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Hi there,

Are you familiar with above image? She was the Gladiator, a brand-new battle style which joined our family in December 11th 2013. We haven’t seen any interviews with GM recently due to tons of work for releasing updates. Today I tried to contact with GM Cooperstown to get more information for current and future updates.

After 8 years of running, in December 2013, the new battle style has been added to Cabal as well as new concept of weapons, ability for upgrading accessories (for Chaos Belt) and more… I’ve spent most of time for Gladiator and changes in nearest update in future.

Below is the detail of interview.


Q : Different with other battle styles, Gladiator is totally new, therefore gears for Gladiator are too few all over the game. Is there any solutions?

A : Other battle styles have 8 years for stocking up items, so items are always better and more epic if we are comparing with Gladiator items. Gladiator has just been released in public server for 2 months so don’t be worry.

At first, we will add Gladiator’s item boxes in NPC in Port Lux (Lycanus and Drei Frame boxes) in the Spring update so you can stock up some piles of cores if you want.

About Manufacturing System, we are working on to re-balance and adjust stats for Craftsman and Master items for Gladiator.

Anyway, all of Gladiator items with epic can be obtained from dungeons and fields. We will try our best on adding Item Manufacturing System but there is no commitment that it would be available in Spring update.

Q : As well as equipment, will some new skills be added in Spring update?

A : Adding multiple skills is not an easy task, but only a new skill is possible, we are working on it, it will be a part of Spring update.

Gladiator is not perfect as long as the balancing progress is still being on. By the way, exclusive Effectors for Gladiator will be available too.

So be ready to face with few changes for Gladiator.

Q : Are there any other contents for Spring update?

A : Firstly, there will be content for Honor Grade Expansion.

It should be released in last update but due to some problems, it has been delayed. However several changes which are prerequisites are applied in December update.

In order to extend the Honor Grade limit, we need to solve two problems:

–          First is the difficulty for achieving up to grade 20. Even now, it’s not easy to reach grade 20. So if there are more grades after 20, we need to consider the difficulty for achieving honor. As you know, higher grade should be harder to growing so higher grade should be stronger (title gives more powerful in stats), but this is just the concept, not be confirmed.

–          Second is the problem of exchanging WEXP. If people are stocking up WEXP from now, there will be now fun if when the update available, everyone would get new Honor Grade.

Things are being revised, some parts are not 100% correct at this moment. Anyway, in addition to Honor Grade Extension, there will be additional contents for Account Compensation / Dispatch Officer / Cube of Fame.

Q : Any details on Account Compensation / Dispatch Officer / Cube of Fame?

A : Yes, well, let’s take a look one by one.

1, Honor Point Account Compensation

“I fought for honor, but not with only one character”, many people said that. So we are working on Honor Point Account Compensation, it’s something like Account Combine Level but for Honor Grade.

2, Dispatch Officer

Now there are many characters at 20th grade of Honor who don’t want to spend WEXP in cubes. They are stocking up WEXP just for nothing. But when the update is available, the Account Compensation is available too, so they can use WEXP on a strong character for gearing up a weaker character. More details will be available later.

3, Cube of Fame

Obtaining Honor via Mission War is still the main way, however Cube of Fame is being revised, and the obtainable Honor from Cube will be higher. I think it’s a must be cause current amount of Honor from the cube is too low.

So players can use Cube of Fame for raising Honor until 9th grade.

Cube of Fame Highest grade will be added too, with the fair amount of obtainable Honor for exchanging from DP.


Above are contents for the Spring update, the very first update of 2014.

Please be ready for facing up with many updates, however many details are subjected to change during the development and testing phase.

The first month of 2014 is almost passed and the Lunar New Year holiday is coming, looking forward for the future.

Just want to say that I love you all and wish you a best year ahead.


So as you can see, GM Cooperstown said, please looking forward for the Spring update J And like him, I just want to wish you all : “Happy New Year!”

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