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Tag: reward

[KR] [EP11] Jan 22nd, 29th 2014 Patch notes

Jan 22nd 2014 ■  Fixes 1. Fixed bug that showed stats comparing abnormally 2. Fixed bug that showed the Warrior Class Icon incorrectly Jan 29th 2014 ■  Fixes 1. Fixed bug that […]

[KR] [EP11] Sep 04th 2013 Patch notes

■  Additions 1. Add special compensation for dungeon on Saturday / Sunday (weekend) Target On weekend : Saturday / Sunday Number of recurrence : 15 times Dungeon target Altar of Siena […]

[KR] [EP10] Jul 10th 2013 patch notes

■  Changes 1. Change related to Effector Add level restriction to equip Effector  : 130 Add Effector’s related drop Drop in several dungeons / fields Effector Core (Piece) Mirror of the Eyes (Gold) […]

[FAQ] What do new titles give?

So you knew that what achievements and titles will we have in the next update via my previous post ( But it seems not enough for Cabalers, so what do […]