#KR #EP17 Jan 25th & Feb 01st 2017 Patch notes



Jan 25th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when starting some quest dungeons

2. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when starting some dungeons with entry item in specific situation

3. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when using Party voice chat

4. Fixed bug that related to Kias Rodon in Forbidden Island (Awakening Mode)

5. Fixed bugs related to certain quests in Illusion Castle Underworld

6. Fixed bug that related to the character selection screen

7. Fixed bug that caused skills and effects of mercenaries did not display correctly

8. Fixed bug that related to ingame background music (BGM) that did not play normally while switching to another application

9. Fixed bug that related to Force Gunner achievements


10. Fixed bug that caused the stats comparison being abnormally displayed while comparing certain items

11. Fixed bug that caused abnormal sorting for items in Auction Hall

12. Fixed bug that related to gaining achievement for “Minesta Amethyst Charm +7”

13. Fixed bug that caused unable to show the stats of debuff when moving on debuff icon on Boss monsters


■ Changes

1. Battlestyle Re-balance adjustment

  • Force Blader
    • Fire qnqqq / Ice owhzm / Lightning Blade vouvn skill: Change to instant cast
    • Curse of Freeze menbq (was Mana Freeze before)
      • Cannot use for monsters
      • Remove option: Damage Reduction
      • Increase the MP decreasing amount (to 1,500 at level 20)
    • Change the effector of Mana Freeze menbq to Elemental Enchant hpvjd
      • Effector grade will be maintained
      • Stats
      • 20170201_ep17_20170125_20170201_elemental_enchant_effector
  • Force Gunner
    • Shorten casting time of “Inspire” b7e41079eb5d skill to 1.0 sec
    • Battle Mode 3
      • Increase greatly range of Battle Mode 3 Attack A/B
      • Increase Aggro of Battle Mode 3 Attack A/B and Fatal Attack 1-3
    • Battle Mode 2
      • Increase slightly range of Battle Mode 2 basic attack
      • Increase significantly Magic Skill Amp of Battle Mode 2 basic attack
      • Increase slightly Magic Skill Amp of special attack skill
    • Change Battle Mode effects
  • Blader
    • Change Battle Mode 2 special effect from Knockback to Down

2. Changes related to Buff Skills

  • Changes related to Buff Skill Target
    • Party: Specific Skill can be activated once all member in the active range
    • Non-party: Specific Skill can buff on self/selected target
    • Target skill
      • Force Archer
        • Vital Energy
        • Sharpness
      • Force Gunner
        • Inspire
      • Wizard
        • Hardness
  • Change the Buff constraints for Party Exclusive Buff Skills
    • Change Party Exclusive Buff Skills so these skills can use in non-party state
      • Except: Raise Spirit / Mass Heal
    • Target Skills
      • Warrior:
        • Art of Shouts
        • Moral Shouts
      • Blader:
        • Curse Dodge
        • Fatality Increase
      •  Wizard:
        • Mass Restore
        • Absorption Shield
      • Force Shielder:
        • Shadow Shield
      • Gladiator:
        • Insight


3. Add new stats to GM’s Blessing (Lv. 3)

  • Ignore Penetration +40
  • Damage Reduce +30
  • Accuracy +300
  • Penetration +20

4. Battle Mode 3 changes

  • Remove Battle Mode (Step 1) request recipe
  • Remove the reward for Battle Mode 3 quest at Level 130

5. Mercenary changes

  • Increase the number of Mercenary can be summoned per character is 2 (was 1)
    • Cannot summon two Mercenaries from the same category
    • Cannot use Active Buff in case summon 2 Mercenaries
    • Increase limit of summoning Mercenaries in party:
      • 1 character can summon 2 Mercenaries
      • 3 characters can summon 4 Mercenaries
    • Mercenaries now have only 10 seconds cooldown


6. Improved Guild and Bike Warehouse

  • Guild Warehouse
    • Storing and Retrieving items
      • Remove the information that showing when taking items from GWH
      • Moving items into GWH will not generate many messages
    • Mass Storing and Retrieving items
      • Allow mass storing / retrieving by Alt + Left mouse
  • PW5
    • Mass Storing and Retrieving items
      • Allow mass storing / retrieving by Alt + Left mouse
    • Add message that shows in case the PW5 WH is full and cannot accept more items

7. Improve the function of Requesting system

  • Once the request is failed and there is no more slot in requesting UI, the failed slot will be “Accepted” automatically so new request can be made

8. Increase Dungeon EXP

  • Increase EXP of dungeons from Volcanic Citadel and above
    • Excepts: Illusion Castle Underworld and Radiant Hall
  • Changes:
    • Increase from 1.3 times to 8 times in comparison with previous

9. Change the limit of Elite dungeon from 3 to 5 (default limit)

10. Changes related to Cube of Honour

  • Significantly increased the price, output from Cube of Honour
    • 20170201_ep17_20170125_20170201_pnotes_honour_cubes_and_potions
  • Add new recipes for requesting related to Cube of Honour
    • 20170201_ep17_20170125_20170201_pnotes_honour_cubes_and_potions_craft
  • Add new items which are sold by NPC Manufacturing Merchant – Chloe (Port Lux)
    • Item
      • Cube of Honour Trade Certificate x 1: 500,000 Alz
      • Cube of Honour Trade Certificate x 10: 5,000,000 aLZ
    • Item property: Account Binding

