[PH] [Cash Shop] Retouch your Bikes and Gear up Epic Charms !

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Hey CABALists!

New Bike Decals and Coating Kits are now available in the CABAL Item Shop!

These special items allow you transform your Astral Bike into a cool motorbike or Crystal Bike.

Please be advised that this is just a coating/costume premium items  as all of your Astral Bikes’ stats will be maintained and not be affected.



Now is the best time to suit up your characters with the new accessories included in the Arcane Trace update as Minesta Charms and Chloe’s Token make a debut in the CABAL Cash Shop.
Grab them now!

Item location in Item Shop: New and Hot Category or Convenience Category
Chloe’s Token: 20 CABAL Cash
Charms [3 Types]: 220 CABAL Cash each


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