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Cabal Online – Episode 23 – November 30th 2018 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Changes and additions for Legend Arena

  • Daily Rewards for Legend Arena
    • Based on the daily record of Legend Arena
    • Calculate the daily ranking based on maximum daily score and pay out the reward accordingly
      • Daily ranking is calculated at 02:00AM next day
    • Rewards are paid for 30 characters with highest score of each battle style (240 in total)
    • Reward:
  • Change related to Season reward
    • Change the “Baldus Token” into “Honour of Nevareth” based on the final ranking
    • “Honour of Nevareth”
      • Will be mailed to eligible character on mid-night of Monday, right after season ends
      • Will be stored inside mail box for 7 days, after that mail will be automatically deleted
      • Item property:
        • Character binding
        • 7-day-fixed duration
      • Will be given to 100 characters with highest score for each battle style (800 in total)
      • Item comes with Grade 1 – 6, based on ranking
  • Add special buff
    • Able to obtain only inside Legend Arena
    • Buff will be applied only inside Legend Arena, Buff will be removed when: Battle is ended, Dungeon is given up
    • Buff type:
      • Final Damage Up: +3% / +5% / +10% / +20%
  • Game-play improvement
    • Minimum Score is 5,000
      • Arena will be consider as success only if you pass 5,000 points
    • Dungeon time is shortened to 2 minutes
    • Number of entry per day is increased from 5 to 7
    • Daily Reward is paid for 3/5/7 times (was 2/4/5)
  • Changes for Legend Arena
    • Add “Daily Ranking” tab to main UI
    • “Rewards” tab
      • Add daily ranking rewards items
    • Add information of Random Buff

■ Additions

1. Changes related to Guild

  • Add Guild into the Cabal Menu
    • On click, Guild UI will be shown
  • New Guild Roles
    • Guild Officer
      • New Guild Role with high authority in Guild
      • Can do everything, can be expelled only by Guild Master (cannot expel Guild Master)
    • Dungeon Master
      • Able to open “Guild Dungeon” tab in Guild UI

2. Guild Dungeon system

  • Add “Guild Dungeon” tab in Guild UI
    • Display the current progress of Guild Dungeon
    • Remaining Box / Time also can be found
  • Guild Dungeon Area “Trial Entrance”
    • New NPC “Terner” is available to help you accessing the Guild Dungeon Area “Trial Entrance”
    • NPC Location: Bloody Ice (X: 14, Y: 65)
    • Available only for character at 160+ who is in a guild
  • Open the Guild Dungeon
    • Opening Method
      • Dungeon Master moves to Trial Entrance, via NPC Terner
      • Dungeon Master clicks on Dungeon Portal
      • “Open Guild Dungeon” UI will be shown
      • Dungeon Master select the desired dungeon and click on “Open” button
    • Opening Cost: Octane Crystal x1
      • Able to bought from Guild Store for 4,000,000 Alz
      • Only available for Guild Level 6+
    • Limitation of dungeon entries
      • Maximum a guild can open 30 dungeon per day
      • A guild member can enter a guild dungeon per day is 7 times
    • When new “Guild Dungeon” is opened, all guild members will get notifications via chat
  • Participating
    • How to join the Party?
      • Click on “Join Party” button in the “Guild Dungeon” UI
        • Character will be moved automatically to “Trial Entrance”
      • Click on “Participate Party” button after moving to the “Trial Entrance”
    • Participant Cost:
      • Octane Crystal x1
        • Will be consumed as character participates the party, will not be refunded when leaving the party
    • Party Buff will be applied for all characters in the party
    • Characters who are already in Dungeons cannot enter
  • Guild Dungeon Entry
    • How to enter the dungeon
      • Dungeon Master clicks on the “Enter Dungeon” button in the “Guild Dungeon” UI
      • All party members who are in the “Trial Entrance” of the same channel with Dungeon Master will get inside the dungeon after 10 seconds
      • Any members who is unable to enter at that time can still be able to enter manually by clicking on “Warp” button in “Guild Dungeon” UI
    • Dungeon Time
      • Open Time: 10 minutes
      • If no member enter within the Open Time, dungeon will be considered as cancelled automatically and party will be dismissed forcefully
        • Octane Crystals are not refunded
      • Time can be checked in the “Guild Dungeon” UI with the timer

3. Guild Dungeon “Flame Dimension”

  • Dungeon Difficulty (Grade)
    • 5 Grades in total: Easy / Normal / Hard / Heroic / Awakening
    • Dungeon difficulty changes randomly every 24 hours
    • Rewards is based on difficulty
    • In the future, there will be ability to change the dungeon difficulty using Force Gem
  • Dungeon Reward
    • Blessing of Unity Lv. 1
      • Buff will be given to all party members who cleared the Guild Dungeon
      • Duration: 24 hours after clearing the Guild Dungeon
    • Cube of Octane 
      • Will be awarded to members who participated in the dungeon once dungeon is cleared
      • Cube has different grades, same like dungeon difficulty
        • E.g. Cube of Octane (Hard)
      • After gaining, have to wait 8 hours to open the cube
      • Can store up to 3 cubes for opening
      • Once one cube is opened, you have to wait 8 hours to open the next
    • Unity Token
      • Items that allow you to buy from Guild Shop (like Devil’s Tower Token)
        • Items for buying with Token are not available yet, will be added later
      • Based on difficulty, different amount of Unity Token will be given
        • Easy: 2 Tokens
        • Normal: 4 Tokens
        • Hard: 6 Tokens
        • Heroic: 8 Tokens
        • Awakening: 10 Tokens
    • DP: 15

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