Feb 08th 2012 Korean Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Extracting unique items which produce material/quartz cores as output caused error
2. In some certain situations, the exp gained by 190-level characters is abnormal
3. Caused item duplication while the client is trying to reconnect with server
4. Category for Vital Gear caused error when used
5. In some cases, the connection between client – server dropped when player entered the dungeon
6. Edit the text in tooltip of Killian Ring quest item
7. Add the counter for some achievements

■ Changes

1. Change way of displaying channel bar in server select screen / channel select screen

  • Normal state : Change the color of the bar
  • Full : Solid red bar

2. Added / edited some tip messages
3. Added new categories in Auction Hall

  • Added new category for Morning Star quest chain in Quest Capsule
  • Added Costume categories for sorting costumes
    • Chaos Box
    • Nation Costumes
    • Procyon
    • Capella
    • Weapon Costumes
      • Orb/Crystal
      • Blade/Greatsword
      • Katana/Daikatana
    • General Costumes
      • Midreth
      • Huan
      • Pastur
      • Shineguard
      • Mystic
      • Teragrace
      • SIGMetal
      • Mithril
    • Special Costumes

5 comments on “Feb 08th 2012 Korean Patch notes

  1. SynysterGate(Mars Ph) says:

    dup item on cabal is this real


  2. ace37mike says:

    I read that there was a new pvp system that is going to be introduced. Something called mission battle or something. need patch notes on that. i would really appreciate it. pls and ty.


  3. SynysterGate(Mars Ph) says:

    what bm for blader is much better bm3 or bm2?


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