[KR] [EP10P3] Jan 16th 2013 Patch notes

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1. Fix the bug that caused error when trying to receive items when out of space in inventory

2. Fix the bug that caused unable to use dancing skills when SP is out

3. Fix the bug that debuff icons on monsters in dungeons did not display in serveral situations

4. Fix the bug that caused some mission gates in Tower of the Dead B3F displayed abnormally


1. Change the price of Soul Blade skill book to 74,250 Alz in NPC

2. Change that allows using instant cast skills while moving

  • Not including the instant-cast skills that have unmovable property

3. Lowered the difficulty of Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F

4. Increased the drop rate of Prideus Bracelet / Drosnin Earring with max option

5. Change that allows storing items with period in Guild Warehouse

6. Add the message that confirms guild disband


1. Add new items that allow unbind Prideus Bracelet / Drosnin Earring


  • Unbind Prideus Bracelet
    • Remove the character-binding property of Prideus Bracelet
  • Unbind Drosnin Earring
    • Remove the character-binding property of Drosnin Earring
  • Success rate : 90%
  • When unbinding-progress fail, item will be destroyed
  • The unbind-item can be purchased from Event NPC in Test Server (subject to change)

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