[KR] [EP10] Sep 26th 2012 Patch notes

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▶ Public Server

■ Additions

1. Improving the check of dungeon completion 

▶ Test Server

■ Changes

1 Mission Battle System

  • Mission Battle
    • Mission Battle is designed for small-amount of players for PVP battle
    • When character entered the Mission Battlefield, HP, HP Regen and the Healing amount of HP Potion are raised
    • Battle Type:
      • Ladder Battle
        • Opponent will be selected based on player’s rank
        • Player’s rank will be recorded as the base for sorting and matching players
        • Basic rule of Mission Battle will be applied
      • Standard Battle
        • Freely to choose the opponent
        • Player’s rank will be recorded as the base for references
        • Basic rule of Mission Battle will be applied
    • At this moment in Test Server supports only Standard Battle but varies conditions and rules will be applied for deciding the winner
    • Additional map (not the Frozen Colosseum) might be released for the Standard Battle
    • How to Participate
      • Capella : Meet NPC Instructor Kalua in Green Despair
      • Procyon : Meet NPC Instructor Gette in Desert Scream
    • Conditions of participation
      • Level 150 or above, with nation (no-nation character can not join the Mission Battle)

  • Frozen Colosseum
    • Mission Battlefield which is designed for 1 vs. 1 Battle
    • Based on the round snowy battlefield
    • Frozen Colosseum Basic rules:
      • Victory :
        • The time limit is 10:00 minutes, when the time ends, who scored more Battle Point will be the winner
        • If one of them reaches 500 Battle Point, the Battle will be ended too and that one is the winner
      • Scoring Battle Point :
        • Battler Point will be increased while damaging Opponent, Gate, Flag, Monsters (Bosses)
      • Using of Battle Point :
        • Battle Point can be used for buying special buff from Buff Store in Frozen Colosseum at the Start Point
        • There are Attack / Defense buffs, with 3 level ea (Attack Level 1,2,3 and Defense Level 1,2,3)
        • Buying the same buff, the buff could improve to the level up to 20
        • Purchased buffs will be discarded when leaving the Battlefield, being death won’t destroy the buffs

During the testing-phase, Mission Battle system will be refined, more features might be added and existing features might be modified or removed.

2. Add the Daily Quest for Arcane Trace

  • Start NPC:
    • Capella : NPC Bren
    • Procyon : NPC Kim
  • Details :
    • Obtaining the Power Stone from Guardian’s from the Arcane Battle
  • Reward :
    • WEXP Potion : +50 WEXP


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