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As you know, we are going to have a brand new Core grade which is called as Transcendence. This blog entry will guide you through all up-to-date information of the new Core grade and related things (new armor, weapon grade, bike…), along with these information, I also add several subjective opinions, analysis and predictions. Tell me if you agree with my thoughts or give me reasons why you don’t.

How difficult to add a new Core Grade

We have Low, Medium, High and Highest Core grade in Cabal right now, adding a new Core Grade isn’t like a piece of cake. Why?

Adding new Core Grade, we have to think about how STRONG will it be? The effect it makes to existing Core Grades and related items.

There are four Core Grades up to now, and we will have “Transcendence” as the 5th one

For sure we can see the GAP between different grade items. For example, I’m using an Archridium Greatsword (like the picture below), it’s mid-top in Highest grade. Now if I do the comparison between that Greatsword and SIG-Metal Greatsword (which is top in High grade), we all can see a BIG GAP between stats.

Huge GAP between items. And here is between SIG-Metal and Archridium!

What will be the difference if we try to do the comparison between Palladium (top of Highest) and Osmium (bottom of High) or even with Medium, Low grade. This is the most crucial issue that developers have to think about carefully. The game should be designed in the way to ensure that all items can be used one way or another, meant game design is bad, if all players HAVE TO use Palladium or Archridium.

So how can they implement these new items (in general) or new item grade (in specific)? In my opinion, there will be two ways:

  • Approach 1: Add new item / new item grade with small gap for stats, follow the previous pattern for stats scaling
  • Approach 2: Add new item / new item grade with big stats, re-scale all lower items to fit with new item

Item Stats prediction

If they decide to follow “Approach 1” then…

You can see the table below is the stats comparison between item grades. Based on the stats I can make some prediction according to stats growing rules:

  • From Shadowsteel to Bluestin, we move from Low Grade to Medium Grade, stats is increased by 44
  • From Shadowtitanium to Osmium, we move from Medium Grade to High Grade, stats is increased by 48
  • From SIG-Metal to Mithril, we move from High Grade to Highest Grade, stats is increased by 52
  • Each time we move between grades, stats is increased by 4 (44 to 48, 48 to 52), so from Highest to Transcendence, it might be increased by 56 ( = 52 + 4 )
    • Therefore, I predict that the new Demon Knight Greatsword might have 616 Attack (560 + 56)
  • Be noted that, I skip Lycanus here, because it’s a special weapon and stats might not follow the original rule.
Stats differences between item grades

For “Approach 2”, we cannot give any assumptions or predictions because it will be based on developers’ imagination 😉

Following additions & changes…

Since we have a new Core Grade (and new Equipment sets and Weapons), lots of related contents will be added & changed. For Cores, we will have:

  • Force Core (Transcendence)
  • Slot Extender (Transcendence)
  • Upgrade Core (Transcendence)
    • Core Enhancer (Transcendence)
    • Enhanced Core (Transcendence)
    • Superior Core (Transcendence)
    • Perfect Core (Transcendence)
    • Enchant Safeguard (Transcendence)
  • Option Scroll (Transcendence)
    • For Armor / Weapon / Bike


As the developers announced, we will also have Pet with level up to 30? And for sure, I can tell you that from 21 to 30, you Pet will be trained with Force Core (Transcendence).

Below is the list of all Demon Knight related-items that developers are working on (up to date at the time I write this blog entry on 12th July 2018). You all can see that, we will have set of same items like other item grades (Palladium, Archridium…) like Orb, Greatsword, Epaulet, Suits, Gauntlets…


… oh Stop, how about Bike?

We all know rumors about a new Bike (or Vehicle) with name of TW7. The rumors come from the description of some items in test server data, such as Perfect Core (Transcendence).  However, until now we don’t have any other information than the name of bike.

New Core Grade also supports for new Bike

Previously, I also shared with you all the new Vehicle which was ported from CABAL 2 into our CABAL (original name in CABAL 2 is RV-Raptor); however we haven’t got any chance to see it in game, so we do have reason (but not 100%) to link between these things TW7 and that unreleased Vehicle.

New TW7 Bike or just a Vehicle Costume?

Do you have any “assumptions” for bike feature? You can see RW3 and PW5, they all have special unique feature. For RW3, we have Remote Warehouse (RW) and for PW5, we have Personal Warehoue (PW). So what does it stand for TW in TW7? Transportation Warehouse? Lol sound weird!

Success Rate vs. Extra Bonuses

Another problem here is Success Rate for new Core Grade, will it be the same like other grade or not? Even that this is just normal item, it won’t come with super-duper high stats like we get from Extreme Upgrade / Chaos Upgrade / Divine Upgrade but we all can see that new item grade comes with lots of extra bonuses which we can predict like: Extreme Upgrade up to level 7, Craftsman’s and Master’s items with higher stats than normal… (at this moment, there is no information regarding crafting for Demon Knight items yet) So for sure, Success Rate of upgrading is another thing to think about.

Fancy items come with BIG stats and BIG pain for developers to ensure game balance


As of 12th July 2018, I found that we will have Armor Costumes for Demon Knight set which are:

  • [Costume] Demon Knight Plate: Character Costume Item: Demon Knight Armor-based equipment! Let’s try the equipment beyond the limits! “
  • [Costume] Demon Knight Visor
  • [Costume] Demon Knight Coat
  • : Character Costume Item: Demon Knight Battle-based equipment! Let’s try the equipment beyond the limits! “
  • [Costume] Demon Knight Headgear
  • [Costume] Demon Knight Suit
  • : Character Costume Item: Demon Knight Martial-based equipment! Let’s try the equipment beyond the limits! “
  • [Costume] Demon Knight Headpiece


Today is the last day for new content of Episode 22 on Korean Test Server. That means these fabulous amazing things will be parts of Episode 22 Part 2 or more likely in Episode 23. We might have to wait until the end of 2018 for these content. However, based on these information, we can illustrate something of these new Core Grade, new Item Grade… I just don’t want to think about the update time of non-KR server… like I’m now playing in Europe service and it’s still with Episode 19: Forgotten Temple B3F update 😦

Anyways, hope that you will have a nice weekend (now it’s 1:18AM of Friday already :p ) with lots of good drop and good times with your buddies!

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