11. Changes related to monsters in Senillinia

  • Increase significantly amount of monsters in Senillinia from village to centre area
  • Change the spawn location of some monters

12. Adjust the drop rate of some items

  • Decrease the drop rate of DX Dungeon entry items from Hazardous Valley (Normal / Hard)
  • Decrease the drop rate of Key of Chaos (Lv. 6) in some fields
  • Remove the drop of Effector Core from Pontus Ferrum

13. Changes of certain items

  • Fire Orb / Wind Orb / Earth Orb / Ice Orb
    • Drop from: Elite DX Dungeons
    • Binding property: Tradable
    • Reduce amount of Orbs required for Requesting Rune Slot Extender from 20 to 10
  • Sealed Tyrant Ring (Awakened)
    • Drop from: Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakening Mode)
    • Binding property: Tradable
  • Drei-Frame Armor
    • Drop from:
      • Marquinas Outpost Legendary Box and Legendary Cube
      • Agris’ Armor Box
    • Binding property: Always Character Binding (previously, it had chances to be tradable)
    • Always generated with 01 slot
  • Lycanus Weapons
    • Always generated with 01 slot
  • Siena Bracelet Piece
    • Binding property: Tradable

14. Changes related to Auction Hall

  • Change the maximum items per Auction Hall slot from 20 to 100
  • Delete the category for “Rune Slot Extender – Blended”
  • Add the price in the tooltip for each items in the Auction Hall

15. Stats of Premium Buffs and special buffs from Odd Circles will be disabled in the Battlefields

16. AP / DP Saver related changes

  • In case AP / DP Saver can be used, there will be green text displayed in the tooltip
  • Change the color of DP Saver from Green to Red
    • 20170201_ep17_20170125_20170201_pnotes_dp_saver

17. Changed UI icon

  • Old: All icons appear (caused confusion)
  • Change: All icons appear, available outputs will be marked with special border colour


18. Change the cooldown of Accuracy and Penetration potions to 1 second

19. Change the input mode of “Chat” window to “Hangul” on login

20. Allow selling some costume items to NPCs

21. Increase the buff for PC Bang (for Korean only)

■ Additions

1. Add “Divine Upgrade” system

  • Available for items:
    • Upgraded at +15 or higher (+15 ~ +20)
    • Item grade: Osmium and higher
  • Able to upgrade up to +15 levels of Divine Upgrade
  • Items and quantity needed for Divine Upgrade
    • ** Divine Core might be called as Divine Stone in the official English translation


  • Divine Bonus Stats at +15 (+15 of Divine Upgrade)


  • Stats of Divine Upgrade is displayed in item tooltip (first line is showing the Divine Upgrade level, here is 2/15)


  • Add new items which are sold by NPC Deighton Grocer – Bloody Ice
    • Divine Converter – Weapons : 10,000,000 Alz + 200 AP
    • Divine Converter – Armors : 10,000,000 Alz + 200 AP
    • 20170201_ep17_20170125_20170201_pnotes_divine_converters_npc

2. Added new dungeon “Glacies Inferna”

  • Entrance
    • Entry Conditions: Level 190+
    • Participants: Up to 7 players in party
    • Entry Item: Crystal of Frozen Flame
      • Sold by NPC Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice for 100 AP + 3,500,000 Alz


  • Dungeon Information
    • Mechanism:
      • Dungeon Defense
      • 10 Waves
      • 4 Bosses
        • Bosses at: Wave 3, 6, 9 and 10
    • Time constraints
      • 90 secs each wave
      • 30 secs between waves
      • Bonus time when defeats Bosses
      • In case some monsters are remained, penalty will be applied for the time limit
  • Dungeon Termination
    • Dungeon Completed
      • After destroy the last chest from Final Boss of Wave 10
      • Protect the Dungeon Pillars until Final Boss is dead (one Pillar left is acceptable)
        • Inferna Pillar (RED)
        • Glacies Pillar (BLUE)
    • Dungeon Failure
      • When both of Dungeon Pillars are destroyed
      • Out of time
  • Dungeon Reward
    • Fragment of the Divine Core
      • All monsters in Dungeon drop “Fragment of Divine”
      • Chests give extra Fragments
    • DP: 10 on completion







3. Add “Divine Stone” requesting recipes to Requesting System (NPC Chloe)




4. Add new recipe for Unbind the Meritorious Medal

  • Add new items which are sold by NPC Chloe (Account Binding)
    • Meritorious Medal Trade Certificate x1 : 5,000,000
    • Meritorious Medal Trade Certificate x10 : 50,000,000
    • 20170201_ep17_20170125_20170201_pnotes_tradable_merit
  • Add new recipes for unbinding Meritorious Medal
    • 20170201_ep17_20170125_20170201_pnotes_tradable_merit_recipe

