Cabal Online – Episode 32 – Apr 01st and Apr 06th 2022 Patch Notes

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1. Fixed the bug that game doesn’t trigger some achievements which are related with looting epaulet when players loot the Guardian Epaulet

2. Change that the Siena’s Bracelet is now extractable

  • Siena’s Bracelet is now extractable
    • Except for the case of Siena’s Bracelet with Chaos Upgrade from +1 and above.
  • Result of extraction is “Crystal of Siena’s Bracelet”, tradable
  • Crystal of Siena’s Bracelet is a material for crafting the newly added Turmacan’s Bracelet

3. Add a new bracelet “Turmacan’s Bracelet”

  • A new unique bracelet that can be obtained via requesting system at NPC Chloe using a new material from dungeon Secret Base SCA-76
  • The “Turmacan’s Bracelet” comes with
    • 3 grades with different basic options.
      • Low and Medium are tradable.
      • High is character-binding.
    • 0-1 slots with 3 available options.
    • 3 epic options based on the grade, each options comes with 3 different values.
  • Acquisition:
    • Turmacan’s Bracelet can be obtained from the Sealed Turmacan’s Bracelet. On opening, a random Turmacan’s Bracelet will be generated with random of grade, slot, epic options.
    • Add a new “Sealed Turmacan’s Bracelet” recipe into NPC Chloe – Port Lux
    • Add a new unique material drop “Turmacan’s Energy Battery” from new dungeon Secret Base SCA-76.
  • Set Effect:
    • When character equips 2x Turmacan’s Bracelet (Medium), additional Penetration +5 is granted as set effect.
    • When character equips 2x Turmacan’s Bracelet (High), additional Penetration +15 is granted as set effect.
  • Chaos Upgrade:
    • Chaos Converter and Chaos Seal can be used on the Turmacan’s Bracelet.
    • Update the tooltip of Chaos Converter with Turmacan’s Bracelet.

4. New Essence Rune – Penetration ll

  • Requirement: Level 120 or higher
  • Able to drop from Legendary Box of Secret Base SCA-76
  • Stats & Levelling Cost

5. Change related to Karma Rune

  • Karma Rune – HP
  • Karma Rune – PvE All Attack Up
  • Karma Rune – PvP All Attack Up
  • Karma Rune – PvP Ignore Resist Skill Amp.

6. Changes related to GM’s Buff Potion Lv. 1 & Lv. 2

  • Change the Crit. Rate of both GM’s Buff Potion Lv.1 and Lv. 2 to 5%
  • Summary of Stats for all GM’s Buff / GM’s Buff Potions

1. Change of Guild Shop Sales

  • GM’s Buff Potion (Lv. 2) gets back to the Guild Shop:
    • Price:
      • Old: Token of Unity x3
      • New: Token of Unity x3 and 1,000,000 Alz
    • Limitation: 2 per day
  • Add the Command Potion (Medium):
    • Potion to restore BP (Battle Point) which is used for generating the Guild Treasure.
    • Price: Token of Unity x1 and 200,000 Alz
    • Limitation: 3 per day
  • Changes of War Potions, merge existing 6 types into 2 types:
  • Changes related to Elixir of Unity in Guild Shop:
  • Change of price for Holy Waters:
    • Old Price: Token of Unity x1
    • New Price: Token of Unity x1 and 300,000 Alz

2. Guild Treasure Related Changes:

  • Change the Minimum Score to Receive from 25 to 20.
  • Change the text “Generated Treasure Score” into “Weekly Treasure Score”.

1. Changes & Fixes for Myth Level:

  • Fixed bug that some options and values were not applied normally while granting or converting Myth Mastery Slot (MMS).
  • Change the “Myth Score” (MSC) into “Divine Power” (Myth Divine Power – MDP).
  • Add a confirmation window when granting and converting options for MMS.
  • Add the feature to display the maximum level of stats in Myth Mastery UI:
    • In slot information, granting and converting option window.
  • Add the summary tooltip to show while moving mouse on a MMS.
  • Add the Myth Mastery information into the character tooltip in:
    • Buddy, Party, Guild UI.
    • Character Information, View Equipment UI (of selected character).
  • Change related to “Rebirth”
    • Once confirm the “Rebirth”, the Myth Mastery UI is closed automatically.
    • Add visual effect.
  • Change way of displaying character information.
    • Lv. 1 – 200:
      • Lv. X
    • OLv. 1 – 100:
      • OLV. X
    • MLv. 1 – 100:
      • MMR: X (Myth Mastery Rank)
      • MDP: X (Myth Divine Power)
      • Rebirth Count: X

2. Changes related to new dungeon “Secret Base SCA-76”

  • Change that players can progress through the dungeon.
  • Main Drop from the Dungeon:
  • Add the Secret Base SCA-76 into the Dungeon Group 3 of the Repeat Clearance Reward
  • Add Secret Base SCA-76 dungeon clear achievement and titles:
  • Add the ability to generate Guild Treasure for Secret Base SCA-76:
    • BP Consumption: 5600
    • Golden Treasure Point: 17

3. Fixed bug that attack animation of MA-08 Redondo from Terminus Machina is not showing.

4. Change the message that displaying when trying to buy cash item while the Force Gem or Cash is not enough.

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