Vrooom, Brand new bike will come?


So you’ve seen the Costume Nevareth Bikers of our GM? Rite? Do you believe that we could have a chance to wear those costumes and ride on a REAL bike? Hmm let’s see ๐Ÿ˜›


11 comments on “Vrooom, Brand new bike will come?

  1. SynysterGate(Mars Ph) says:

    new bike ?


  2. ParagonX says:

    is that an astral bike skin or a new bike design?


  3. .... says:

    look old style, i prefer Astral Bike, more cool ^_^


  4. Viron Law says:

    I still like the old style astral bike =,=” i wonder how can it attack @@”


  5. turan says:

    angas yan mga ok yan


  6. turan says:

    walang turbo yan


  7. turan says:

    pag lumabas yang bike na yan ako kagad palutin nio nian ha ^_______^ xD


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