5. Add WExp Saver

  • NPC Hampric in Port Lux now sells WEXP Saver
    • Price: 5,000,000 Alz
    • Store max: 500 WEXP
    • Available for character 170+ with Nation



6. Added Blessing Bead for Pet with 1000% (available for customising later)

7. Adept Rings (that give Skill Exp) can be found from Magic Shops in starting villages


8. Add categories for Auction Hall

  • Quest Item > Mission Item > Tyrant Ring (Awakened)
  • Manufacturing Related Items > General Materials > Fire / Wind / Ice/ Earth Orb
  • Carnelian Box > Random Item > Carnelian Supplementary Items
  • Functional Items > Other Special Items > WEXP Saver
  • Upgrade Items > Divine Converters > Divine Converter – Weapon / Divine Converter Armor
  • Upgrade Items > Core > Divine Core
  • Dungeon Entry Item > Mission Dungeon > Crystal of Frozen Flame
  • Random Item > DP Cube > Cube of Honor (Low ~ High)
  • Beads / Wing > Blessing Beads > Pet EXP (1000%)


■ Mission War

1. Fixed bug that caused additional effects from Force Tower buffs in certain situations


Feb 01st 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection in certain situations

2. Some buffs and debuffs were used for only a single target (should be used for all targets in area)

3. Fixed bugs related to Force Blader skills

  • Ice / Fire / Lightning Blade skills were not Instant Cast
  • Fixed bugs related to Curse of Freeze (was Mana Freeze before)
    • Fixed bug that Force Blader cannot cast this skill in Battle Mode 1
    • Fixed bug that cannot de-register skill from the quick slot

    • Fixed bug that showing the duration as 30s instead of 10s


4. Fixed bugs related to Gladiator’s Battle Mode 2 animation

5. Fixed bugs related to continuous damage effects (Damage-over-time effect)

■ Changes

1. Changes the option “Showing EXP earned” to store in server

  • Option > Chat > System Message > Showing EXP earned
  • Apply for all characters in the same account
  • Default is checked

2. Apply the XIGN Code securiy system

■ Additions

1. Add “Divine Seal”

  • Sealing (Extraction)
    • Available for using for items with Divine Upgrade level 1 and above
  • Unsealing (Using Sealed)
    • Items with Divine Upgrade level 0
      • Can use Divine Seal to remove the current Divine Upgrade level
      • Can get the Divine Upgrade level by resetting during upgrade
    • Item with same grade
      • After sealed (extracted), the Divine Seal will store the sealed item grade
        • High
        • Highest
      • Only item with the same grade can apply
    • Item with same type
      • After sealed (extracted), the Divine Seal will store the sealed item type
        • One-handed weapon
        • Two-handed weapon
        • Suit
        • Gloves
        • Boots
        • Helmet
      • Only item with the same type can apply
  • Usage
    • Sealing (Extracting)
      • Right click on “Divine Seal”
      • Click on item with Divine Upgrade level 1 and above
      • Confirm
      • Divine Seal stored
        • Divine Upgrade level
          • 3/15
        • Item Grade
          • High
        • Item Type
          • One-handed weapon
    • Unsealing (Applying)
      • Right click on sealed Divine Seal
      • Click on target item
        • Make sure item is satisfied all criteria of
          • Divine Upgrade level 0
          • Same Item Grade
          • Same Item Type
      • Confirm
      • Target item filled with sealed Divine Upgrade
  • Add category for Divine Seal
    • Bind / Unbind > Divine Seal


2. Add 03 temporary accessory box for Korean Cabal event



[KR] [EP10P3] How to unbind Prideus Bracelet / Drosnin Earring ?


Yep, now you can unbind Prideus Bracelet / Drosnin Earring.

This is the new feature of Cabal in Rising Force – Part III update, this is introduced in Jan 16th 2013 patch notes

Let’s check it out 🙂20130120_ep10p3_unbind_prideus

[KR] [EP10P3] Jan 16th 2013 Patch notes



1. Fix the bug that caused error when trying to receive items when out of space in inventory

2. Fix the bug that caused unable to use dancing skills when SP is out

3. Fix the bug that debuff icons on monsters in dungeons did not display in serveral situations

4. Fix the bug that caused some mission gates in Tower of the Dead B3F displayed abnormally


1. Change the price of Soul Blade skill book to 74,250 Alz in NPC

2. Change that allows using instant cast skills while moving

  • Not including the instant-cast skills that have unmovable property

3. Lowered the difficulty of Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F

4. Increased the drop rate of Prideus Bracelet / Drosnin Earring with max option

5. Change that allows storing items with period in Guild Warehouse

6. Add the message that confirms guild disband


1. Add new items that allow unbind Prideus Bracelet / Drosnin Earring


  • Unbind Prideus Bracelet
    • Remove the character-binding property of Prideus Bracelet
  • Unbind Drosnin Earring
    • Remove the character-binding property of Drosnin Earring
  • Success rate : 90%
  • When unbinding-progress fail, item will be destroyed
  • The unbind-item can be purchased from Event NPC in Test Server (subject to change)

