[KR] [EP10] Nov 15th, 16th 2012 Patch notes

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Nov 15th 2012


1. Fix bug related to Mission Battle Ladder Ranking

2. Fix bug that caused missing of Mission Battle Ladder event reward items

3. Fix the debuff icon of monsters in the dungeons


1. Change related to appearance of Mission Battle UI for battle which is not in progress

2. Do no allow using mail in Mission Battle


Nov 16th 2012

■  Fixes

1. Attack of some bosses in Weakened Lake In Dusk outputs abnormally, fixed

2. Fix bug caused, not be able to achieve some quest related achievements

3. Fix bugs related to Assistant FX

4. Fix bugs related to Mission Battle system


1. Change cooldown of Shield Spirit (Wizard) from 60s to 80s

2. Lower the Amp. value of Launcher Attack A/B (Force Archer BM3) for single target

3. Change value of Damage reflection of Reflect Shield (Force Shielder)

  • At level 20, reflect up to 50% of receiving damage

4. Mission Battle compensation changes

  • Ladder and Standard Mission Battle compensation formulas adjusted (SP / WExp)

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