[FAQ] [Guide] [Quest] Another Way to Break The Seal


I’ve received a lot of questions about the Brand-new quest for Mergaheph Ring in the Saints’ Requiem update. So I’ve decided to make a full guide for this quest 🙂

1. What’s this quest for?

  • Player who hasn’t got the Mergaheph Ring yet
  • Player who wants the ring but doesn’t want to waste time for hunting “Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring”
  • Player who wants to know the exact number of dungeons which he/she needs to do to get the ring
  • Player who is ready to pay Alz for the ring (as well as the fee for entries)

2. How to do?

  • Talk with NPC “Core Alchemist – Keller” in Bloody Ice.

Taking the Quest

  • You will get the DAILY quest “Another Way to Break The Seal”.

Quest Window

  • Now go to EoD B1F.
  • Kill the Mergaheph.
  • It will drop you the “Sealed Core with Mysterious Power” at 100% chance.

Sealed Core with Mysterious Power

  • You can collect up to 5 per day
  • If you get 5 of Cores, you can talk to NPC Keller, she will allow you to save them.
  • Repeat this daily quest in 10 days (or even longer – for ex: you can collect 2 cores in 1st day then the next day you collect 3 cores).
  • Remember than you can take / return the quest only ONCE per day.
  • When you have 50 cores.
  • Buy the Formula Card “Combination for Sealed Core (No. 1)” (99,000,000 Alz) (Formula Card system has been removed in Arcane Trace Update)

Formula Card : Combination for Sealed Core (No. 1)

  • Craft the “Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring”
  • Instead of buying Formula Card in NPC Keller, you need to go to NPC Chloe in Port Lux


  • Talk with her, select “Request Craft”
  • Search in the Recipe list, under 0~999 section, you will find the Seal Mergaheph’s Ring


  • You need to register it, it costs 99,000,000 Alz (or 5x Chloe’s Token) and then go request to craft it 🙂 You will get the “Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring”
  • Return to NPC Keller, give her the “Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring” she will give you the REAL Mergaheph’s Ring
    • Because Keller gives you only the SEALED ring and the REAL ring can be obtained only once that’s why you can’t get 2 REAL rings.
  • Done!

The Mergaheph’s Ring

3. Notice!

  • If you have the ring already, the new quest is still accessible (you can take it) but there is no use because you cannot own two Mergaheph Rings.
  • The Formula Card is one-time-use, it will be vanished after crafting progress
  • You can take and do both quests (old/new) at the same time. So if you get the ring for the old quest first, you won’t have to pay Alz for the Formula Card “Combination for Sealed Core (No. 1)” of new quest.
  • I repeat strongly this again : Because Keller gives you only the SEALED ring and the REAL ring can be obtained only once that’s why you can’t get 2 REAL rings.

Quest Item of Old Quest : Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring

Doing both at once