[EP9] [NA] Cabal Expansion : Arcane Trace – Patch Notes

Arcane Trace

  • Table of Contents

    1. ‘Arcane Trace’ and Other Added Features
    2. Craft System Reformed
    3. Craft Request System
    4. Meister Items
    5. Craftsman’s Accessories
    6. Added Coin Lotto Item
    7. Added new accessory “Charm”
    8. Unbinding Stones
    9. Mission War Changes
    10. Other Changes and Corrections


    ‘Arcane Trace’ and Other Added Features

    Added Mission Field ‘Arcane Trace’


    One day, in an area that’s rarely visited by individuals. A huge crack split across the earth, reeking of malevolence. Rumors of its origin quickly spread across the lands. Some people had insisted that the incident occurred because of an earthquake. However, there were others who insisted that the crack was a trace that the Lord of Destruction himself created. As this rumor spread, people had taken to calling the newly formed crack as the “Arcane Trace”. Its origins and creation still remain a mystery.

    Entry Requirements

    Basic Requirement Characters Level 180 and above with a nation selected.
    Premium Users Able to obtain the map and warp code automatically when player reaches level 180.
    Free Users Able to move via Guardian Reison and Levenson in Port Lux
    No. Contents
    1 Procyon GPS
    2 Capella GPS
    3 Levenson
    4 Reison

    New Map: ‘Arcane Trace’

    Arcane Trace

    New NPC’S

    Bren, Drill instructor of Capella Kim, Drill instructor of Procyon
    Bren has taken it upon himself to train the warriors of Capella. Even renouncing the rewards associated with being the Commander of Guards in the Sage Tower. Kim, strong minded and willing to take after his father who previously commanded the Guards of Sage Tower. After realizing his ambition to become the Leader of Procyon. Kim is personally training the Procyon warriors.
    Boss Monster

    Battle Schedule

    Day Time Channel Termination Condition
    Monday ~ Sunday
    (7 days)
    20:00 ~ 20:40
    (40 minutes)
    20(War Channel) Kill the Arcane Golem of Rage (The boss will disappear if it’s not killed within 40 minutes.)

    The nation that kills the Arcane Golem of Rage will win

    Large number of items are to be dropped upon killing the Arcane Golem of Rage and looting would be enabled for the winning nation

    New Accessories

    Item Name Required Level Option
    Bracelet Of Fighter +8 Level 160 Honor Rank 12 Attack +19, Attack Rate +160, Sword Skill Amp. +9%, Minimum DMG +9%
    Bracelet Of Sage +8 Magic Attack +19, Attack Rate +160, Magic Skill Amp. +9%, Add. DMG +16
    Earring Of Guard +8 Defense +16, Defense Rate +45, Evasion +5%
    Vampiric Earring +8 HP Absorb Limit +50, HP +80, MP Absorb Limit +50, MP +80

    New Dance: ‘Shuffle Dance’

    Dance commands





    New Quest ‘Favor Returning Heil’

    Quest Group Name To Find Death Land
    Quest Name Favor Returning Heil
    Starting NPC Port guard Porter in Port Lux
    Acquired Level Above Level 79 / Above BSLV 8
    Quest Reward EXP 750,644 and Skill EXP 20,230

    Added Dungeon Point information in confirmation window and a tooltip message

    – If DP is kept prior to logging out of the game, a confirmation window will provide the DP information

    – Added DP information on dungeon icon tooltip within the GPS

    – Added DP information on tooltip of dungeon entry items

    Added 200 & 500 bundle of HP Potion(Lv.3) / MP Potion(Lv.3) / Return Stone at NPC shop only in Port Lux, Fort. Ruina

    Added ‘Refresh’ button on image authentication window

    Added function of gathering to see and ranking in achievement system

    Included system messages and graphic effects to let party members know when a user gets an achievement. The exception to this would be during mission war.


    Craft System Reformed

    Redesigned Craft System

    – Enabled option to craft weapons, armors and accessories by selecting [Craft] > [Production] in CABAL menu or shortcut key F

    – Removed C.A. Transmuter from the game

    – Extracting is to be only available by the ‘extract button’ on the bottom of the Inventory(I) menu

    – Crafting is enabled from Level 50 up to Forcium grade.

    – There are 38 craftable categories including Craftsman’s Weapon / Armor, Master’s Weapon / Armor, Accessory(Ring / Amulet), and so on

    – Craftsman’s/Master’s Token is needed to register or change a category on any of the 6 craft slots.

    Craft system redesigned based on craft mastery and craft energy

    – Craft Mastery

    • Upon successful craft production, your craft mastery will increase by a certain amount. However, if your craft production fails, your craft mastery will only increase by one. In addition, no points will increase if the crafted item’s level is lower than the character’s craft ability.

    • Players are able to attempt crafting of all items in the category, regardless of their current craft mastery. (The rate of success for crafting, rate of acquiring 2 slots, rate of acquiring craft mastery points depends on the character’s current craft mastery.)

