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Category: Patch notes

[EP15] [KR] Dec 03rd 2015 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bug  that caused abnormal skill effects Wizard: Battle Mode 3 Activation Skill Elemental Attack A, B Special Attack Step 3 Force Blader: Seal of the Damnation 2. Fixed […]

[KR] [EP14] Aug 20th 2015 Patch notes

 ■ Fixes 1. Fixed bugs that caused animations of monsters displayed abnormally   ■ Changes 1. Changes related to Minesta Belt upgrading mechanism Changes the way of applying penalties for […]

[KR] [EP14] Jul 29th 2015 Patch notes

 ■  Fixes 1. Fixed bug that caused characters could not receive honor point for exchange Meritorious 2. Fixed bugs related to in-game Bingo 3. Fix bugs related to monsters animations and […]