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Gladiators wear Armorset




Gladiators attack with Chakrams



Gladiators’ items upgrading stats



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[EP11] Episode 11 : Gladiator UI Data, for Skin Creators


Hello, all CABAL Skin Creators !

Want your skin be ready with Episode 11 right on the release date? All skin creators, get this original UI data pack. This includes all UI Data files up to Mar 26th 2014.

Download link : https://www.mediafire.com/?u7f8lahrtriojzo

Go go, create / update your own skins now and let it be ready with the newest update 🙂


Have fun 🙂20140329_ep11_ui_data

[KR] [EP11] Jan 22nd, 29th 2014 Patch notes

Jan 22nd 2014


1. Fixed bug that showed stats comparing abnormally

2. Fixed bug that showed the Warrior Class Icon incorrectly

Jan 29th 2014


1. Fixed bug that unable to proceed quest steps

2. Fixed bug that displayed Bike with Blue Flare Deco abnormally in moving state

3. Fixed bug that caused abnormally showing of talk sequences while character is riding Bike and talking with NPC Grocer Deighton


1. Change the way of showing unusable Skill Book in Inventory

2. Change the way of showing requirement of “Plate of Honor” in tooltip

  Mission War

1. Rearranged items in NPC in Mission War Lobby to match with NPC Dispatch Officers

2. Add Mission War Nation Costume (Capella / Procyon)

[KR] [EP11] Dec 12th 2013 – Jan 15th 2014 Patch notes


Dec 12th 2013


1. Gravity Distortion / Bear Vital animation displayed abnormally, bug is fixed
2. When character wears Epaulet of Sage combining with Drei-Frame set the effect did not apply normally, bug is fixed
3. Special Inventory did not give compensation for Gladiator, bug is fixed
4. Honor classes applied abnormally, bug is fixed
5. In certain situations Legacy Chest in Tower of the Dead B1F did not give items

Dec 13th 2013

■  Fixes

1. 7th character slot has not been created normally, bug is fixed
2. In some situations, dungeon rewards did not compensated/displayed normally, bug is fixed
3. Dungeon name in Event Window displayed abnormally, bug is fixed
4. Level requirement of Chakram displayed abnormally, bug is fixed

  Mission War

1. Gladiators’ costumes show abnormally, bug is fixed

Dec 18th 2013

■  Fixes

1. In certain situations, Extreme upgrade throws error to client, bug is fixed
2. Lake in Dusk gives Slot Extender (Low) with Character-Binding as drop, bug is fixed
3. Character which is dead while Battle Mode 1 is on could not use Odd Circle to revive
4. Gladiator’s related error

  • Bug related to BSLV up #9, the quest message displayed abnormally when talking with Officer
  • PVP achievement for killing Gladiator did not count

5. Tooltip of some Blended Rune displayed incorrect values of some options
6. Level requirement of some items calculated abnormally

  • Level required for Epic Astral Bike – PW5 was increased when Epic is available
  • Level required for Epic Archridium is always the same, regardless of Epic grade


1. Reward EXP for clearing Quest Dungeon and for completing Scenario Quest changed
2. Special Inventory compensation changed
3. Epic Archridium stats requirement varies based on class restriction

  Mission War

1. Allow using “Show all HP gauge” option in Mission War
2. Fixed bug related to moving skills in Mission War

Dec 19th 2013

■  Fixes

1. Fixed bug that causes AP disappeared when using AP Saver in certain situations

Dec 20th 2013

■  Additions

1. Add “Eternal Chaos Arena”

  • Requirement
    • Entry Level: LV.130+
    • Entry Item: Key of Eternity
      • Key of Eternity can be bought from NPC Grocer – Deighton in Bloody Ice
      • Price: 3,500,000 Alz
      • Property: Account-Binding
    • Entry Location: Same position with original Chaos Arena


  • Dungeon time limit: 10 minutes
  • DP Reward on completion: 8DP
  • There are 15 waves of monsters and there will be 1 boss for every 5 waves


  • Drop
    • All monsters in dungeon could drop “Piece of Chaos” with Account-Binding property
    • Stronger monsters give higher chance to drop “Piece of Chaos”


Dec 24th 2013


1. Fixed bug related to Mission Battle Result UI
2. Fixed bug related to “The message for Aldebaran” quest
3. Fixed bug that could not buy Upgrade skill books from Instructor NPCs
4. Fixed bugs related to Chaos Arena

  • Fixed bug that drops abnormally number of items from Legendary Chest in Chaos Arena
  • Fixed bug that causes client disconnection after opened Legendary Chest in Chaos Arena


1. Reduces number of monster from original Chaos Arena Lv1 – Lv6


1. Add new achievements

  • Item
    • How to get the Bracelet of Siena
    • Feel the power of Chaos
    • New Bracelets
  • Dungeon
    • Lord of Chaos

  Mission War

1. Fixed bug that caused certain character could not be selected as Guardian

Jan 02nd 2014


1. Fixed bug that causes certain achievements could not be completed
2. Fixed bug related to Legacy / Saints’ Weapon

  • Attack Rate was applied abnormally
  • Requirement for equipping was applied abnormally