    • Maximum level of craft is 11, and craft level depends on the craft mastery (e.g. 0~999: Level 1 / 4,000~4,999: Level 5)

    • If craft mastery becomes full, then the craft level can be upped by paying a certain amount of Alz

    • Once a player maxes a rank, they are given the ‘+’ option which will level up the current craft rank

    • When you have reached a craft mastery cap, you won’t be able to obtain anymore points unless you choose to level up.

    – Craft Energy

    • Craft energy is consumed whether a player’s craft is successful or a failure.

    • Total craft energy will increase on each craft level up

    • Player’s will acquire 5 points of craft energy every minute automatically, regardless whether they are connected to the game or not.

    • Crafting is impossible when the energy is insufficient

    Production UI

    No. Contents
    1 List of items that your character can make and shows each of the item’s current craft mastery.
    2 Button for adding new item in category
    ‘Craftsman’s Token’ or ‘Master’s Token’ is needed for adding new item(s)
    3 The number of craft slots available and the number of slots currently in-use
    4 Current amount of craft energy
    Gain 5 points of craft energy every minute automatically. Regards, if the player is connected or not. Cannot gain energy more than the maximum amount.
    5 Materials need for production
    Left: The item waiting to be crafted / Right: The materials used to craft the item
    (Once the player has selected an item, grade and type. The materials needed to craft will be checked)
    6 Once crafting starts, the results will be displayed whether it succeeds or fails.

    New Quests Regarding Craft System Introduction

    Intro to Craft – Craftsman Course

    Quest Name Intro to Craft – Craftsman Course
    Starting NPC Craft merchant Chloe in Port Lux
    Quest Mission Above Level 50 (Above Battle Style Level 6)
    Quest Reward Craftsman’s Token (Character Bind)

    Intro to Craft – Master Course

    Quest Name Intro to Craft – Master Course
    Starting NPC Craft merchant Chloe in Port Lux
    Quest Mission Above Level 100 (Above Battle Style Level 11)
    Quest Reward 1of Master’s Token (Character Bind)

    – Craftsman’s Token and Master’s Token are needed to add item’s in the production category

    – Since both quests are daily quests, it’s possible to complete once a day

    Added NPC ‘Craft Merchant Chloe’

    Craft merchant Chloe Location (Port Lux, X:42, Y:232)

    – Characters must be level 50 or above to communicate with Chloe

    – Chloe Craft Shop:

    • Basic materials: Disks, cartridges and other crafting materials

    • Mixture (Materials for Damage Amplifier)

    • Trance Force(Materials for Battle Mode 3 Skill book)

    • Materials and formula cards removed from Craft Shops Except for Chloe

    Changes from Previous Craft System

    Changed level of Professional Craft to craft level and craft mastery

    Before Level of Professional Craft After Craft level Craft Mastery
    1 1 999
    2 2 1,999
    3 3 2,999
    4 4 3,999
    5 5 4,999
    6 6 5,999
    7 7 6,999
    Before Type of Professional Craft After Craft Category
    Sword Katana Blade Daikatana Great Sward
    Armor Set Plate Gauntlet Greave Visor
    Battle Set Coat Gloves Boots Battlehelm
    Martial Set Battlesuit Hands Shoes Martialhelm
    Artifact Orb Crystal Ring Amulet

    Changed Basic Craft level to craft amity

    Before Basic Craft Level After Amity level Craft Amity
    1 1 999
    2 2 1,999
    3 3 2,999
    4 4 3,999
    5 5 4,999
    6 6 5,999
    7 7 6,999
    8 8 7,999
    9 9 8,999

    – Stopped selling and dropping all Formula cards from previous craft system, while also deleting some recipes

    • Existing Formula cards have been changed to Potion of Luck, which gives a certain amount of Alz depending on the card’s type as compensation

    – Changed Temporary Formula cards to be invalid

    • Skill books for Battle Mode 3 and Damage Amplifiers are crafted by Craft merchant ‘Chloe’

    • Mergaheph’s Ring and Tyrant’s ring are crafted by Craft merchant ‘Chloe’

    • Stopped selling items related to Forcium Cubes in Forgotten Temple B1F and Mutant Forest

    • Bike Epic Formula Cards changed to Bike Epic Converters

    – Transmuters and related quests have been deleted

    – Deleted some recipes

    • HP/MP Potion, Return Stone, Goodluck Potion, Glory Potion, Epaulet of Proof

    • C.A. Unit – Regard for H.Age

    • Astral Core(Forcium/Blue Forcium)

    • Perfect Coating kit

    • Plasma Plug

    – Added new recipess

    • Perfect Core(Low/Medium/Highest)

    • Slot Extender(Highest), Upgrade Core(Highest), Force Core(Highest)

    • Charm Upgrade, Diamond Cube

    • Material/Quartz Core conversion Recipe

    • Stain Clone binding removal Recipe

    • Dungeon entry item/Disk Dice Recipe

    – Changed Shape Cartridge items

    • Combined Shape Cartridges by grades

    A. Before: 20 Types including Sword/Armor/Battle/Martial/Artifact X each containing 4 grades

    B. After: Classified all to Low / Medium / High / Highest

    • Previous versions of Shape Cartridges have been changed to the new version after the update on first login

