[EP9P3] Rising Force Part III : Extreme (Official Patch notes)


Source: Cabal SEA home page



1. Extreme Upgrade System Added

A. Extreme Upgrade System

[Tip] The higher Extreme Core use during Extreme Upgrade increases success rate.

B. Required items for Extreme Upgrade

* Values in the brackets are for Two Handed Weapons

C. Extreme Upgrade Option

– Additional options granted for Extreme Upgrade by its level

– There additional options are different from Basic / Unique option on the original items.

* Values in the brackets are for Two Handed Weapons

Extreme Upgrade UI Screen

D.  Other Information Related To Extreme Upgrade

– When the item reach its Max Lv. of Extreme Upgrade Lv. it is broadcasted through the channel.

– Items that went through Extreme Upgrade have different colored name.

– Extreme Upgrade does not affect item’s base stat and the selling price.

– When the item goes into ‘unable to equip’ status after Extreme Upgrade fail, user cannot trade the particular item.

2. New Item Added

A.   Extreme Core

B. Extreme Core Pocket

C. Repair Kit

[Tip] Repair Kit Certificate can be purchased through Chloe for 10,000,000 Alz (Account Bind)

D. Unbinding Stone

E. Premium Cubes

3. New Skills Added

A.   New Skill books can be purchased from Instructors for 3,714,500 Alz




Force Archer

Force Shielder

Force Blader

4.Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened) Added

– Higher difficulty dungeon of Forgotten Temple B2F with Time Attack feature.

A. Basic Information

B. New Items

5. Weapon / Armor Box

A. Yerte/Eite’s Weapon Box

B. Agris’s Armor Box

C.   Lycanus’s Core

D.   Drei Frame’s Core

E.   Peticia’s Golden Key

6. New Achievements and Titles Added

7. New Synergy Added


1. Some buff skills’ casting time reduced

2. Force Archer’s Greater Heal cool time changed to 3 seconds

3. Lycanus Weapon, Drei Frame Armor stat increased

4. Instant Casting skills can be used while moving. But, immobile type skills are exception

5. Astral Bike – RW3 All Attack epic option stat increased

6. Degree of stat change of Bike Epic Converter(Highest) changed

7. Tower of Undead B3F related quests will be available to accept only if when Epaulet of the Dead B3F is in inventory

8. Titanium Set is no longer available at Port Lux Armor dealer Agris

9. Tower of Undead and its entrance items in game name are now standardized

10. Drop rate for higher unique options of Prideus’ Bracelet / Drosnin’s Earrings items increased

11. Some game option saving method changed from saving in client to saving in server

12. Premium information window will show premium related option information on all equipped items

13. Items with duration limit became eligible to store in guild storage

14. Guild War acceptance message shows information regarding winning condition with kill counts

15. Tower of Undead B3F tool-tip for Dungeon icon in Undead Ground Map is moved to the bottom of the window


[EP10] [FAQ] [Guide] Rising Force: Class and skill review!

Rising Force: Class and skill review!


Source : CABAL EU Tester’s Blog by [GM] Viral

Welcome back! Grab a drink and settle in, as this is going to be a very long read to take you into the weekend 🙂

I’ll start out by answering a couple of questions from the comment section on the previous blog, before giving you my opinion on each class in Rising Force, and ending with a nice big table with skills and cooldowns.

What does STR do for Warriors?
Increases Attack, 1 STR = 1 Attack, and increases HP – 3xSTR = 1HP
What does Art of Curse reduce?
50%: resist down, resist knock back, resist stun + random variable depending on the blade enchant.
How much damage does Spirit Shield absorb, and how long does it last?
3000 damage, on a 12 second duration
Does the BM2 attack change for WA?
No, but Lance Drive gets a root effect
Will the level of upgrade skills be reset?
Not as far as I know.

Now is the time to consider how each class will change with Rising Force, and I will give an opinion on each of the six. Please do note that I said ‘opinion’ 😉 I know players sometimes want to take staff opinions as facts, but this is really not the case here. Your own experience may well be completely different, so feel free to disagree with me! 🙂

Warriors will have to master the use of the Bloody Spirit buff. The damage output is really incredible, but you may find yourself wanting to adjust and focus on HP and Vampiric builds, to enable a longer use of Bloody Spirit. Of course you do have the increased HP regen on the Cat’s Recovery buff, and the defence penalty has been decreased which does make it easier. Still, if you are not comfortable with the use of Bloody Spirit I strongly suggest you get used to it.

Fury Shout has been improved, which is of course good news for any party, even though Panic Cry will be slightly less effective after the adjustment for party gameplay.

You will also want to focus on STR above any other stat. 1 STR = 1 Attack. It’s fairly simple really.

