[KR] [EP10] Oct 24th 2012 Patch notes

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■ Changes

1. Change related to showing damage in PVP Battle

2. Change some skills to instant-cast (cast time : 0s)

  • Applied for
    • Instant Immunity
    • Resist Barrier
    • Art of Fierceness
    • Intuition
    • Cats Recovery
    • Intense Blade
    • Bloody Spirit
    • Bear Vitality
    • Resist Intension
    • Art of Defense
    • Art of Force Control
    • High Regeneration
    • Mortal Bane
    • Art of Sniping
    • Spirit Shield
    • Quick Move
    • Reflect Shield
  • Features
    • Remove casting animation
    • Can cast another skill meanwhile
  • Allowed to use during combo, but does not increase the combo counter

3. Skills adjustment

  • Force Kick
    • Cooldown
    • MP consumption adjusted, based on skill level
    • Allow to use in Battle Mode 2
  • Warrior
    • Defense reduction of Bloody Spirit skill lowered
    • Increase HP Regen amount of Cats Recovery
    • Axe Attack A / B skill add the Penetrating option
  • Blader
    • Knuckllet Attack A / B add Increase Critical Damage option
  • Wizard
    • Defense related skills increased value
    • Energy Field change
      • Increase range
      • Increase Silence effect duration
      • Change the skill description
    • Elemental Attack A / B skill add the Hit / Penetrating options
  • Force Archer
    • – Battle Mode 2 Additional Damage upward adjustment
    • Quick moves the skill level of the ERA / avoidance per increment adjustment
    • Launcher attack A / B skill to hit options, add
  • Force Shielder
    • Battle Mode 2
      • Increase Attack Rate
      • Add Hit option
      • Increase base Magic Attack
    • Added Guard Break skill (skill from Force Blader)
    • Heal change, change to HP regeneration
      • Change the formula
      • Change cooldown
      • Change to self healable
    • Decrease the base attack of Mortal Bane
    • Hammer Attack A / B add Increase Critical Damage option
  • Force Blader
    • Change Fire / Ice / Lightning Blade basic skills required rank to Regular
    • Change the Fire / Ice / Lightning Blade skill leveling up based on skill rank
      • Ex) To level the Blade to 16, player must be at Transcender

4. Monster Difficulty Adjustment

  • General Monsters
    • Base Damage incremental decreased
    • Attack Rate incremental decreased
  • Field / Dungeon Boss Monsters
    • Base Damage incremental increased
    • Evasion incremental decreased
    • Some special Boss, Attack incremental increased

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