 4x Normal options
      • 3x Unique options (random)
    • Based on the box that gives the amulet, normal options will be vary

20140917_sep17_orphidia_fixed2 20140917_sep17_orphidia_stats