Instant Immunity is now a very powerful skill, and limited to the Warrior class, although it has a shorter duration. Bear’s Vitality and Cat’s Recovery also now has a shorter duration, which will mean paying closer attention to what you are doing in the Mission War especially. On the other hand, in the new Battleground the Domination/Suppression effect on Panic Cry will prove to be a very powerful skill, leaving the target helpless for 4 seconds.

Lastly I believe that the passive skills mean that Down Breaker and Concentration will probably be always on for most Warriors in Rising Force.

Verdict: Warriors will be harder to play effectively, and while they can be very scary in 1v1 PvP this will totally depend on player skill.

This class has some interesting changes, with the two main ones being the Magic Attack increase buff (+88 at level 20) and the Spirit Shield (3000 Damage or 12 seconds) that functions exactly like the well-known Shadow Shield of the Force Shielders, except of course that Spirit Shield is a self-buff only. Resist Intention has been removed (limited to Shielders).

I think Wizards are probably in the best position when it comes to the fact that skill cooldowns do not reset on death, as most of you would already be used to the Raise Spirit buff not resetting on death.
In terms of PvP Energy Field will be a lethal skill, with the addition of the Silence effect. As you all probably know I am fully in favour of all skills being used in PvP, so even though I suspect some players are going to cry about the new effects I would strongly urge you to play the game to the full potential. All skills are valid for PvP. Don’t limit yourselves! But I digress 😉 Energy Field has a Silence Effect, in return for a 3 minute cooldown. Use it.

I also see several people apparently expect massive increases in your resistances thanks to the stats change, but this is simply not the case. You are looking at around 5-8% or so.

Lastly the stat increases mean you should see a bit more defence, and I know that’s always welcome for light armour users.

Verdict.I believe the changes are not that dramatic for the Wizard. More survivability and more utility, a ‘panic’ button in Spirit Shield, and some more damage. Wizards have always been the kings of party play, and I don’t see that changing.

Yes, the ‘Z’ target selection has been removed. Yes, it might come back again later, considering the huge outcry so far. Please let us all accept that, and move on. Blader was always good, and will still be damn effective in Rising Force, with or without retarget . Besides, if you really need it you will learn how to retarget in the old way.

One of the first things you will notice is the removal of the critical rate from the Grand Master, Completer and Transcender skills. This means Bladers will have adjust their gear accordingly, and I expect the 15/24 helm will become much more sought-after now.

Many Bladers have relied on the Assault skill before, as it was very good in a 1v1 situation. I believe the addition of the Silence effect to this makes up for the 3-minute cooldown (and subsequent removal from any but the most insane skill rotation). Your other big change is the Complete Evasion that comes with the redesigned Intuition skill. This one skill is perhaps one of the most powerful after Rising Force – 12 seconds of invincibility on a 80 second cooldown – and if it will remain as it is now we will have to see. I am also not sure if this will compensate for the removal of Instant Immunity, but you will have to adjust to a shorter time period of resistance, even with the fact that Resist Barrier should now be on your skillbar and used often. Resist Barrier gives you 100% resistance to any skill that can root you, but you can still be knocked down, or knocked back.

Lastly Art of Fierceness gets a huge damage boost, but on a shorter duration so it might actually average out. It will however increase your ability to really burn down a single target in a short period.

Verdict. Still powerful, even with the retarget ‘issue’. Learn how to use Intuition, and use it well.

Force Archer
The Archer is still (in my opinion) the strongest PvP class, even with the slight decrease to the BM3 DPS. Art of Sniping has a shorter duration and cooldown, which means you can use it more often, and it will take less planning in PvE for the best times to engage the skill. The change in critical rate means that you cannot simply change out rings during AoS, but I personally do not consider that a massive loss – although I am sure the top players will disagree. Art of Healing becoming a passive skill is a good thing, and will make your role as healer much easier, as you don’t have to pay attention to it any more.

On the other hand, with Thrusting Arrow becoming a passive… I know some players liked to have the option to disable this at specific points (speaking purely from a PvE perspective now). I am curious to see how you will adapt to this change. You also now have a new ability called ‘Quick Move’ that really increases your evasion rate, and by extension increases your survivability.

Explosion Shot is going to be very useful in a PvP situation, and I expect it to have a big impact. Rooting the opponent in place, while you remain at range… This one is going to be painful for Melee classes.

Verdict. Healing will be easier, you have a decent new skill in Quick Move, and your DPS will still be very high. I do expect this class to do very well in the new PvP Battleground.

Force Shielder
I like this class, even though it’s probably the least popular class ingame going purely by the number of people playing it. The Shielders have also never really been popular in dungeons, because the old Shadow Shield was about the only really unique thing they could bring to a party. Now, though… Shadow Shield can take 8000 damage, which is doubled from before, making it very tempting and probably essential inside B3F – which along with the DPS increases when BM3 came would mean that demand for them should go up.

