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As I mentioned in the short clip about changes for classes in EP10 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbebQ_D9kxg)

Today, GM from Cabal EU has posted the full translation of that interview on his Blog.


Source : Cabal EU Blog (by GM Viral)


The latest interview held with the CABAL Online developers, bringing you a sneak peek at the future of the game.

As always, the interview was not held by me – I simply bring it to you as I received it, without any edits 🙂


Hello, Mr. H. You look so serious today.
(Mr. H usually has that childish smirk on his face. I am not that close with him, but that was the impression I got from him at the Work Shop-_-;

System Designer Mr. H: 
Yes. Hi. It’s my first interview and I’m getting so nervous. (Smile)

Don’t worry. It’s not like we are going to beat you or anything like that;;
So what brought you all the way here?

Mr. H: 
Lots of people are wondering about Skill Renewal and its after-effects and here I am with some answers for all you. I will give you details on Buff Skills, Upgrade Skills, and by Battle Styles.

Getting excited. How are the skills going to be renewed for each Battle Styles?

MR. H: 
Fine, this is how Skill Renewal will be changed for each Battle Style.
(Well, there are some more but we picked out the big ones to share.)


  • New Weapon called ‘Astral Enchant’ will be added to Astral Weapon Slot
  • Astral Enchant has Critical Rate UP/ Critical DMG UP/ Attack UP options.
    • (Similar with the original Blade skill options)
  • Among Astral Enchant options, Critical DMG and Attack UP options increase according to the level of Weapons.
    • (Critical Rate Up is held for 35%)
  • – Three enchant skill of Ice, Fire, Lightning will turn out to be buff skill with no time limitation.
  • All three skills cannot be applied at the same time; instead, each skill would have its own optional effect to it.
  • Depending on which skill is applied, attack skills and debuff skills will have different options.
  • Art of Curse skill is to be added. Art of Curse is a debuff skill that reduces enemy’s resistance, and depending on which skill is applied, it will have different additional options.


  • Crushing Blade skill will be changed to Passive skill.
    • (No need to activate the skill)
  • Reflex Shield (TBC) skill will be added. The concept of this skill is to return the received damage to enemies.


  • Art of Healing skill will be changed to Passive skill.
  • Art of Sniping will have its critical rate fixed, and is in discussion of removing its Immobility effect.
  • Quick Move (TBC) skill will be added, which will increase its viability temporarily.
  • Battle Mode 1, Multi Shooter, is in development to a new mode with a new concept.


  • A new passive skill that increases Magic Attack will be added.
  • Spirit Shield (TBC) skill will be added, which will increase its viability temporarily.


  • When Intuition skill is activated, it will null out all damages (except the HP reducing debuffs) temporarily.
    • This skill will be an immediately-applying skill that it won’t need any animation on activation.
  • Many buff skills will be changed to Passive skills.
  • Blade Force/Blade Aura/Soul Blade will be removed and Attack up option will be added as a Passive skill.


  • Panic Cry skill will now affect in range-base.
  • Blade Force/Blade Aura/Soul Blade will be removed and Attack up option will be added as a Passive skill.

Most of buff skills becoming Passive skills…that’s so convenient. Then what about Buff skills and Upgrade skills?

MR. H: 
Yeah, not only changes on Buff skills and Upgrade skills but a so-called ‘Immediately-applying skills’ will be added with abnormality options.

[Abnormal Status] effects are:

  • Domination / Provoke / Immobility / Silence status are to be developed.
  • Above abnormalities won’t have any resistance value like Stun/Knockback/Down, and they will be added according to Battle Styles.

[Immediately-applying skills] are:

  • Every Battle Style will have its own Immediately-applying skills that won’t require any animation on activation.
  • These skills can be applied without breaking Combos.

Apparently, the skills can be applied immediately even during the attacks with no animation on activation.

[Buff Skills] are:

  • All buff skills of strengthening physical, mental, weapons and armors will be removed.
  • Therefore, there will be no Buff skill limitation.
  • Yet, to keep the balance, some skills will have reasonable cool-time.
  • Buff activation animation will be shortened to within a second.

Planning to fix how buffs couldn’t be applied after changing weapons.

[Upgrade Skills] are:

  • Upgrade skills were to buy corresponding skills books, but it is to be changed.
  • Users can learn next level skill just by simply clicking ‘+’ on Skill window. Price stays the same.
  • Upgrade Skill books are not to be dropped or sold anymore, but remaining skill books are usable as well.

[Skill Slot] 

  • Instead of Sword / Magic skills, it will be changed to Attack / Support. As for the Transcender Rank, 27 Attack skill slots / 20 Support skill slots
  • can be retained. (Can be changed)

Hmm, it sure is changing. Even better! How soon are we going to be able to see these changes?

MR. H: 
Date has not been set yet. As I have mentioned earlier, all these details are either in development or in testing. We will try to get it done as soon as possible so stay in close.

Awesome! Anything else to add?

MR. H: 
Well, we have this one thing, hmm…

What is it? Say it out. ^^

MR. H: 
We named it ‘Stack Effect’. It’s a new concept for skill system.

‘Stack Effect’?

MR. H: 
Yes. Battle Styles would have its own gauge or points to stack up from the battle, and then, players can have additional effects consuming those
stacked points.
Every Battle Style would have different effects such as Attack UP, Skill Amplification, or even damaging more HP by the stacked points.
We are still in discussion on how we shall combine this new concept with new/renewed skills.

So it’s just conceptual model yet, then? ^^;

MR. H: 
Well, it is ^^; This topic has been around for a while so I guess it’s OK to reveal it in public BUT as I said, it still needs to be reviewed, discussed,
and tested.

OK! Anything more to add?

MR. H: 
Yes, we are working on this new ‘Mission Battle System’ and it is to be tested sometime soon internally. You can keep your hopes up for this one.

Mission Battle System…It sure would sound terrific for PvP lovers. ^^
Thank you for sharing with us.

MR. H: 
You are more than welcome to! We went over how the skills renewals will be done and the skill system will be changed. And the Mission Battle System. Stay alert for the future updates and hope to see you guys soon again.

Thank you.

As always this makes for some very interesting reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! Certainly there are some rather dramatic changes coming in the future 🙂


  1. just a comment .. i think cabal developers should balance the damage between .. Gmas .. Completer and Trans .. transcender skills should be the strongest damaging skills of all .. base on my cabal experience .. completer do more damage than Gmas and Trans .. for FB BL & FS .. what do you think ??


  2. Ok so no doubt a very noob question but when he says “(Critical Rate Up is held for 35%)” he means that if FB has highest level astral enchant skill then FB would still have 40 rate? from buff and base 5 i mean.


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