3. Gladiator skills’ related errors

  • In some situations, party members are not able to get the effect of “Sight Increase” skill from Gladiator
  • Fixed bug that animation of Chakram skills flight too far from the targets of skills

4. Fixed bug that did not give Skill Books for Force Blader in basic quests
5. Fixed bug that caused hair styles displayed abnormally when character wears Mithril Visor


1. Allow using “7” key (number seven) for selecting 7th slot in character selection screen


1. Add timer for Eternal Chaos Arena

  • The same mechanism to the time of original Chaos Arena

  Mission War

1. Fixed bug that causes the HP gauge in Mission War displayed abnormally when Force Archer in Twin Gunner mode and is targeting two targets

Jan 08th 2014


1. Change property of “Cat Stone” quest item in Forgotten Temple B1F Dungeon

  • Cat Stone item will not disappear after reconnected
  • The item is able to sell to NPC

2. NPC shops that sell Mission War items in Green Despair and Desert Scream were standing at abnormal positions
3. Changes are applied to Special Inventory timer
4. Remove some tips from System Tip Messages

Jan 15th 2014


1. Some unusual rewards will be compensated on dungeon completion, bug is fixed
2. In certain situations, Odd Circle that bought from Cash Shop is not able to use
3. When using a Armor Switching Card, confirmation window did not display normally
4. Image of Gladiator armor pieces in inventory did not display normally, bug is fixed
5. Tooltip of Extreme Core Pocket (Unique) display abnormally, bug is fixed


1. After releasing Battle Mode, there will be message that shows when changing weapon
2. Remove system message for showing the expiration of Premium Service
3. Change image in inventory of some Chakram costumes


1. Allow comparing Extreme Upgrade stats and stats of Chaotic Belt
2. Allow changing appearance of Astral Bike – PW5


  Mission War

1. Fixed bug that Guild Ranking did not change with certain character score in Mission War

[KR] [EP11] Nov 27th 2013 and Dec 04th 2013 Patch notes

Nov 27th 2013

■  Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused Gladiator stop moving when player tried to move character by keyboard

2. Fixed bug related to “Critical Rate” option for Astral Bike – PW5, it was not applied normally

3. Client got disconnection abnormally in certain situations

■  Changes

1. Change the Honor compensation system

  • Honor Point, Honor Grade changes
    • Lowered comparing to old values


    • WExp compensation, in accordance with honor (each character will be compensated once)


  • Change the exchange rate from WEXP to Honor


  • Honor quest reward changes
    • Changes related to quests reward, now on completion, Honor Potion (Elxir) will be mailed to character, amount of Honor will be based on Battle Style Level


2. Changes related to Gladiator

  • Rage gives additional effects for skills
    • Attack Skills
      • Damage varies depending on the number of Rage
      • Number of Rage affects the amount of “Additional Damage” and Attack skills’ stats
    • Heal Skills
      • Healing amount varies depending on the number of Rage
      • Number of Rage affects Heal skills’ stats
    • Buff skills
      • Buff stats varies depending on the number of Rage
      • Number of Rage affects Buff skills’ stats
  • Add secondary skills


  • HP amounts which is given from armor pieces of Gladiator are adjusted
  • Adjust the drop rate of Gladiator weapon / armor items
  • Improve the Fatal Attack Skill Stage 2 / 3 of Battle Mode 3 for Gladiator
  • Add effect for showing the Rage has been full-filled (10 Rages)
  • Add Gladiator items in NPC Item Boxes
    • Eite Weapon Box will give Chakram additionally as output
    • Agris Armor Box will give Gladiator armor parts additionally as output

3. Changes related to Auction Hall categories

  • Add
    • Minesta / Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone > Chakram
  • Deletion
    • Random Item > Cube Item > Shineguard / SIG-Metal Cube

Dec 04th 2013

■  Fixes

1. Fix bugs related to Weakened Tower of the Dead B1F dungeon drop

  • Fixed bug that caused the Pierce Hound Zombie Quest item did not drop
  • Fixed bug that drop “Manacondense” Skill Book in dungeon

2. Fixed bug that caused the formulas for Attack Rate / HP did not apply normally

■  Changes

1. Gladiator related changes

  • Skill rebalancing are applied for Gladiator skills
  • Stats increasing per level up adjusted
  • Initial stats changed
  • Stats formulas changed
  • Rage-related handling on death / resurrection changed
    • When character revived in Village / Used Odd Circle / Used Honorable Odd Circle : Rage will be reset to 0
    • When character used Superior Odd Circle : Rage will be maintained
  • Added requirement stats for Gladiator on items
  • Added sound effects for Gladiator skills

2. Change Astral Bike – PW5 Extreme Upgrade stats


3. Change requirement for 190-Level Quest

  • Field mission change to “Hunt 40 monsters in Arcane Trace” (a specified kind of monster)

■  Additions

1. Add Character Slot Extender to NPC Shop

  • NPC
    • Grocer Sally in Fort Ruina
  • Item
    • Name: Character Slot Extender (7)
    • Properties: Character-Binding
  • Sale Price
    • 500,000,000 Alz

2. Add sound effects for all monsters in the Battlefield Nostalgia’s Forest