    • Shape Cartridges that are already registered in the Agent shop have been expired

    – Changed material craft item drops

    • Items that have stopped being dropped: Material Core, Quartz Core, Circuit Jewel

    • Items with expanded drop areas or increased drop rate: Familiar Mineral / Illusion Coral / Machinery Head / Infernal Ruby / Astral Skull / Shining Yellow Powder / Unknown Circuit

    • New drop item: Silver Jewel / Beetle Shall / Parasited Berry / Amulet of Pain +3

    – Changed extracted items from certain equipment

    • Changed it so Upgrade Core(Piece) can only be extracted from an upgraded item above +1

    • Material Core and Quartz Core are only obtainable from the item grade above Citrine / Shadowsteel

    • Able to extract items of Citrine / Shadowsteel / Aramid

    • Changed it so that Astral Core extracted from Epic item of Bluestin ~ Mithril, instead of Material Core and Quartz Core

    • Changed it so Astral Core will be extracted from Epic items of Bluestin ~ Forcium, instead of the normal Material Core and Quartz Core.

    – Changed accessory extracting

    • Added Circuit Jewel(Lv.7) that can be extracted from upgrades +1 to +10 randomly

    • Able to extract Vampiric Earrings +5 ~ +7 / Bracelet Of Fighter +5 ~ +7 / Bracelet Of Sage +5 ~ +7


    Craft Request System

    Redesigned the craft system

    – Redesigned the craft system allowing players with materials to craft through the merchant ‘Chloe’

    – Only players 50 or above can request to craft

    Request Procedure

    – To be able to register an item, you must pay a certain amount of Alz to Chloe. In addition, you can also register an item if you have a ‘Chloe’s Token’.

    – Craft amity is required to request higher level items

    – Certain amount of time is required before the request is done

    – Once a request is made, the player will have to wait until the completion time

    • The amount of time required to wait depends on the item. This process can take from a few seconds to hours

    • Once the request is completed, players will be able to receive the item from Chloe.

    – Request also has a rate of success or fail

    • If successful, the item and its quantity requested item will be given.

    • If the request failed, the item and materials will be lost

    – Once requested, the time will continue to progress even if the player enters a dungeon or participates in mission war

    – System message will be displayed once a request is completed

    Request UI

    No. Contents
    1 Current craft amity. The more amity points the player has, the more items can be requested
    2 The item list that can be requested
    Items that are marked red are not available to request
    3 Request completion time
    4 Displays the process and results of the requested items

    Craft Amity

    – Available items to request depend on the amount of craft amity required

    – The items are categorized by each of the craft amity requirement on Request UI

    – The items are categorized by the amount of amity required in the request UI.

    – A certain amount of craft amity is acquired when requesting an appropriate level of item regardless of whether the request is a success or a failure

    – Players are unable to acquire craft amity if requesting an item of a lower level than the character’s amity level

    • For instance, if the character’s amity is 2,500, amity does not increase when requesting the item of amity requirement under 1,999 regardless of whether the request is successful or not

    Added new daily quest rewarding ‘Chloe’s Token’

    Quest Name New Material Development Support
    Starting NPC Craft merchant Chloe in Port Lux
    Acquired Level Above Level 50 / Above BSLV 6
    Quest Reward 1 Chloe’s Token (Character Bind)

    – Only possible to complete once a day


    Meister items

    – Only obtainable through crafting

    – Able to select a basic epic option based on whether it’s a weapon or a armor

    – If the crafted item obtains modifiers such as ‘Craftsman’s ~’ or ‘Master’s ~’, it’ll acquire additional options in addition to the basic meister option

    – For Craftsman items, up to 2 options can be gained if successful

    – If the item is successfully crafted, the number of each option would be different depending on the item’s grade

    – For Master items, up to 3 options are gained if successful

    – Meister Item Type is Classified by its Color

    Craftman’s item Craftman’s item (with great success) Master’s item

    – Item option

    • Main option: Prior to initiating a craft, players must select a grade type

    • Sub-option: The type of attributed is fixed when crafting succeeds is limited and is dependent on the item type.

    • The value of option: The value of each option is gained randomly within the item’s limits


    Craftsman’s Accessories

    – There are 4 tiers in accessory crafting: Lv. 1/Lv. 2/Lv. 3/Lv. 4

    • Each tier requires different materials to craft

    • Crafting higher level accessories provides more opportunities to get a higher grade

    • The rate of success depends on the player’s craft mastery. The player does not acquire craft mastery points when crafting accessories which level is far lower than their craft mastery

    – When crafting accessories, the same grade of craftsman’s accessory is required

    • Craftsman accessories are obtained by crafting them directly or by a certain percentage being awarded by an accessory while crafting other items.

