Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 1 : COKR : July 12th 2018 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Force Wing related bugs

  • Bugs that doesn’t show error message when character under level 130 tries to use Holy Water
  • Tooltip of “Wing Fly” skill is showing incorrect information, fixed
  • Effect duration for Wing skills is showing incorrect information, fixed

■ Changes

1. Change of “Force Wing”

  • Add quest for obtaining “Holy Water” (for Force Wing)
    • Quest: Yerte’s Great Achievement
    • NPC: Core Alchemist – Yerte – Port Lux
    • Level: 130
    • Mission: Deliver “Premium Jewelry” to Core Alchemist – Yerte
    • Reward: Holy Water (character-binding)

  • Add recipe for requesting “Premium Jewelry Box”
    • Required Amity: 0
    • Requesting Duration: 6s
    • Recipe Name: Premium Jewelry Box
    • Property: Character-binding
    • Registration Fee: Automatic Registered
    • Material
      • Upgrade Core (High): 20
      • Force Core (High): 20

  • Decrease experience for leveling up Force Wing (in comparison with previous test period)
  • Change Force Wing UI
    • Add buttons in Force Wing UI (functionalities will be implemented later)
      • For show/hide Wing

2. Change some tabs in the Buddy UI

  • Remove Guild tab from Buddy window (separated into a new UI)
  • Add “Invitation List” tab in Buddy UI
    • You can see your requests and others’ requests
      • Able to accept all / reject all
    • Invitation can be accepted even target person is offline

3. CABAL Main Menu UI 2nd Improvement

  • Add icon for 3 new categories (Party / Guild / Upload to Homepage)
  • Remove “SNS Integration Page” menu
  • Move “Mail” menu into Community category

■ Additions

1. Add new skill and add effect to existing skill

  • Force Blader
    • Add new skill “Force Field”
      • Skill Name: Force Field
  • Force Archer
    • Quick Move skill gets new effect
      • Able to block up to 4 hits of attack
      • With multi-hit skill, only last hit will be blocked

2. Add guild window

  • Open with “G”
  • Show all information and guild members which were in Buddy UI before
  • Guild Trend, Introduction, Guild Search & Application Management will be implemented later in the same UI

3. Add “Stats Reset Potion” into Auction House

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