Cabal Mobile – Newest Leaked Screenshots

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Game will be officially out for testing from 13-Mar-2019; it’s 6 days from now; however, the atmosphere is now overheat! Everywhere, all people are talking about the #CabalMobile.

As usual, I always try to bring to you guys all the newest and hottest thing ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today, I have some leaked screenshots which can somehow cover your hunger…

Another proof of open-world MMORPG is here above, you can see that the character is riding PW5 in Port Lux map. Also if you take a look closely at the upper part, you can see the Alz and Force Gem counter.

A Force Shielder is raiding the Mission Dungeon: Ruina Station.

Another screenshot of a Wizard in Tower of the Dead B1F. I’m not sure how will that “Auto” function operates, but in the screenshot, the “Auto” mode is activated.

Dummy Training is also available in Cabal Mobile, this character is farming for his skill at Dummy Training in Bloody Ice.

Volcanic Citadel is here with a Force Shielder. Seems that game graphic has the same quality like in desktop version?!

A brave Wizard is fighting with Spectors and Wraiths at Undead Ground.

Combo System! You can see that player hit the button at the correct time that why he got “Excellent”. The “Combo” button is also highlighted to show that Combo mode is on. Character is raiding in DX Dungeon: Lava Hellfire.

I’m not sure how hard would the Combo system be in Cabal Mobile, but here, we have another screenshot with 10 Combos. Character is raiding in DX Dungeon: Crazy Steamer.

It’s not much, only a few of screenshots, but wait and looking forward to receiving more and more news from me for both #Cabal and #CabalMobile.

Love you all!

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  1. Hi mr.wormy
    I was confuse of this.
    I see the pics from.ur previus post about CM
    A WARRIOR USING OVERWEILDING SKILL but you’ve said that CM is updated to RISING FORCE E.P9??
    but overweilding skill is at ep16 ryt??
    Kindly clarify to us this confuseness

    but STILL am very exited about CM…


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