[KR] [EP11] Nov 27th 2013 and Dec 04th 2013 Patch notes

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Nov 27th 2013

■  Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused Gladiator stop moving when player tried to move character by keyboard

2. Fixed bug related to “Critical Rate” option for Astral Bike – PW5, it was not applied normally

3. Client got disconnection abnormally in certain situations

■  Changes

1. Change the Honor compensation system

  • Honor Point, Honor Grade changes
    • Lowered comparing to old values


    • WExp compensation, in accordance with honor (each character will be compensated once)


  • Change the exchange rate from WEXP to Honor


  • Honor quest reward changes
    • Changes related to quests reward, now on completion, Honor Potion (Elxir) will be mailed to character, amount of Honor will be based on Battle Style Level


2. Changes related to Gladiator

  • Rage gives additional effects for skills
    • Attack Skills
      • Damage varies depending on the number of Rage
      • Number of Rage affects the amount of “Additional Damage” and Attack skills’ stats
    • Heal Skills
      • Healing amount varies depending on the number of Rage
      • Number of Rage affects Heal skills’ stats
    • Buff skills
      • Buff stats varies depending on the number of Rage
      • Number of Rage affects Buff skills’ stats
  • Add secondary skills


  • HP amounts which is given from armor pieces of Gladiator are adjusted
  • Adjust the drop rate of Gladiator weapon / armor items
  • Improve the Fatal Attack Skill Stage 2 / 3 of Battle Mode 3 for Gladiator
  • Add effect for showing the Rage has been full-filled (10 Rages)
  • Add Gladiator items in NPC Item Boxes
    • Eite Weapon Box will give Chakram additionally as output
    • Agris Armor Box will give Gladiator armor parts additionally as output

3. Changes related to Auction Hall categories

  • Add
    • Minesta / Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone > Chakram
  • Deletion
    • Random Item > Cube Item > Shineguard / SIG-Metal Cube

Dec 04th 2013

■  Fixes

1. Fix bugs related to Weakened Tower of the Dead B1F dungeon drop

  • Fixed bug that caused the Pierce Hound Zombie Quest item did not drop
  • Fixed bug that drop “Manacondense” Skill Book in dungeon

2. Fixed bug that caused the formulas for Attack Rate / HP did not apply normally

■  Changes

1. Gladiator related changes

  • Skill rebalancing are applied for Gladiator skills
  • Stats increasing per level up adjusted
  • Initial stats changed
  • Stats formulas changed
  • Rage-related handling on death / resurrection changed
    • When character revived in Village / Used Odd Circle / Used Honorable Odd Circle : Rage will be reset to 0
    • When character used Superior Odd Circle : Rage will be maintained
  • Added requirement stats for Gladiator on items
  • Added sound effects for Gladiator skills

2. Change Astral Bike – PW5 Extreme Upgrade stats


3. Change requirement for 190-Level Quest

  • Field mission change to “Hunt 40 monsters in Arcane Trace” (a specified kind of monster)

■  Additions

1. Add Character Slot Extender to NPC Shop

  • NPC
    • Grocer Sally in Fort Ruina
  • Item
    • Name: Character Slot Extender (7)
    • Properties: Character-Binding
  • Sale Price
    • 500,000,000 Alz

2. Add sound effects for all monsters in the Battlefield Nostalgia’s Forest

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