Korean Patch Notes : Feb 01st 2012

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■ Fixes

1. Cannot extract items continuously

2. Achievement links produce abnormally output in some situations

3. Collapse the achievement information in Achievement Window caused the client disconnection

4. Item links in [Trade] channel disappear when player tried to retype the chat

5. Fixed bug for some AH categories (AXP / WEXP Beads)

6. Fixed bugs related to quest dungeons

7. Bugs related to guild changing name

■ Changes

1. Changed some quest scripts of quests in Tower of the Dead B1F

2. Change the cash item UI (in NPC)

– Automatically set bulk-buying as default

– Added check-box to allow players accepting the Refill-Cash Policy beside the “Refill” button

– Show a message box to confirm after checking the box

3. Added some descriptions for quest capsules

■ Additions

1. Added new Camera Option : “Bird’s view”

– Allow to rotate , change the up/down height, adjust angle

– Change “Bird’s view” to the default camera option


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