Considering PvP I expect a Shielder with a skilled player behind it is going to be a scary thing indeed. The Suppression effect on Shield Charge is painful, almost more so than Silence, and Reflect Damage is going to annoy ranged classes quite a lot.

I know many people are already complaining about the big 3-minute cooldown on the revamped Heal skill, but I consider this to be a panic button for PvP more than anything else, since it is a self-heal that heals for 1500. 1500 HP + 700 from even a normal pot – consider it more as an emergency 1500 HP than anything else. It can and will save your **** if you do get too deep into trouble, especially if the opponent is also on low HP.

Verdict: Shadow Shield is going to increase the viability of having a Shielder in a party for PvE. In PvP the new skills are going to make this class very interesting to play, and fun to watch.

Force Blader
Lastly we come to the class choice of the thinking player 😉 The first and biggest thing that you will notice is that you cannot use all three Blade Buffs at the same time any more – you have to choose between Fire, Ice or Lightning, and this choice will depend on the situation you are in at the time. I consider Fire Blade to the PvE buff, and Lightning Blade the PvP one (Silence again!), with Ice Blade being relegated to the one no one uses very often.

You might also find yourself reconsidering your gear, or rather your Orb/Crystal, since the new Astral Enchant buff increases in effectiveness as the grade of the sub-weapon goes up. Archridium, for example, will give you +100 Attack, +17 Critical Damage, and 15% Critical Rate, while the attack and rate decreases for lower grade weapons.

BattleMode 2 use will probably go up, since the major debuffs are now available during it (Execration, Mana Freeze).

Art of Curse, your new debuff, is very powerful, taking 50% of the target resistances, and the added debuff depending on the Blade Buff you have enabled will make its use very interesting to see.

Lastly you will see that the skill point redistribution means you can probably take most of your debuffs up to level 20, and you will also be able to consider adding something like Lower Defence into your arsenal.

Verdict: Still a very interesting class to play, and you can really change the output depending on your buff selection. For PvE the FB will still be very effective in party situations, as before, with a significant impact on the damage of the entire party.

So that concludes my opinion on each class in Rising Force. I am really looking forward to seeing how this will play out once the update goes live on Wednesday. I already predict people trying to limit the use of certain skills (hint: those with new effects) in PvP, but I can only urge you NOT to do this. Play the game, use everything, leave the limits and complaints to the small-minded and unskilled 😉

The last part of this blog will be nothing but a big table, showing you the new cooldowns for the skills. Given that all skills now have a single cooldown, instead of going up or down as the skill level goes up I guess this is useful information for you. All skill effects are given as level 20.

Attack Skills

Sub Skills

Passive Skills

Arrows / Blasts / Lances / Cannons

And in case you still don’t know – and if you don’t, how on earth did you manage to find this blog – Rising Force will be live on 13-03-2013!


[KR] [EP10P3] Some new screenshots from Test Server



Just made some screenshots in Korean Test Server.

Now I will share them with you 🙂


First is for duration of new Force Blader buff



Change to the Purchasing UI



A little preview of Extreme Enhancement System



And the last one is the new splitting feature



Have a nice weekend CABALers !

🙂 Love you all 🙂

[KR] [EP10P3] Feb 06th 2013 Patch notes


1. Fix the bug related to registering new Skill Books in Auction Hall, that causes client disconnection

2. Fix the bug that causes unable to summon the Tempus boss in Tower of the Dead B3F

3. Fix the bug related to several Scenario Quests


1. Changes related to new skills

  • Skill icons change
  • Cast time change
    • Apocalyse Decision : 2.4 seconds
    • Hell Crasher : 2.2 seconds
    • Glacier Trap : casting time in combo mode
  • Change skill effect of some skills




1. Add new item

  • Extreme Core
    • Use as material for Extreme Enhancement System items
    • Extreme Core has Level, higher level gives more success chance when upgrading
      • Type : Extreme Core Lv. 1 ~ Lv. 10
    • Extract Extreme Core will give Extreme Core (Piece)


    • Can be registered in Auction Hall
  • Extreme Core Cube
    • Can get Extreme Core as result
    • Type : Extreme Core Cube (Normal / Rare / Epic / Unique)
    • Can be obtained via Amity System


Image of Extreme Core and Extreme Core Cube might be change during update

  • Repair Kit
    • Can be use to improve the result of the Extreme Enhancement progress
    • There are different types, each have its own effect
    • Type:


    • Can be register in Auction Hall
  • Repair Kit Cube
    • Can get Repair Kit as result
    • Can be obtained via Amity System


Repair Kit Warranty can be bought from NPC Chloe for 10,000,000 Alz

2. Extreme Enhancement System

  • Target
    • Item upgraded at +15
    • Item at Osmium or higher
    • Character Binding Items and Bike cannot be used for upgrading in Extreme Enhancement System
  • Location
    • Extreme Enhancement can be done via feature of Core Alchemist in villages
  • There is limitation on Enhancing, that is based on item grade


