[KR] [EP11] Jan 22nd, 29th 2014 Patch notes

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Jan 22nd 2014


1. Fixed bug that showed stats comparing abnormally

2. Fixed bug that showed the Warrior Class Icon incorrectly

Jan 29th 2014


1. Fixed bug that unable to proceed quest steps

2. Fixed bug that displayed Bike with Blue Flare Deco abnormally in moving state

3. Fixed bug that caused abnormally showing of talk sequences while character is riding Bike and talking with NPC Grocer Deighton


1. Change the way of showing unusable Skill Book in Inventory

2. Change the way of showing requirement of “Plate of Honor” in tooltip

  Mission War

1. Rearranged items in NPC in Mission War Lobby to match with NPC Dispatch Officers

2. Add Mission War Nation Costume (Capella / Procyon)

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