    • The percentage of crafting a higher grade craftsman accessory is dependent on your craft level


    Added Coin Lotto Item

    – Coin lotto item can be used for making Lotto Coin/Potion of Luck(Character bind) via craft request system Materials

    – Lotto Coin(3 hours limited use): Can be acquired in Forgotten Ruin

    – Coin Lotto Certificate: Craft merchant Chole sells for 100,000 Alz


    Added new accessory “Charm”

    Added new accessory slot for ‘Charm’ in Inventory UI

    New items: ‘Minesta’s Charm’

    – Added 3 types of Charms as new accessories

    – Players are able to enhance the charms through crafting

    – If the craft fails, charms and materials associated will be lost

    – Details of Charms

    Minesta’s Sapphire Charm
    Grade 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Basic Option Defense UP 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    HP UP 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
    Resist Critical Rate 1% 1% 1% 1% 2% 2% 2% 2%
    Unique Option All Attack UP 5 7 8 10 11 13 15
    All Skill Amp. 1% 1% 2% 2% 3%
    Battle Mode Duration Time UP 4sec 6sec 10sec
    Minesta’s Ruby Charm
    Grade 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Basic Option Defense UP 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    HP UP 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
    Resist Skill Amp 1% 1% 1% 1% 2% 2% 2% 2%
    Unique Option All Attack UP 5 7 8 10 11 13 15
    All Skill Amp. 1% 1% 2% 2% 3%
    Battle Mode Duration Time UP 4sec 6sec 10sec
    Minesta’s Emerald Charm
    Grade 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Basic Option Defense UP 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    HP UP 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50
    Resist Critical DMG 2% 2% 2% 2% 4% 4% 4% 4%
    Unique Option All Attack UP 5 7 8 10 11 13 15
    All Skill Amp. 1% 1% 2% 2% 3%
    Battle Mode Duration Time UP 4sec 6sec 10sec

    Craft Requests for Charm Upgrades

    Current level Next level Craft Amity Stain Clone Upgrade Core(Highest)
    0 1 1,000 4 2
    1 2 2,000 6 3
    2 3 3,000 7 4
    3 4 4,000 8 6
    4 5 5,000 11 9
    5 6 6,000 13 13
    6 7 7,000 17 19

    Obtainable items from extracting Minesta’s Charm

    Stain Clone Minesta’s Diamond Charm
    Obtain a certain quantity depending on the enchant grade of the charm Required for Diamond Cubes. Not able to be equipped and has no options in itself

    – 5 Minesta’s Diamond Charms are required to obtain a Diamond Cub

    Diamond Cube
    Upon use, obtain one of Minesta’s Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald Charm +1 to +6 randomly


    Unbinding Stones

    Types and grades of equipment

    Unbinding Stone Type Grade
    Medium Orb / Crystal Bluestin to Aqua
    Katana / Blade / Daikatana / Greatsword / Boots / Helmet Bluestin to Shadow Titanum
    High Orb / Crystal Lapis to SIGmetal
    Katana / Blade / Daikatana / Greatsword / Boots / Helmet Osmium to SIGmetal
    Highest Orb / Crystal Mithril / Lycanus
    Katana / Blade / Daikatana / Greatsword / Boots / Helmet

    – The selected item will become unbound if the stone is a success. However, if the stone fails, there’s a certain chance that the item will be destroyed.

    – The item unbinds if the stone is successful. However, if it fails, the item will be destroyed.

    • Success rate depends on the upgrade level

    – Unbinding stone cubes can be made using the craft request system

    Craft request of an unbinding stone cube

    Request item Amity Level Required amity Register cost Materials Time
    Alz Token of Chloe
    Unbinding stone cube (Medium) X 1 6 5000 100,000,000 8 Gem of Liberation x 1 15min
    Stain clone x 18
    Upgrade Core (Medium) x 15
    Unbinding stone cube (High) X 1 7 6000 300,000,000 15 Gem of Liberation x 2 30min
    Stain clone x 24
    Upgrade Core (High) x 20
    Unbinding stone cube (Highest) X 1 8 7000 500,000,000 25 Gem of Liberation x 3 45min
    Stain clone x 30
    Upgrade Core(Highest) x 15

    – Gem of Liberation can be acquired from dungeons

    – Able to acquire ‘Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone’ from the monsters that the Arcane Golem of Rage summons

    • Only able to use on items with an upgrade level of +10 or above

    • The selected item will become unbound if the stone is a success. However, if it fails, the upgrade level will decrease by 1


    Mission War Changes

    Changed the name of Buff Capsule Cube and its result item as a Mission War reward

    Changed before Changed after
    Buff Capsule Cube (Low) War Reward Cube(Low)
    Buff Capsule Cube (Medium) War Reward Cube (Medium)
    Buff Capsule Cube (High) War Reward Cube (High)

    Changed the reward items of Cube to Potion of Luck

    Cube Reward item Price
    War Reward Cube(Low) Potion of Luck 100,000 Alz
    1,000,000 Alz
    10,000,000 Alz
    War Reward Cube (Medium) Potion of Luck 300,000 Alz
    500,000 Alz
    5,000,000 Alz
    50,000,000 Alz
    War Reward Cube (High) Potion of Luck 500,000 Alz
    1,000,000 Alz
    10,000,000 Alz
    100,000,000 Alz

    Separated Battle Mode 3 armor and its effect according to character’s nation while using Battle Mode 3 in Mission War

    Certain functions are activated when a character resurrects in Mission War


    Other Changes and Corrections

    Changed certain item’s prices at NPC shop

    – Changed the selling price of items

    • Reduced prices by 1/5 than before (Based on an upgrade item of +1)

    – Changed it so that selling prices will differ according to the upgrade level

    • The selling price of items that are not upgraded became cheaper.