  • Item must be upgraded step by step, each step requires different amount of Alz and Extreme Core


  • On success, additional options will be granted
    • Additional options will be granted
    • Each items would get different kind of options
      • Weapon


      • Armor


  • When upgrading fail, penalty will be receive
  • There will be chance that destroy item
  • Etc
  • When the Extreme Enhancing success, there will be broadcast over channel
  • The color of item’s name will be changed when Extreme Enhancing is successful
  • Base item stats won’t be affected by Extreme Enhancing

3. New skills are added



[KR] [EP10P3] Jan 31st 2013 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fix bug related to Tower of the Dead B3F (NPC quest)

■ Changes

1. Add the item description for Tempus’s Ring

2. Remove Titanium armor items from NPC in Port Lux (Agris)

■ Additions


  • Acquisition
    • Sold by Instructor in villages
    • Price : 3,714,500 Alz
  • Details


(More screenshots / clips will be available later – may be on Sunday, coz I have to go on business from Fri-Sat)


  • Some skill animations will be changed during testing-phase

2. Add new feature that makes some items require more than one requirements to be purchasable

  • For example the “Peticia’ Golden Key”, the purchasable condition is
    • 4DP
    • 100,000 Alz


  • Single / Bulk buying changed to match new feature

3. Addition related to Lycanus / Drei-Frame items

  • Lycanus Core
    • How to obtain
      • Obtainable by extracting Lycanus Weapons
      • Obtainable from chests in Illusion Castle Underworld
    • Usage
      • For buying Lycanus Random Box from NPC Eite – Weapon Dealer in Port Lux
    • Property
      • Tradable
  • Drei-Frame Core
    • How to obtain
      • Obtainable by extracting Drei-Frame Armors
      • Obtainable from chests in Marquinas Outpost
    • Usage
      • For buying Drei-Frame Random Box from NPC Agris – Armor Dealer in Port Lux
    • Property
      • Tradable
  • NPC Yerte – Core Alchemist in Port Lux and NPC Eite – Weapon Dealer in Port Lux
    • Lycanus Random Box can be purchased from  NPC Yerte – Core Alchemist in Port Lux and NPC Eite – Weapon Dealer in Port Lux


    • How to obtain
      • Buyable for
        • 1,000,000 Alz
        • 20 Lycanus Cores
    • Key item : Peticia’s Golden Key (it’s like “Key Item” of “Chaos Lamp” is “Magic Water of Purification”)
      • For 2-handed weapon, the price (Alz/Cores) and Key Items are doubled
    • Available output
      • Lycanus Weapons
      • Can generate items with tradable property (rare chance)
      • Can generate items with better stats, comparing with items drop from dungeon


    • Property
      • Tradable
  • NPC Agris – Armor Dealer in Port Lux
    • Drei-Frame Random Box can be purchased from  NPC Agris – Armor Dealer in Port Lux
    • How to obtain
      • Buyable for
        • 2,000,000 Alz
        • 30 Drei-Frame Cores
    • Key item : Peticia’s Golden Key (it’s like “Key Item” of “Chaos Lamp” is  “Magic Water of Purification”)
    • Available output
      • Drei-Frame Armor and Drei-Frame Epaulet
      • Can generate items with tradable property (rare chance)
      • Can generate items with better stats, comparing with items drop from dungeon


    • Property
      • Tradable
  • Peticia’s Golden Key
    • Usage
      • Can be used to open Lycanus / Drei-Frame Random Box
    • How to obtain
      • Purchasable for 4DP and 100,000Alz from NPC DP Exchange Peticia
    • Property
      • Account-binding
  • Cores extraction
    • Lycanus Core can be obtained by extracting Lycanus Weapon
      • 1-10 Cores can be obtained from 1-handed weapon
      • 2-20 Cores can be obtained from 2-handed weapon
    • Drei-Frame Core can be obtained by extracting Drei-Frame Armor
      • 1-10 Cores can be obtained
    • Add new categories in Auction Hall
      • Lycanus Core / Drei-Frame Core
        • Location : Upgrade-Item > Core / Jewel
      • Add new categories for Random Box in NPC Yerte (Core Alchemist) / Agris (Armor Dealder) / Eite (Weapon Dealer)
        • Type : Random item

4. Add new achievements and titles

  • General : 3 new achievements
  • Dungeon: 6 new achievements
    • Achievement for Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F
      • Clearing
      • Solo
      • Survive in party
  • Item: 5 new achievements
    • Combined Charm
    • Acredinium Set
    • Acredinium Epaulet
    • Tempus’s Ring
    • Awakening Ring of Tyrant
  • Hunting : 2 new achievements
    • Golden Queen
    • Berserker