[Cabal EU] Oath of Sacrifice to be limited

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Original Page : http://www.cabalonline.com/news/view.asp?articleID=1383

The Oath of Sacrifice, both the 2-hour and 4-hour duration versions, will be limited to 2 of each type per account, effective immediately. They will still be on sale for a period of two weeks from today (until the 15th of February) after which they will be removed from the shop.

We are doing this after a great deal of discussion and pressure from ESTsoft, and after the use of the Oath of Sacrifice was closely monitored over the last weeks. The use of the Oath inside a dungeon to powerlevel characters led to an imbalance in character level distributions, as well as a decrease in the availability of entry items and other field map drops.

This will of course not be a popular decision, however it was made with the greater good of the game in mind. Each account can still purchase 2 of each type of Oath (remember that they are Account binding items) which gives you a total of 12 hours of transferred EXP.

After the removal of the Oaths in two weeks time (February 15th) we will introduce some brand-new items to make your trip to the highest levels somewhat easier.

Posted by: [GM]Viral


  1. Here in Cabal PH they have removed that item after a previous maintenance these past weeks. good for estsoft to remove such item since it is more difficult to remove 3pp in the game.


  2. are the bm3 will be sale on cabal item shop ?
    some other people said that the bm3 will sale on cabal item shop it that true ?


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