    • The selling price of an item became expensive if its upgrade level is high.

    • The difference of selling price between different levels of upgrade has become greater.

    – Changed the selling price of cores

    • Reduced the selling price of Material Core and Quartz Core to 1/10 than before

    – Changed the selling price of Trance Force

    • Trance ForceⅠ: 30,000,000 Alz

    • Trance ForceⅡ: 20,000,000 Alz

    • Trance ForceⅢ: 15,000,000 Alz

    – Changed the selling price of Force Amplifier to 100,000,000 Alz

    Changed certain Agent Shop categories

    – Added or deleted some categories related to craft system

    – Changed certain categories

    – Changed the name of ‘Core Enhancer’ to ‘Enchant Safeguard’

    – Moved the Enchant Safeguard to the Enchant Safeguard category

    – Quest Capsule

    • Class category: Separated Quest Capsule / Minesta Training Book

    • Type Category: Shows each mission fields of quests

    • Grade Category: Quest Capsule separated by acquired level for quest performing / Minesta Training Skill Book separated by difficulty of DX dungeon

    – Costume

    Class Type
    Chaos Box Normal Avatar
    Classic Avatar
    Premium Avatar
    Weapon Costume Orb/Crystal
    Blade/Great Sword
    Nation Uniform Capella
    Costume Midreth
    Special Costume Clothes

    Changed certain Achievements

    – Changed it so the achievements are displayed to the public based on its type (Nation, Level, Achievement count, etc.)

    – Reduced active period of confirmation window for achievement system from 60 to 20 seconds

    Increased the number of Favorites on Agent Shop

    – Increased 1 line to 2 lines

    – Added shortcut key of favorites in Agent shop

    • Shortcut key to converting favorites page: F1 ~ F2

    • Shortcut key to converting favorites page: F1 ~ F2

    Changes Regarding Battle mode 3

    – Changed to not trigger the combo activation when using force kick

    – Changed it so that characters with a skill rank above Transcender can learn Battle Mode 3

    Changed attributes of some items sold by NPC

    – Empty Bottle / Disks (Lv.1) /Shape Cartridge (Lv.1) became account binding

    – Force amplifier / Material core(Aramid / Shadowsteel) / Quartz core(Citrine) / C.A Unit – Regard for H.Age are not tradable.

    Changed Tooltip about party members and added extra information

    – Added tooltip to show channel and map when select the party member at different channels

    – Expanded the box area that shows tooltip

    – Added tooltip to show the current state of characters(offline/online) when selecting an offline member

    Tradable versions of some of the unique items now drop at a very low rate

    – Lycanus’s Weapon / Drosnin’s Earrings / Drei Frame Armors

    Changed the reward of quest ‘Power of Ancient Spell’ from AXP 10,000,000 to EXP 2,000,000

    Increased the maximum number of quests which users can get from 10 to 20

    Increased HP and Defense rate of ‘Vaikalitan of Golden sunset.’

    Reduced experience points from Nooki in Panic Cave

    Changed the button to minimize the chat window to the upper left

    Changed and added certain Help messages

    Drop item ownership will be reset upon field monsters’ / Mission war Guardians’ HP recovery.

    Corrected an error that allowed players to access the quest dungeon while ignoring sub-quests for the quest “Heil’s Test Subject”

    Corrected an error that allowed party experience not to be distributed in certain circumstances when hunting outside of dungeons

    Corrected an error that made some titles not update when users changed their nation

    Corrected so that alz cannot be earned from selling Skillbooks dropped in training dungeons.

    Corrected an error regarding shout chat cool down time. This was changed to 20 seconds, which was incorrectly set as 10 seconds previously.

    Corrected an error that storing items on storage slots which were used for mass amounts of other items was impossible.

    Corrected an error that made automatically registered items in the personal shop impossible to purchase.

    Corrected certain issues regarding Agent Shop

    – Corrected an issue that allowed categories to open abnormally when purchasing items

    – Corrected an error that allowed players to search favorites while opening the purchase window of Agent Shop

    Corrected certain issues regarding Pets

    – Corrected an error that allowed the exchange of pets in extended slots to be possible even if the pet slot extender expired

    – Corrected an error that allowed players to observe the options in advance when training a pet

    Corrected an error of maximum MP limitation not working incorrectly

    Corrected an error that displayed character’s abilities to show abnormally when they changed an equipped item after moving channels with Battle Mode 3 + Battle Aura activated

    Corrected an issue that allowed certain players to resurrect without having Odd Circles

    Corrected an issue with Odd Circles that weren’t immediately usable when they are purchased from the item purchase tab that pops up when a character dies.

    Corrected an error that forced trading to stop when someone requested a PvP

    Corrected an error that entering DX dungeon with a party member was possible

    Corrected an error that publishing over 7 achievements was possible once a day